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Download 834 Radical Zines From a Revolutionary Online Archive: Globalization, Punk Music, the Industrial Prison Complex & More. Whatcha mean, “what’s a zine”?

Download 834 Radical Zines From a Revolutionary Online Archive: Globalization, Punk Music, the Industrial Prison Complex & More

Some say Thomas Paine originated the concept in 1776, when he self-published the pamphlet, Common Sense… an assertion author and cultural critic Greil Marcus would likely find a “spurious” attempt to confer legitimacy on a movement that occupies the societal fringes by definition. No matter how many readers they attract, the creators of these small-circulation labors of love take their agendas very seriously. Whether the ultimate goal is to inform, to agitate, to smear or to celebrate, their contents are as raw as the cut-and-paste aesthetic that provided their defacto look, pre-Etsy. While some zinesters are good about preserving master copies and donating back issues to zine libraries, many others’ titles fall through the cracks of history, as the makers age out of the practice, or move on to other interests. Duke University’s Sallie Bingham Center for Women’s History and Culture boasts over 4000 feminist zines. via Hyperallergic. The mental health zines filling the gap that therapy doesn’t.

At the intersection of self-advocacy and grassroots activism, zines and independent magazines have become an increasingly popular resource to find alternative narratives of mental health experiences.

The mental health zines filling the gap that therapy doesn’t

Long before Tumblr communities and awareness-raising hashtags, DIY press has been filling the gaps of mainstream media, infiltrating voices and inputs from the blind spot. It was 1996 when Kathleen Hanna – the iconic feminist activist and musician with Bikini Kill, Le Tigre, and currently, The Julie Ruin – released April Fool’s Day, a groundbreaking personal zine about her recovery from alcohol addiction. Download 834 Radical Zines From a Revolutionary Online Archive: Globalization, Punk Music, the Industrial Prison Complex & More. YMCA develops ‘zine for immigrant teens. Making Zines. Fuck yeah sex education. Flashback: Zine-Making for Kids. By Diane Gilleland Zines (short for “fanzines” or “magazines”) are self-published booklets about any subject that grabs you.

Flashback: Zine-Making for Kids

(Seriously, you can find a zine about just about anything.) There’s a rich zine culture around the world, where music fans, writers, comic book artists, citizen journalists, poets, and others of every stripe are making, trading, and selling their creations. Zine-making is also a fantastic activity for kids. Not only are zines a fun means of creative expression, making them gives kids a little insight into how published books and magazines are made, and may help them think more critically about what goes into those mainstream publications. Here are some fun ways to create zine-making experiences for kids of all ages. Materials Directions For Young Children: Making Personal Books Here’s a great learning activity for pre-school age children: make up a few blank zines, using 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheets of paper and this ingenious method. It all begins with a dummy. Related. How to make a zine.

HOW TO: Make a mini-zine. How to Make a Zine. Mini livre en origami. How To Make a Zine. Schweizercomics: Cleaning out my filing cabinet,... Alternative Page 3 at UK Feminista Summer school 2013. I had the most wonderful time at the UK Feminista Summer School.

Alternative Page 3 at UK Feminista Summer school 2013

I did a talk and Panel discussion on Art and Activism with the amazing Campbell X and Suzee Morayef and an alternative Page 3 workshop. In this workshop we asked people to create their own Page 3's which they would then go and put into The Sun newspaper guerilla style (like I did in my performance in 2009, youtube below).

I was surprised how moved I was by this workshop, seeing and hearing everyone's inspirations was amazing, there was so much passion and solidarity. I can't wait to hear everyone's feedback about actually putting them into the paper! I have a few submissions left from people and I will go and put these in myself. The Summer school itself was such a great experience, such an amazing atmosphere and I've come back feeling so inspired. The stall... With the wonderful Lucy Holmes of No More Page Three campaign. The awesome Yas Necati 'Cats not baps' by Annabel - LOVE IT!

The talk... Where Am I Going? POC ZINE PROJECT — Let's Talk About: Zines In The Classroom—Pros and Cons. We ♥ Zines. Fuckyeahzines. "I Remember Now" is a zine inspired by the life far from the city.


With illustrations of L Filipe dos Santos and texts by Wilson F. For the zines presentation, the writer composed and interpreted a song for one of his texts, it’s called Rouxinol. Listen to it here. All the details can be seen at Saturday Apr 4 @ 01:28pm Monoghost is a collection of monoprints and ghost prints. A monoprint, in this case, is achieved using a birch panel as my plate. A ghost print is an impression of the leftover inks on the plate once printed. This book is 24 pages, 5” x 8”, Risograph printed with purple, red and black soy based ink. Buy here $5 Saturday Apr 4 @ 01:28pm DIY monster zine full of illustrations, comics and other shit!

All illustrations by Thomas Martinson Saturday Apr 4 @ 01:28pm.