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Teaching kids body privacy, personal agency, and consent begins while they’re... It’s not an unusual scene: the kids are running through the house, chasing each other, playing tag, tackling, tickling.

Teaching kids body privacy, personal agency, and consent begins while they’re...

Friends are over and the girls have jumped in with the boys. Everyone is giggling and having a great time. Then I notice my boys (ages four and six) corner their little friend (a four year old girl) and I notice her face changes expression. What was once a cheeky smile and glint in her eye is replaced by apprehension and reservation. She no longer wants to play this chasing game but she doesn’t have the words to say no or articulate why. Sexual Health Sundays: Sasha Langford on Consent. Sasha Langford is a Communication Major at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, B.C., currently on exchange in Istanbul, Turkey.

Sexual Health Sundays: Sasha Langford on Consent

Sasha loves to talk and write about media, consumer culture, and gender, and hopes to pursue a career in media advocacy work to help challenge the dominant beliefs surrounding these issues. She is also a fan of consented sex, the main thing along with her life experience giving her authority to write on the topic in this piece. For more of Sasha's writing check out her blog at Survivor Mom: Teaching Consent. Image Description: A four page black and white comic with powder blue shading and backgrounds.

Survivor Mom: Teaching Consent

Page 1: (A woman with long hair and a smile is holding a toddler, they say…) Once my daughter became old enough to understand and respond to questions, I began asking for permission to touch her. I Didn't Say No — But It Was Still Rape. “You OK?”

I Didn't Say No — But It Was Still Rape

A boy asks me in the middle of consensual sex. His hands are firm on my hips, his breathing ragged in my ear. I turn my head to the side, twist my mouth into a grimace. He’s having trouble getting off, he tells me. Why Consensual Sex Can Still Be Bad. Sex on Campus Why sex that’s consensual can still be bad.

Why Consensual Sex Can Still Be Bad

And why we’re not talking about it. Photograph by Andrew Lyman SCAD class of 2016 Last winter, Reina Gattuso was a Harvard senior majoring in literature and gender studies and writing a biweekly column for the college newspaper, the Crimson. Sans titre. Why Consensual Sex Can Still Be Bad. Let's Explore Gender. Understand Consent With the Help of Stick Figures and a Cup of Tea. Le Consentement. 100 questions sur les interactions sexuelles.

Le Consentement

Le_consentement-16p-A5-fil. How Can You Tell if You're Being Sexually Empowered or Objectified? Ask Yourself This Simple Question. Panel 1 Narrator: You’ve probably heard the argument before.

How Can You Tell if You're Being Sexually Empowered or Objectified? Ask Yourself This Simple Question

Discussion large sur la notion de consentement: puis-je t'embrasser? Amy Adele Hasinoff. Amy Adele Hasinoff. No, liberals haven't 'brainwashed' you. Yes, you can be drunk and have sex. One of the difficult things about trying to battle rape is the sheer number of myths there are about sexual violence - how often it happens, what actually constitutes sexual assault, and how much responsibility the victim has (hint: it's none).

No, liberals haven't 'brainwashed' you. Yes, you can be drunk and have sex

Lucky for me, though, a writer at the conservative free-for-all National Review Online has taken it upon herself to perpetuate almost every myth there is about rape in one handy, horrible article. Hurrah! AJ Delgado's "Crying Rape" reveals just how tenuous her argument is right at the outset, in her sub-headline: "Is there really a rape epidemic? Probably not. " Probably. Delgado writes that, "decades ago", rape victims were shamed and not believed, but today – in that glorious utopia where rape victims are constantly supported, always believed and never, ever shamed - the work of misguided feminists has led to "loosened standard for arrests in rape accusations". Ce que j’aurais voulu entendre à 15 ans. J’aurais aimé qu’on me dise que le sexe n’était pas une obligation.

Ce que j’aurais voulu entendre à 15 ans

Que ça pouvait être génial, fun, magnifique, que ça ne l’était pas toujours, mais surtout que personne n’était en droit de l’attendre ou de l’exiger de moi. Que ce n’est pas un passage obligé. La Cour suprême et le condom percé. On a eu tendance à commenter la nouvelle comme si c’était une grande avancée, ou un grand recul, c’est selon.

La Cour suprême et le condom percé

Comme si la Cour suprême venait de changer le droit en intégrant une notion nouvelle de tromperie, de malhonnêteté, dans le théorie juridique du consentement sexuel. Or, la notion de vice de consentement existe depuis bien longtemps en matière d’agression sexuelle. An Open Letter To My Fellow Gay Men: We Need A Woman's Consent Too. Just because you’re not attracted to a woman doesn’t mean you have the right to touch her. Growing up as a black gay boy in Youngstown, Ohio, my mother always said “Son, you must operate in this world intentionally, you must treat others with respect, and you must keep your hands to yourself.”

As a child, all I wanted to do was play with my Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots and Easy-Bake Oven. Yes, my Easy-Bake Oven. Like many children, I sometimes ignored my mother, so statements like this went into one ear and out of the other. But now as I reflect on my childhood and place those moments into my daily existence, I realize that “keep your hands to yourself” taught me to respect myself, taught me to respect women, and taught me that we all have the right to our own body. Last Thursday night as I was coming home from work, I noticed a fellow gay man who I have seen around Washington, D.C., at various nightclubs and bars. Wrong. Wrong again. Grrlyman: deliciousmaletears: sanityscraps: ... Le consentement masculin. La question du consentement des hommes au sexe se pose assez peu puisqu'il est admis par tous et toutes qu'un homme est toujours partant pour du sexe.

Et si par hasard, il ne l'était pas, il aurait un sacré problème. Si l'on comprend à peu près - sans vraiment le respecter d'ailleurs - qu'il faut avoir le consentement d'une femme dans un acte sexuel, la question ne se pose pas pour un homme. Aucune fille ou femme n'aura jamais entendu "mais assure toi qu'il veut bien et ne va pas insister" parce qu'il est bien clair qu'il veut toujours.

[VI] L’éducation sexuelle des garçons : coup de gueule. En ce moment, je suis une insurgée. Du genre bien comme il faut. Entre le Manifeste des 343 salauds (ces 19 ploucs…), le Dico des Filles 2014-qui-vient-en-fait-du-Moyen-Âge, et rien qu’hier ma découverte des touchers vaginaux sur des femmes endormies au bloc opératoire, figurez-vous que ça va pas fort et que j’ai mal à ma sécurité sexuelle. Welcome to Project Respect! Activité sexuelle : s’assurer que le partenaire consent. The Healthy Sex Talk: Teaching Kids Consent, Ages 1-21. Welcome to Project Respect! Five Great College Campaigns Promoting Consent. How are college students fighting rape culture on their campuses? We have five great examples.

College students from across the country (and even Ireland!) Entered to win the Consent Revolution Awards sponsored by art group FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture. Today, we're excited to announce the winners! Cantcatchthesloth: the complete set of posters,... “If you repeatedly criticize someone for liking something you don’t, they won’t stop liking it. They’ll stop liking you.” Cornmeal Blueberry Cake Weirdly, this is a good recipe for when you have some extra ricotta and yogurt that you need to get rid of. What is Consent? C is for Consent. "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and Consent Issues (Seasons 1-2)

A year ago, I began writing a series called “Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Consent Issues,” looking at specific episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer that included a major plot point related to consent, rape culture, and sexual violence. What I found was illuminating. The show explored sexual violence, misogyny, and rape culture in a number of episodes. Some of these episodes shone a light on problematic aspects of our society, while others perpetuated rape culture–and some managed to do both at the same time. « Tu veux ou tu veux pas ?  : réunion publique sur le consentement dans les relations sexuelles. Sexual Consent in Pop Culture: Waiting for Consent Doesn't Make You a Hero. I've been thinking a lot lately about consent and the way that our (pop) culture deals with it.

Perhaps it's because of the recent storm surrounding the Good Men Project's decision to publish two rape-apologetic posts, one insisting that "nice guys" can rape, too.