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The Future of Libraries: Short on Books, Long on Tech. This isn’t your childhood library.

The Future of Libraries: Short on Books, Long on Tech

The Hunt Library at North Carolina State University is beautiful. The main floor looks more like a sleek Apple showroom than a stuffy library. Which-majors-have-highest-employment.png (PNG Image, 960 × 1403 pixels) City libraries turn up the volume with live performance programs. Sounds in the silence of Brisbane Square Library from musician Dan Acfield. Picture: Lyndon Mechielsen Source: The Australian. A Personal History of Libraries. The first library I ever remember visiting was the library in Red Bluff, California.

A Personal History of Libraries

I was five at the time, and living with my aunt while my mother was recovering from surgery. I remember the children’s area of the library, and in my recollection of the place today, the rows of books went all the way up to the ceiling. I remember specifically, although not by name, a picture book a pulled down from the rows, about children leaping for the moon. It was explained to me that I could take the book home — and not just that book, but any book I wanted in the entire library. I remember thinking, in a five year old’s vocabulary, how unbelievably perfect. Crowds still flock to public libraries - Stephen Milligan. I didn’t expect a big crowd at the Walnut Grove Public Library.

Crowds still flock to public libraries - Stephen Milligan

One of the many tasks we undertake at The Tribune is the occasional ribbon cutting, dedication and similar events. They’re relatively simple events, as we arrive, camera in hand, and take a picture of a dozen or so people smiling cheerfully as they slice open a ribbon with comically large scissors. Quick, in-and-out events with minimal fuss, they’re the bread and butter of community news. kAm$@[ H96? Librarians as Booksellers. Konrath and Crouch on Libraries. By Joanna Cabot Joe Konrath put up a neat little Q&A with two librarians from the Harris County Public Library who are bypassing the usual OverDrive-based library system and setting up their own internal check-out, seeking to buy books directly from publishers and manage them internally.

Konrath and Crouch on Libraries

The librarians talk about issues such as accessibility, public experience, collection decisions and library benefits. It’s a great read; well worth checking out for those who are interested in learning more about the challenges libraries are facing in managing their digital collections. New Nine Reasons to Save Public Libraries. Nine Reasons to Save Public Libraries “Here are some reasons why our libraries are still the place where we as a nation will achieve our destiny: The house of the 99%: The foundation of democracy is an educated electorate.

New Nine Reasons to Save Public Libraries

When the economy is down, it is all the more vital that we the people have access to information, education, news… and now in modern times the internet, computers, and other sources of media tools as well. The e-book lending wars: When authors attack. We’ve written before about how complicated the process of lending an e-book is, and how much of this is a result of conflicting DRM locks and platforms, as well as a reluctance on the part of publishers to allow their books to be loaned.

The e-book lending wars: When authors attack

But authors can also be a roadblock when it comes to lending, and we’ve just had a classic example of how that can happen with the brouhaha over LendInk, a service that allowed readers to connect with others in order to share e-books. The site has effectively been put out of business by a virtual lynch mob of authors claiming it breached their rights, even though what it was doing was perfectly legal. Digital age takes libraries off the shelf. Ryan Stokes ... new technology can enable more people to enjoy collections.

Digital age takes libraries off the shelf

Photo: Tamara Dean In 2012, it is possible to interview the incoming chairman of the National Library of Australia about his new role with no mention of the word "books". I realise this as, in vain, I scour my notebook pages headed "Ryan Stokes" for the two simple shorthand strokes denoting those familiar bound paper objects which, after all, still comprise more than half the library's collection of 6.24 million items. Dear FCC and ALA: Do You Really Not Get It? So I get up this morning to find this story in my inbox courtesy of Bobbi Newman, a fellow member of the ALA/OITP Digital Task Force.

Dear FCC and ALA: Do You Really Not Get It?

My initial reaction to the content of the article isn’t fit to print here, but I have a few thoughts I’d like to share: This is the year 2012. Digital literacy should be an essential literacy integrated into inquiry and content area study in grades K-12 by school librarians as well as classroom teachers. School librarians do more than check out books; we do our very best to collaborate with classroom teachers and students.

Top Libraries in U.S. and Canada Issue Statement Demanding Better Ebook Services. Over 70 library systems from the United States and Canada — including New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Toronto, and Chicago — today issued a joint statement demanding vastly improved ebook services for library users in North America.

Top Libraries in U.S. and Canada Issue Statement Demanding Better Ebook Services

The statement, dubbed the ReadersFirst Initiative, outlines four principles the libraries want e-content providers — the middlemen between publishers and libraries — to follow in order to lift content restrictions and also make the borrowing experience less cumbersome. “Libraries have a responsibility to fight for the public and ensure that users have the same open, easy and free access to ebooks that they have come to rely on with physical books,” the statement reads. “They face two major challenges. The first is that, unlike print books, publishers are not required to sell e-books to libraries – and many do not.

This is a complex and evolving issue. The four principles demand that library users be able to: Christian Zabriskie: Confronting The Biggest Threat To The Public Library. There is something ineffably sad about abandoned books.

Christian Zabriskie: Confronting The Biggest Threat To The Public Library

They sit, discarded, a story that will never be shared, pages that will never be turned. People are drawn to them, they are protective of them. Readers will stop for an abandoned book, they will bring them home even when they don't need them. New York Public Library's plan to take books off shelves worries scholars. Bc video: ‘Little’ libraries catching on across US. Save the Troy Library "Adventures In Reverse Psychology". Should Libraries Get Out of the eBook Business? Or get out at least until there is a better system? I know what you are going to say, I can hear it already – “We can’t! Our patrons demand ebooks!” Except the truth is our patrons want a lot of things we can’t give them – to always be first on the waiting list for the new James Patterson, to not pay fines when their books are late, for the library to be open earlier or later, or to have a system besides Dewey because despite using it their entire lives they still cannot figure it out.

When it comes to ebooks, we cannot give them what they want, not really, we cannot give them books from Simon and Schuster or MacMillian or new books from Penguin or Hatchet, and not more than 26 times from HarperCollins, and probably not many books from Random House. What we can do, what maybe we should do, is spend their tax money wisely, and I am no longer convinced that spending it on the current ebook system is a wise move.

Silence is not so golden in the modern library. ''Using information, learning and reading are not just solitary activities'' … Alex Byrne at the Warilla library. Photo: Sylvia Liber WHILE you've been busy Googling, there's been a revolution in libraries, and it's noisy. Futurist Speaker Thomas Frey - The Future of Libraries. The Future of Libraries Beginning the Great Transformation In 1519 Leonardo da Vinci died and left behind one of the world’s largest collections of art comprised of well over 5,000 drawings, sketches, and paintings, the vast majority of which the general public would not become aware of until over 400 years later. The largest portion of this collection was left in the hands of Francesco Melzi, a trusted assistant and favorite student of Leonardo.

Friends of the Phillipsburg Free Public Library. The Spaghetti Sauce Moment for Libraries. JACKET MECHANICAL: Libraries. Libraries and the Commodification of Culture. Saving the library one cookie at a time. Foreign Libraries Will Be Infringing Sites Under SOPA. Publishers and Writers and Libraries. Erinn Batykefer: Art Incubators: How Libraries Offer More Than Books. What is a library? A good place to go if you like stern, bun-headed women shushing you mercilessly? A place to store soon-to-be-obsolete books? A cultural institution past its prime in a digital age? Why a shift to ebooks imperils libraries. Libraries In Crisis : Pictures, Videos, Breaking News. Mysterious paper sculptures « Central Station. Ti Point Tork » Blog Archive » Libraries: Where It All Went Wrong.

November 23, 2011 – 10:07 am. Google+ for Libraries « Library technician dialog. It's Not About Libraries, It's About Amazon. When Douglas County (Colorado) Libraries decided to put "Buy this book" buttons on their online catalog pages (example), the response was strong. In just 11 days, the buy buttons had garnered almost 700 clickthroughs. According to Library Director Jamie LaRue, the library is putting buy links direct to publisher-supplied urls when they are provided (often to Barnes and Noble).

9 Reasons Publishers Should Stop Acting Like Libraries Are The Enemy. 1. Libraries let people read your books. New Google+ and Libraries. Clive Thompson on Why Kids Can't Search. Saving libraries but not librarians [Blowback. Why Amazon’s Lending Library is Not a Threat to Public Libraries. Philip Pullman declares war against 'stupidity' of library closures. How Libraries and Museums Will Be Different in 2020…10.22. Amazon Suckers Libraries. The Rage to Defund Libraries Goes Off the Deep End. Dymvue.