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Comment les garçons trustent l'espace de la cour de récré. CheekCheek Magazinecollègecour de récérationécoleEdith Maruéjoulséducationégalitéespace publicféminismefillesgarçonsgenregéographieharcèlementmatildasexessexisme Si vous ne deviez voir qu’une seule vidéo aujourd’hui, ce serait ce reportage de la plateforme Matilda sur la répartition des filles et des garçons dans une cour de récré.

Comment les garçons trustent l'espace de la cour de récré

Mon geste «macho» et le sexisme inversé. Gender Neutral Parenting: 5 Ways To Avoid Implicit Sexism. MENE1300072X. Depuis 1989, « les écoles, les collèges, les lycées et les établissements d'enseignement supérieur [...] contribuent à favoriser la mixité et l'égalité entre les hommes et les femmes, notamment en matière d'orientation. [...]


Ils assurent une formation à la connaissance et au respect des droits de la personne ainsi qu'à la compréhension des situations concrètes qui y portent atteinte. [...] À la défense du séducteur québécois   Ovila et Émilie dans Les filles de Caleb Pour la Saint-Valentin, j’aimerais qu’on parle un peu du séducteur québécois.

À la défense du séducteur québécois  

Ah oui, mais c’est vrai… Il ne sait pas séduire, le Québécois. Enfin, c’est ce qu’affirment les gourous qui veulent vendre des cours de séduction aux jeunes hommes. Le féminisme est impertinent… aussi pour la gauche. Nuria Varela Le féminisme est profondément impertinent.

Le féminisme est impertinent… aussi pour la gauche

Il est très facile de le prouver : il suffit de le mentionner. Quand on prononce le mot « féminisme », c’est comme avec une parole magique ; on constate immédiatement que nos interlocuteurs modifient leur attitude, se montrent contrariés, se mettent sur la défensive ou se lancent directement dans la mêlée… Girlfriend or “no” friend: Platonic relationships and sexist tropes. This is my friend Molly.

Girlfriend or “no” friend: Platonic relationships and sexist tropes

In college lot’s of people thought we were dating. Platonic relationships between women have always been “suspect” in the general opinion. The War on Men — Straw Feminism 101 - ComPost. Work-life balance.

The War on Men — Straw Feminism 101 - ComPost

(AP Photo/Gregory Bull) (Gregory Bull - AP) If you want to understand “Straw Feminism,” look no further than this piece on by Suzanne Venker about the War on Men. This article appears in the dictionary next to the words “Straw Feminism.” Venker’s image of feminism hits all the high (low?) Notes. This is the nightmarish menace that marches fulminatingly in the dark streets, illuminated only by the fitful light of a burning bra. Feminism, you see, is the reason why there are no Nice Men Who Will Marry You. Women should not be equal, exactly. If such feminists exist, I have never seen one in the wild. Dear Hanna Rosin: I'm Doing Fine! Love, the Patriarchy. Share Hanna Rosin’s new neon-covered book, The End of Men, just hit bookshelves and has already led to a slew of interviews and excerpt placements.

Dear Hanna Rosin: I'm Doing Fine! Love, the Patriarchy

The title may sound familiar: the book grew out of her Atlantic article of the same name. That piece came out at the height of the recession, when men were suffering historic levels of unemployment. Rosin’s thesis is that the recession exaggerated a broader trend already well underway, in which American men are ceding economic dominance to women, who are better suited to a new economy that values communication, collaboration and service work. Deconstruction: How To Be A (Male) Ally. [Content Note: Rape Culture] Lately, I've been reading a lot of comments on the interwebs from genuinely nice guys who want to know how to be good feminist allies in this shitty rape culture world we live in.

Deconstruction: How To Be A (Male) Ally

And it's a more complicated question that it looks, since there's a lot of conflicting advice out there about white knighting (which in itself is a confusing term with about four distinct and sometimes mutually exclusive meanings) and helpful-versus-unhelpful anger and nice guyism and creepers and OMG PARALYZED BY THE POSSIBILITY FOR WRONGNESS. So here is a Helpful (Male) Allies 101 post for men who would like to be helpful male allies as far as my opinion goes.

Also, upfront, these posters are very cool. Just sayin'. 1. First and foremost, let's talk about vocabulary. Speaking very generally here, I frequently feel like the men around me have not been socialized to take care with their words, particularly in social settings. ...and so forth. 2. Actively listen. 3. 4. 5. Just Don’t Call It Slut-Shaming: A Feminist Guide to Silencing Sex Workers « Feminist Ire. The feminist movement really is in a pickle these days.

Just Don’t Call It Slut-Shaming: A Feminist Guide to Silencing Sex Workers « Feminist Ire

It used to be a given that things like prostitution, pornography and stripping were bad, but nowadays there’s some resistance to these time-honoured notions. Women are increasingly coming out as sex workers and demanding rights. As feminists seek to shut down strip bars and criminalise clients, those women are complaining not just that they’ll lose their livelihood, but that they’ll be at increased risk of abuse and violence if their industries go underground! Women Speak Drastically Less When They're Surrounded by Dudes. And That's Bad. Seeing is Disbelieving. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, an unexpected celebrity has emerged – Lydia Callis, a sign language interpreter who appeared on-screen alongside Mayor Bloomberg during his warnings in advance of the hurricane (her name has also been widely reported as “Calas”).

Seeing is Disbelieving

In the original videos, Callis used American Sign Language and vivid facial expressions to convey both the content and tone of Bloomberg’s speech. Her animated expressions quickly led to the creation of a Tumblr, a spoof on Chelsea Lately, an edit of her “many moods,” multiple videos setting her signing to music, and significant media coverage elsewhere. Why so much attention? Some portions of the Deaf community have been happy to see that there was interest on the part of a hearing public, seeing an interpreter in a disaster situation for likely the first time, while others have argued that there was an immediate sexualization of Callis, and her emotiveness, which might not have attached to a male interpreter.