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Linden+scripting+language+guide-gian lee. LSL examples. Script Libraries - The Schommunity Wiki. From The Schommunity Wiki As we get more involved with Second Life it's becoming clear that we need to find and share useful scripts.

Script Libraries - The Schommunity Wiki

This page is a list of scripting resources we've found, and scripts we're working on (some complete, and some still in production). We've put up several of the scripts that we have developed - you are welcome to use them in your projects as you will but please give us credit and include in the comments a link to the schome project: Scripts on the Schome Wiki. Other Wiki, Library, and Editor Resources. LSL Portal. LSL (Linden Scripting Language) is the scripting language that gives behavior to Second Life primitives, objects, and avatars.

LSL Portal

This is a community effort to provide an accurate & open documentation resource on LSL for scripters of all skill levels. Feel free to edit and add content. For more information on how to edit the wiki, see Editing Guidelines. Free LSL script Library. LSL Wiki : HomePage. Welcome to the LSL Wiki, an effort to document the LSLscripting language of Second Life.

LSL Wiki : HomePage

This wiki is intended as an open documentation resource to help scripters of all skill levels. Anyone can contribute, so feel free to jump in. Looking for information about Second Life in general? Try Linden Lab's official Second Life Wiki. Are you new to LSL scripting? S 3D Tools and LSL Script Repository. Best Scripter Tips and Shortcuts. Community Virtual Library. Scripting Snippets, 7: Creating a HUD « A View From Another Life. This is going to be a long one.

Scripting Snippets, 7: Creating a HUD « A View From Another Life

Get yourself a cup of coffee first. What is a HUD?