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27 Gendered Products That Prove Masculinity Is Incredibly Fragile. The Truth Behind 'Men's Body Wash' And 'Women's Body Wash' Will Make You Feel Dirty. Jimmy Carter may have recently been diagnosed with brain cancer, but the dude has already won life.

The Truth Behind 'Men's Body Wash' And 'Women's Body Wash' Will Make You Feel Dirty

Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images. Despite his many detractors, Carter is straight-up one of America's most effective statesmen and all-around good guys of the 20th and 21st centuries. Yes, even during his presidency. In order to properly honor and pay tribute to a man who, after 91 years, continues to prove the haters wrong time and time again, here is a by-no-means-complete list of his major accomplishments, wins, and assorted awesome deeds. 1. It's hard to believe, but in 1978, the Middle East conflict was even more of a funhouse-mirror disaster pile than it is today. At Upworthy, we tell stories for a better world.Like us on Facebook to get them first: In 1977, Egypt and Israel began negotiating a tentative peace, but talks eventually hit a roadblock and both sides began preparing to deploy their shame fingers for the ol' affixing o' the blame. 2. Stone. 3. New! in Pointlessly Gendered Products. It’s been a while since we treated our audience to a post featuring a collection of pointlessly gendered products.

New! in Pointlessly Gendered Products

Time to correct our lapse in diligence! Here are some favorite examples we’ve added to our Pinterest board lately. I'm the hero of this story (fandomsandfeminism: peter—capaldis: In today’s...) The Weird New World of Girl Cheese. By Lisa Wade, PhD, Jul 3, 2013, at 12:00 pm In May we featured a block of cheese that inspired quite the response.

The Weird New World of Girl Cheese

Riffing off the name “Monterey Jack,” a company was selling “Monterey Jill”: the same old cheese, but reduced fat. It was an excellent example of the way dieting is feminized. People — myself included — were pretty stunned to see gendered cheese; who knew this was going to be a thing. Because Sassy Patterns And Floral Prints Make Men’s Eyeballs Bleed… …there’s Kleenex for men: In case you don’t know that brown, black, and gray = men, it says so right on the box!

Because Sassy Patterns And Floral Prints Make Men’s Eyeballs Bleed…

Apparently these are on sale in the U.K. I haven’t seen them in the U.S. In looking this up, I discovered that gendered Kleenex marketing is nothing new. Make-Up And Beauty Regimes For Men. Thus far in American history, the fact that men have escaped an onslaught of advertising for beauty products is a triumph of gender ideology over capitalism.

Make-Up And Beauty Regimes For Men

Companies, after all, could double their market if they could convince men that they, too, were unsightly without make-up. If a company were to try to market make-up and beauty regimes to men, however, their smartest move might be to masculinize make-up. And, this is, indeed, what some companies are doing. Here are some products. Their design is interesting, but their names are the most fun. Pinterest. Girlie Pens, Again? Why Ordinary Things Go Pink. Score one for the Internet.

Girlie Pens, Again? Why Ordinary Things Go Pink

Not long after Bic launched its new line of “Bic for Her” ballpoint pens—boasting an “elegant design” that “features a thin barrel to fit a women’s hand”—women and men alike hopped on to bombard the product page with hilarious and brilliantly snarky reviews. Marketing genré et sexisme: le top 10 des produits «pour femmes» les plus étranges.

Si vous avez acheté un pyjama bleu à votre petit garçon et une gigoteuse rose pour votre petite fille, vous avez, tel Monsieur Jourdain et sa prose, fait du «gender marketing» sans le savoir.

Marketing genré et sexisme: le top 10 des produits «pour femmes» les plus étranges

Derrière cette appellation anglo-saxonne, se cache un concept tout droit venu des Etats-Unis qui consiste à segmenter l’offre produit en fonction du sexe. Une façon indirecte de démultiplier les intentions d’achat, 2 produits sexués devant ainsi se substituer à un seul produit mixte au sein d’un ménage. publicité Si les publicitaires décident ainsi de s’adresser de façon différenciée aux femmes au sein des linéaires c’est surtout parce qu’elles prennent 80% des décisions d’achat au sein des foyers. Une manne financière non négligeable qui intéresse tout particulièrement les Américains, pionniers du marketing segmenté. Thinking Pink: A History of Products "For Her" Remember those BIC For Her pens that inspired hilarious customer reviews a while back?

Thinking Pink: A History of Products "For Her"

Well, they weren't the first pens to be marketed to small-handed, weak-fingered women. This 1962 ad has me conflicted because 1. Those are some stylish pens, and 2. Des brosses à dents « elle et lui » pour nos bouches si différentes. Le saviez-vous ?

Des brosses à dents « elle et lui » pour nos bouches si différentes Les clichés ont la vie dure : d’après une étude menée aux Etats-Unis par Technisource (Women & Men in Information Technology Survey ), 42% des femmes pensent encore que les carrières informatiques sont plutôt réservées aux hommes.

Et les initiatives censées prouver le contraire sont plutôt contre-productives ! Is There Any Product We Won’t Gender? (Hint: No)