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Catalog Bar is an online catalog builder loaded with customer-centric features and sales-oriented tools. You can create and customize digital catalogs on mobiles and tablets.

Need of Cloud-Driven Catalog Bar – Catalog Bar Blog. Time has gone, when your business presentation ran through physical dashboards.

Need of Cloud-Driven Catalog Bar – Catalog Bar Blog

Today we are in a smart world, then why your product catalogs are still running in hard bind papers? All of us have the smart phones, IPADs, Tablets, then why carry bulky paper catalogs. Somewhere on the way, product presentation has changed, people have chosen the web platform to present and brief about their products and services, but I think it is still not as effective as it ought to be. To complete this desire and need to have the product presentation on the fly, get your smartphone space with cloud-driven catalog bar solution. Catalog offerings is required for your complete product or services portfolio.The Purpose of showcasing catalogs, to the customers, is to appraise them of the complete range of offerings.

In Catalog Bar, there is the provision of customization and adaptation as per the need of sales marketing teams of the organization. How to make your Smartphone work as Catalog – Catalog Bar Blog. The B2B world is full of handy gadgets and smart devices, but still, they are in a rut of printed catalogs for their branded product information.

How to make your Smartphone work as Catalog – Catalog Bar Blog

Why all they forget that they have handy smartphones with them, their catalog can be run through their mobile phone also. Catalog Bar is the tool that transforms your printed catalogs into e-catalogue. You need not take any designer while creating your product catalog on Catalog Bar. A well-planned Content Management System will be provided to you with full hands of customization for online catalog creations. Catalog Bar is available on the web as well as mobile app platform with sharing features, there is nothing to care for the printing machine, paper quality of anything related to paper catalog. Once you will start using e-catalogs in your mobile phones then it can be said that you’re up to date with current technological trends. Let’s have a look how you can start with Catalog Bar. Take some images of your quality product collectibles. Online Catalogs That Improve Your Sales Pitch – Catalog Bar Blog. You’ve probably heard that what you present is more important than how you present.

Online Catalogs That Improve Your Sales Pitch – Catalog Bar Blog

But that’s not simply true. As per conversation analyst, it has been found that the way of your sales pitch is more effective than direct efforts. For a long time, Sales pitch is being supported by physical catalogs for their instant product overview. So here, we avail some ideas for how can you modify those traditional ways to get the better response. And what will be the next and best step after such implementation. Being a sales rep, you understand how catalog is vital for your sales pitch, as it can directly influence the buying decision. Now come to the same situation with modified way. Reaching out to the new B2B Buyer – Catalog Bar Blog. The internet has changed the B2B buying process so radically.

Reaching out to the new B2B Buyer – Catalog Bar Blog

To recollect how pre-internet B2B buyer use to go about the business of making a purchase: paper catalogs, phone, documents, and people mostly were being used. The process went something like, ask the analyst about the next target, collect requirements, get a list of vendors, attend trade shows and collect collaterals, evaluate responses by emails or fax, call in a short list of vendors, follow-up with a technical drill down meeting, call a reference account, price negotiation, contract terms & conditions and further wrap it all up by planning of the project: a complex and expensive effort.

It was a slow, arduous and expensive process. Just as the new B2B buyer has evolved in the adoption of the internet, B2B sales and marketing adapt their strategies and tactics to the new B2B buyer’s expectations of online independence and instant gratification. Today business buyers are awash in a deluge of online information. Trending Technological Tools That Matter to Sales Team – Catalog Bar Blog. Technology has opened up the doors to new sales trends.

Trending Technological Tools That Matter to Sales Team – Catalog Bar Blog

A tech-enabled sales team would be expected to do their jobs correctly and efficiently. If we compare the past non-technical approach with the today’s emerging technical trends, in both the time, the goal is same. All intent is to convert the icy cold prospects into happy customers. Sales reps are required in both scenarios.So what things have changed today? The supportive tools in sales pitch with its management. Many mobile sales app are available when you search new ways of converting leads into opportunities. Computing everywhere. Catalog Bar Blog – Create Free Digital Catalogues for Web & Mobile Sales. Sign in for Product Catalogs and sales order booking. Sign up for Product Catalogs and sales order booking. Sales Catalogue and Ordering App for handicrafts business. Awaiting your collectibles in Catalog Bar Selling handicrafts is a challenging business.

Sales Catalogue and Ordering App for handicrafts business

Due to cheap Chinese products, handmade craftwork is taken for granted. Still there are cluster of audience, who are still inclined towards handmade products. Tools like e-catalogs, instant sharing drive for its marketing should be important. As physical stores doesn’t have the bandwidth to reach intended audience effectively. Create and Share customize online catalogs for Real estate.

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Mobile Ready Catalogs with In-App Ordering. Mobile Sales app and B2B eCommerce Software.