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Welcome to Improbable Island

How did I end up here? It's a question that you must have asked yourself at one point in your life or another. Probably after pulling your head out of the toilet bowl, remembering the little rhyme about drinking wine on top of beer, and then feeling rather poorly again. You might have asked that question while standing naked in the pouring rain holding a coathanger in one hand and a rather large purple sex toy in the other, trying desperately to break into your own car while two policemen stroll up the street towards you. Perhaps you asked it while flushing the contents of your pockets and incinerating your hard drive, or after putting your life savings on "red 36," or while washing the urine out of your clown suit.

However, this time, you mean it literally. Or rather, you would, if you had gotten around to asking that question. How did I end up here? The Jingoistic States of Cataplessa. vNES. Java 7u51 blocks the applet because we won't pay hundreds in what is tantamount to extortion.


To use the applet, open Control Panel, click "Java", and add to the list of exceptions. A fix for this problem is forthcoming. Help us acquire more games for this and other Emulation Collective sites funded by Players Like You™. You are in compatibility input mode, which locks you into the default configuration outlined above, except that Player 1 Select is now Backspace. For focus, click on the page outside of the applet. Why you need to be excited about SpyParty. Most videogames deal in the epic, the explosive, and the impersonal.

Why you need to be excited about SpyParty

SpyParty deals in subtlety, misdirection, and observation. Many multiplayer games ask the player to expend thousands of rounds of ammunition toward the destruction of the player's enemies; SpyParty gives you only one shot, and you'd better damn well make it count. On the surface level, SpyParty is a two-player game about a sniper and a spy. The spy's job is to walk around a party, completing missions without breaking cover. The sniper's job is to identify the spy, and kill him. Hit the jump to find out why it deserves to be on your radar. (Don't mind the ugliness of that screenshot; though the basic mechanics are there, SpyParty is still a good two years away from release. SpyParty isn't just a game about shooting people and completing objectives. The game takes place in a party, full of about a dozen AI guests.

SpyParty is as cerebral and personal experience as I've ever had with a multiplayer game. EnDice Complete. Description enDice is back, with more dice and more puzzles. enDice Complete has 3 types of dice, 40 levels, and a level editor so you can make your own puzzles and share them with friends.

enDice Complete

Start with the easy levels to learn how to play. If your finding the game too easy for you, then just skip ahead to the more difficult puzzles. The level editor is unlocked after you beat 5 levels. Want to see your level in the 'enDice Players Pack'? Controls - The number of dots on each Die is the amount of moves it can make. - Move the Dice into each Zone with NO MOVES REMAINING. - Press down on a Die, then release your mouse in the direction you want it to move. - Dice can push other Dice. - Dice with Grey Dots can jump over other Dice. - Dice with White Dots CANNOT be pushed.

Play The Final Death Wish, a free online game on Kongregate - Pa. Check your security settings Connection issues are typically caused by security settings on your network or computer.

Play The Final Death Wish, a free online game on Kongregate - Pa

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