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Preventing Link Rot. Bagit: Transferring Content for Digital Preservation. Rosetta plain and simple. Archivematica 0.8-alpha Screencast. Information, Gadgets, Mobile Phones News & Reviews. What happens to your iTunes collection after you die?

Information, Gadgets, Mobile Phones News & Reviews

Source: Supplied WE all accumulate a tremendous amount of digital content over a lifetime. So what happens to all of your online stuff when you die? It's more difficult to bequeath a loved one your entire iTunes library than it is to leave your CD collection to them in a will. Actually, unless you get control over your digital collections and social networking pages now, it will be very difficult for your loved ones to access all of your content once you're gone.

So what does happen to your data after you die? Facebook contains a feature that memorialises someone that has died by having a user select the "lost a loved one" feature. The social network also provides a form that allows people to report that a user has died, but it requires them to provide proof such as a death certificate, obituary or news story. To close a Twitter account belonging to the deceased, the site requires an email or fax request to close the account. DigitalKoans. Blue Ribbon Task Force. A Tale of a Disappearing Website. This is a guest post by Abbie Grotke, Web Archiving Team Lead at the Library of Congress.

A Tale of a Disappearing Website

Some of you may have heard the recent news that The National Biological Information Infrastructure (NBII) program, including their website, was to be terminated on January 15 due to a loss of funding. This impending loss grabbed the attention of not only researchers and science and biology librarians, but web archivists as well. We don’t often Announcement of NBII shutdown get outright announcements that sites are going to be shut down (they tend to just disappear one day); sometimes a site threatens to disappear after the company shuts down but remains as an odd ghost of times past. In the case of, they had announced on their blog in June 2011 that they would discontinue in 2012. I won’t go into questions of value and whether we should archive the site on this blog; I’ll leave that to the subject experts.

Publications : Longitudinal Analytics on Web Archive Data: It’s About Time! The joint vision paper “Longitudinal Analytics on Web Archive Data: It’s About Time!”

Publications : Longitudinal Analytics on Web Archive Data: It’s About Time!

By the LAWA consortium has been accepted at CIDR 2011 Organizations like the Internet Archive have been capturing Web contents over decades, building up huge repositories of time-versioned pages. The National Library of New Zealand. Back to On the Leading Edge January 5, 2011 - While the saying "New Zealand is far from everywhere" may be true, distance is not an issue regarding its digital cultural collections and how efficiently the National Library of New Zealand makes them available over the Internet.

The National Library of New Zealand

For a small country (population approximately 4,367,700 as of June 2010), it has made wise choices that have resulted in an exemplary cyberinfrastructure and national digital library. Over recent years , the NLNZ has moved towards aggregating its online collections (external link) and high-tech resources under an initiative called the National Digital Heritage Archive (external link). On the front end, the NDHA build their own Web tools and design clean interfaces to make users' experience easy and intuitive. Front Page - The Long Now. Building an Archive of ALL Documented Human Languages. - The Rosetta Project. Rosetta. Home - Curation - Confluence. UC3 is a creative partnership bringing together the expertise and resources of the University of California.

Home - Curation - Confluence

Together we provide high quality and cost-effective solutions that enable campus constituencies — museums, libraries, archives, academic departments, research units, and individual researchers — to have direct control over the management, curation, and preservation of the information resources underpinning their scholarly activities.

For more information about UC3 and our services, see our website. For specifications, documentation and technical information, see below, and please contact us with any questions: uc3 at ucop dot edu. Production Services. Paradigm. A product of the National Digital Stewardship Alliance. LIFE: Life Cycle Information for E-Literature. Organisational Activities - Retention and Review. Selection for long-term retention will normally occur at acquisition but can be an iterative process occurring at later stages once an item is already in the collections.The term retention and review is used here for this iterative process.The decision process mirrors steps included in the decision tree in the previous section and the tree can be adapted for this purpose.

Organisational Activities - Retention and Review

Employing evaluation criteria and selection procedures for all potential digital acquisitions ensures that collections development is carefully prioritised and sustainable.The use of such criteria and procedures should minimise the frequency and need for retention and review decisions as acquisitions are carefully evaluated and justified prior to entering the collections. Archives use the series concept for a body of records that share similar characteristics.Typically, many series are on-going for decades. Content that has been superseded or is no longer sufficiently accurate to justify maintenance in active form. Pandora Archive - Preserving and Accessing Networked DOcumentary Resources of Australia.

The Signal: Digital Preservation. Digital Preservation (Library of Congress) Digital Preservation Europe. Because good research needs good data. Digital Preservation. Digital Preservation Handbook. Digital information is increasingly important to our culture, knowledge base and economy.

Digital Preservation Handbook

The Handbook was first compiled by Neil Beagrie and Maggie Jones and is now maintained and updated by the DPC. Digital Preservation Coalition. PrestoCentre.