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These three beautiful and futuristic Nordic libraries are set to become big tourist attractions - Business Insider Nordic. 160803 open access graphic. How to reply to reviewers: a terrible guide that no one should follow… – Errant Science. Despite my prolific blog output, I managed to find time earlier this year to write a paper.

How to reply to reviewers: a terrible guide that no one should follow… – Errant Science

How library and information studies research is shortchanging libraries (essay) There is no holy book in which God tells us what libraries should be.

How library and information studies research is shortchanging libraries (essay)

Over the centuries, the contours of library services and collections have instead been mediated by humans, including founders, funders, managers and -- surprise, surprise -- users. That’s the conclusion I came to after researching and writing Part of Our Lives: A People’s History of the American Public Library. In it, I trace the history of this ubiquitous institution, largely by listening to the voices of those who have used libraries since the mid-19th century, to identify reasons why it has been loved for generations. The media theory site. San Francisco couple opens free library for public. v28 #3 Monographs in a Changing Reading Culture. Software Heritage. Spanning Our Field Boundaries: Mindfully Managing LAM Collaborations. Introducing FOLIO - A new collaboration bringing libraries, service providers and developers. A community-based open source environment, backed by vendor financial commitment, is designed to provoke a conversation about library innovation and technology FOLIO, which stands for the Future of Libraries is Open, is a new community coming together to develop a reimagined library services platform (LSP), one that supports traditional resource management requirements and functionality, yet is engineered for innovation and growth through industry collaboration.

Introducing FOLIO - A new collaboration bringing libraries, service providers and developers

At its core, FOLIO will allow for extensibility into new services for libraries and will dramatically change the technology ecosystem available to libraries, service providers and technology developers. The initial code for the base platform, which offers features for integrating modular services, is planned for release on GitHub in August 2016. This will be a technical preview of the underlying platform for developers to familiarize themselves with the APIs and provide early feedback. How to Join the Community. Take a book. Leave a book. Remake a book. Have you ever walked past a Little Free Library, those house-shaped boxes along sidewalks filled with books?

Take a book. Leave a book. Remake a book.

The Inventors of the Internet Are Trying to Build a Truly Permanent Web. If you wanted to write a history of the Internet, one of the first things you would do is dig into the email archives of Vint Cerf.

The Inventors of the Internet Are Trying to Build a Truly Permanent Web

In 1973, he co-created the protocols that Internet servers use to communicate with each other without the need for any kind of centralized authority or control. He has spent the decades since shaping the Internet’s development, most recently as Google’s “chief Internet evangelist.” Thankfully, Cerf says he has archived about 40 years of old email—a first-hand history of the Internet stretching back almost as far as the Internet itself. But you’d also have a pretty big problem: a whole lot of that email you just wouldn’t be able to open. 13 Things To Do After A Conference. We have all been there.

13 Things To Do After A Conference

Inspired by speakers, peers and ideas. Full of free shrimp. And loaded down with pens, bags and anything else we could get our hands on. Our intentions are good, if not ambitious. In Omaha, A Library With No Books Brings Technology To All : All Tech Considered. Students at Do Space learn to use a laser cutter during a crash course on how to design a key chain.

In Omaha, A Library With No Books Brings Technology To All : All Tech Considered

Joy Carey/NET News hide caption toggle caption Joy Carey/NET News. Why Library Leaders should care about Critical Librarianship – Better Library Leaders. I’ll never forget when Steve Thomas (yes, THE Steve Thomas) offered me a chance to host an episode of Circulating Ideas about Critical Librarianship.

Why Library Leaders should care about Critical Librarianship – Better Library Leaders

Now, we’d swapped a few IMs and I’d been vaguely hoping I might get a chance to appear on his show in a few months once I got my own podcast up and running. I had drawn on critical theories of information literacy in my dissertation work (as well in a chapter of a book on Critical Information Literacy just out from Facet Publications), so Steve thought I might be a good fit to host the segment. I was also going to get a chance to chat with Jacob Berg, someone from the #critlib twitter community who I’d admired from afar (and who turned out to be a very nice guy to boot!) So most of this was quite thrilling.

However, Steve shared with me that I also got the chance to guest host because he felt like he didn’t know enough about critical librarianship to put together an engaging and useful interview. Provision of home libraries begins in Sharjah. A total of 250,000 books will be distributed to 5,000 families in Sharjah before the end of the year.

Provision of home libraries begins in Sharjah

Knowledge without Borders (KwB), Sharjah-based cultural project, has commenced its provision of home libraries to Emirati families in Sharjah. The initiative forms part of its strategy to equip households in the emirate with sources of Arabic knowledge that are readily available and easily accessible for all generations. Titled the 'Home Library' initiative, the activity sees eligible Emirati families able to visit their local councils and receive their books free-of-charge. Aichi town residents setting up mini libraries to get locals reading, chatting. Higashiura Town Central Library in Aichi Prefecture is working with local residents to build mini libraries in the town so that residents have more opportunities to read books.

Aichi town residents setting up mini libraries to get locals reading, chatting

Through it, the effort aims to nurture a stronger community. Known as the Guruguru Toshokan (Library on the Move) project, books will be stocked by willing participants in various locations, such as stores, offices, old houses and grape farms. The books will be those owned by the volunteers as well as volumes that the library lacks space for. “By creating places in town for people to discover books easily, we hope to encourage people to build relations through books and restore the bonds of the community,” a project member said. A local resident group, Yomurabi Supporters, has helped the library with various activities and made numerous proposals. The big mistake almost every scientific poster makes. Way too much text! A poster is not a paper in large flat form. No one wants to stand there reading. Especially since, if you have a lot of text, it will necessarily be too small to read from a few feet away.

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Open Data Inception - A Comprehensive List of 1600+ Open Data Portals in the World. Keeping Up With... Research Information Management Systems. This edition of Keeping Up With… was written by Marlee Givens. Marlee Givens is Strategic Initiatives Manager at the Georgia Tech Library, email: What are Research Information Management Systems? In a 2014 blog post, Lorcan Dempsey (OCLC Vice President, Membership and Research, Chief Strategist) wrote about Research Information Management Systems (RIMS) as a potential new service category for libraries.

Algorithmic Bias in Library Discovery Systems. Algorithmic Bias in Library Discovery Systems More and more academic libraries have invested in discovery layers, the centralized “Google-like” search tool that returns results from different services and providers by searching a centralized index. The move to discovery has been driven by the ascendence of Google as well as libraries' increasing focus on user experience. Unlike the vendor-specific search tools or federated searches of the previous decade, discovery presents a simplified picture of the library research process.

It has the familiar single search box, and the results are not broken out by provider or format but are all shown together in a list, aping the Google model for search results. Chart and image gallery: 30+ free tools for data visualization and analysis. The chart below originally accompanied our story 22 free tools for data visualization and analysis, but I'm continuing to update it as I cover additional tools.

Newest additions are toward the table bottom. Features: You can sort the chart by clicking on any column header once to sort in ascending order and a second time to sort by descending (browser JavaScript required). Skill levels are represented as numbers from easiest to most difficult to learn and use: Users who are comfortable with basic spreadsheet tasksUsers who are technically proficient enough not to be frightened off by spending a couple of hours learning a new applicationPower usersUsers with coding experience or specialized knowledge in a field like GIS or network analysis. Next page: Screenshots of several tools Data visualization and analysis tools.

Research Data MANTRA. How and why you should manage your research data: a guide for researchers. The Journal of Brief Ideas. The University of Manchester. Getting rejected in the library world. What now? Considerations for choosing collaborative software: 5 is the magic number. A fast speed blog from the Fellows 2016 inaugural meeting. And EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative Release the NMC Horizon Report > 2016 Higher Ed Edition.

The New Media Consortium (NMC) and EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI) are jointly releasing the NMC Horizon Report > 2016 Higher Education Edition at the 2016 ELI Annual Meeting. This 13th edition describes annual findings from the NMC Horizon Project, an ongoing research project designed to identify and describe emerging technologies likely to have an impact on learning, teaching, and creative inquiry in higher education.

The report identifies six key trends, six significant challenges, and six important developments in educational technology across three adoption horizons spanning over the next one to five years, giving campus leaders, educational technologists, and faculty a valuable guide for strategic technology planning. Five Things I Wish I had Known Before Starting My PhD - Sociology Lens. Graduate Student Advice Month. Shorter, better, faster, free — Advice for authoring a PhD or academic book. 5 questions to ask yourself before starting a blog. The secret world of membership libraries. A man in Oakland, California, disrupted web development around the world last week by deleting 11 lines of code.

The story of how 28-year-old Azer Koçulu briefly broke the internet shows how writing software for the web has become dependent on a patchwork of code that itself relies on the benevolence of fellow programmers. TOP STORY: What Trends May Come in 2016. Widgets! Embed DOAJ directly into your site. ‘First you see, then you know’: Becoming more creative in academic work. Start here - Literature Review - LibGuides at Career Education Corporation. New York Art Resources Consortium. Bibliometrics: The Leiden Manifesto for research metrics. DropDeadPaper - Every paper counts. 101 Innovations in Scholarly Communication: How researchers are getting to grip with the myriad of new tools.

What Open-Access Publishing Actually Costs. Impact of Social Sciences. Academic Phrasebank. Just like the Thesis Whisperer – but with more money. The illustrated guide to a Ph.D. Lol my thesis. 20 PhD Students Dumb Down Their Thesis Just For Us. #6 Is Brilliant. Bringing critlib resources together. Proceedings from the Annual Meeting of the Document Academy. Basic Search: EBSCOhost. The Thesis Book Project: Design Observer. Taylor & Francis Author Services - Author rights pilot. Powerpoint poster templates for research poster presentations. Bibliothèque publique d'affiche de Photo stock libre. Librarian Design Share. Just like the horse whisperer – but with more pages. The Collective Impact Framework. Research4LifeTips for Designing Better Research Posters - Research4Life.