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Las Meninas de Velázquez a 360º. Pretendiendo explorar el espacio que rodeó a Velázquez cuando pintó su gran obra maestra, se continúa el cuadro hasta completar una panorámica de 360º en cualquier dirección desde el punto de vista del observador que induce el pintor y más cercano al gran espejo apoyado en la pared anterior de su taller.

Las Meninas de Velázquez a 360º

Tras observar los controles de la imagen haz clic en en ella para tu inmersión — Proceso: El cuadro es un mero pretexto para una investigación personal que comienza a publicarse en 2011 al contemplar el erróneo vaciado de la obra por un premio nacional de fotografía aunque esta investigación sigue su particular desarrollo. Tras ampliar lateralmente la escena como se ha documentado en el post de 2012, Con todo ello se crean nuevas imágenes que prolongan los extremos ya ampliados hasta que se logran unir dando la vuelta obteniendo una panorámica horizontal de proyección cilíndrica. Jacek Utko: Can design save newspapers? Chip Kidd: Designing books is no laughing matter. OK, it is. Pre-Gébelin Tarot History: Homo Bulla Vanitas.

The "Dutch Tarot" or Floskaartjes deck includes an allegory of Life, card #2 depicting a small boy blowing bubbles (sometimes with a ship at sea in the background).

pre-Gébelin Tarot History: Homo Bulla Vanitas

Homo bulla, the metaphor of man as a beautiful but exquisitely fragile and transient bubble, dates back to the ancients. Varro (116 BC – 27 BC) wrote the following in the first line of the first book of De Re Rustica. Big History Project. Big History Project: A Story for Everyone 12,028 views 10 months ago Explore 13.8 billion years of shared history and consider the big questions about our Universe, our planet, life, and humanity.

Big History Project

Big History weaves insights from many scientific and historical disciplines to form a single, cohesive story that can help us better understand people, civilizations, and how we are connected to everything around us. The course challenges students to think critically and broadly, and tries to ignite a passion for inquiry and exploration. GAME STUDIES AND GAME THINKING: INFORMES Y LITERATURA. ESTUDIOS SOBRE JUEGOS: CONCEPTOS, INVESTIGACIÓN Y TENDENCIAS. The Medieval Review. Amy Knight Powell begins her book Depositions with two provocative contentions: first, that images are not alive--they do not live and they do not have an afterlife, nor should we try to breath life into them--and second, that they are promiscuous--they interact actively and often with other images.

The Medieval Review

One could be forgiven for thinking (with fear, or perhaps relief?) That zombies had finally breached the ivory tower of art history. But Powell's approach deserves more than just a flippant deflection, for she demands that we reconsider and reframe some of the basic principles of art history to follow her argument. The book, one of several recent works to challenge art historical conventions of chronology and context, offers an iconoclastic approach to the study of images that is intriguing and engaging, if also at times problematic. TEXTOS TEÓRICOS en Tebeosfera. Memex and Beyond Web Site. ( Index )( Bibliography )( Archives )( Glossary )( Futures ) ( Feedback Interchange) The Memex and Beyond web site is a major research, educational, and collaborative web site integrating the historical record of and current research in hypermedia.

Memex and Beyond Web Site

The name honors the 1945 publication of Vannevar Bush's article "As We May Think" in which he proposed a hypertext engine called the Memex, and the web site is an outgrowth of the 1995 Brown/MIT Bush Symposium honoring the 50th anniversary of its publication. It also contains the complete text of Andries van Dam's keynote speech for the first ACM hypertext conference, Hypertext '87. The site is very tightly interlinked through graphical, spatial, and textual representations of the relationships among the people, projects, institutions, publications, conferences, and themes that comprise the hypermedia community.

The global index now contains entries for the following proceedings: Current priorities for site development include: Navigation. Iiletrismo y topologia. Phantom Flex high-speed camera captures a bullet at 10,000fps. High-speed photography is nothing new.

Phantom Flex high-speed camera captures a bullet at 10,000fps

We’ve all seen those videos of balloons popping or water drops falling. Yesterday’s Papers: Bird’s-eye Views. Subscribe To Posts Comments Follow by Email.

Yesterday’s Papers: Bird’s-eye Views

Dream Realities - The High Art of Photographic Advertising - Baker Library. Eugene Hutchinson.

Dream Realities - The High Art of Photographic Advertising - Baker Library

Decorative Crystal, ca. 1934. olvwork490097 Alfredo Valente. Advertisement for Cigarettes, ca. 1934. olvwork490245 Commercial photographers worked their medium not only to capture the realistic elements of a subject but also to imbue it with idealized qualities. The modernist sensibility manifested itself in the creation of fractured forms and compositions that encouraged viewers to see products from entirely new perspectives. Qunb - Create and share beautiful data visualizations of your web analytics. La figure dans le paysage » 09.01. Mallarmé. Un coup de dés jamais n’abolira le hasard. «Work in Progress» au 15 décembre 3010 Matériaux pour une lecture du livre, repris de l’édition ancienne Garnier Flammarion, où le texte est très annoté pour en faciliter la lecture.

La figure dans le paysage » 09.01. Mallarmé. Un coup de dés jamais n’abolira le hasard

Nous reprenons quasiment l’ensemble de cet appareil critique indispensable (à télécharger en ) et nous restituons au-dessous le une forme de lecture linéaire du poème avec les notes qui en explicitent les zones syntaxiques obscures. Ci-dessous, pour ouvrir le propos, la préface écrite par Mallarmé. A lire ou ne pas lire… Le texte flotte dans l’espace de l’écran, les bords ne sont que suggérés par une marge dont la largeur se déduit de l’espace entre les 2 pages alignées verticalement ici.

Browse All : Images from 1671 - Cornell University. World War I in Photos: Introduction. A century ago, an assassin, a Serbian nationalist, killed the heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary as he visited Sarajevo.

World War I in Photos: Introduction

This act was the catalyst for a massive conflict that lasted four years. More than 65 million soldiers were mobilized by more than 30 nations, with battles taking place around the world. Industrialization brought modern weapons, machinery, and tactics to warfare, vastly increasing the killing power of armies. Art » Atlas » Atlas Sheet 1 » Album photos. Galerie Illustrateur. El Manuscrito Voynich. El Manuscrito Voynich. Art » Atlas » Atlas Sheet 1 » Album photos. Powers of Ten. Based on the film by Charles and Ray Eames. An Eames Office Website. Projects – Atlas. TASWIR in Arabic, Persian, Ottoman-Turkish, Hindi, and Urdu means “image making”, “picturing”, “representation.” The pictorial atlas TASWIR is based upon the Berlin exhibition TASWIR 2009 / 2010 and is currently developed into an encyclopedic, fractal image portal.

The Principle of Free Association The clusters of the TASWIR atlas with their associated objects initially corresponded to the 18 rooms of the TASWIR exhibition. Hommage à André Malraux - Introduction aux voix du silence. Mujeres para un siglo - Remedios Varó: la pintura, Mujeres para un siglo. Remedios Varo – Sitio Oficial. 1. Remedios Varo. La dimensión del pensamiento.

Remedios Varo. ESTÉTICA DE LA NATURALEZA EN EL CINE RUSO Y SOVIÉTICO - Inicio. Minerva: Un conocimiento por el montaje. Cuando la imagen toca lo real. Bajo este emblema me emplazan en Madrid a entrevistar a Georges Didi-Huberman. Wearable Computers and Glasses Before Google Glass. Personal Imaging Lab. EyeTap: The eye itself as display and camera EyeTap is a device which allows, in a sense, the eye itself to function as both a display and a camera. EyeTap is at once the eye piece that displays computer information to the user and a device which allows the computer to process and possibly alter what the user sees. Data Visualization: Modern Approaches.

Data presentation can be beautiful, elegant and descriptive. There is a variety of conventional ways to visualize data – tables, histograms, pie charts and bar graphs are being used every day, in every project and on every possible occasion. However, to convey a message to your readers effectively, sometimes you need more than just a simple pie chart of your results. In fact, there are much better, profound, creative and absolutely fascinating ways to visualize data. Many of them might become ubiquitous in the next few years. So what can we expect? Let’s take a look at the most interesting modern approaches to data visualization as well as related articles, resources and tools. The Flaneur - The Arcades Project Project or The Rhetoric of Hypertext by Heather Marcelle Crickenberger. Visual Semiotics. Dieux et Déesses de l'hindouisme.

Hindouisme : Dieux et Déesses de l'Inde De nombreux sites sur l'hindouisme existent sur le WEB. La plupart sont anglophones et consacrés à telle ou telle divinité, ou à un temple particulier dans lequel on honore un Dieu ou une Déesse. Dans d'autres cas, il s'agit de sites dévotionnels où les fidèles peuvent commander, contre paiement, des rites spécifiques. On citera encore les sites d'hommage à des Maîtres spirituels. VIEUX LIVRES-CHOIX-1-OLD BOOKS. Alchemist's Laboratory:Thumbnails. The Alchemy Web Site.

ALCHIMIE ET FRANC-MACONNERIE. FM - "Le Traité de la Réintégration des Etres" de Martinès de Pasqually FM - "Propos sur l'Alchimie" par Oswald Wirth FM - "Théories et symboles de la Philosophie Hermétique" par Oswald Wirth. Sketchbook 1914 : Eisenstein's Early Drawings. The Daniel Langlois Foundation presents a Web publication dedicated to one of Eisenstein's early sketchbooks dating from 1914, when he was 16 years old: The relatively small book (23.9 x 20 cm) contains 150 back-to-back pages, its sketches mainly in ink, with a few watercolours.

Each page is accompanied by a critical apparatus by Oksana Bulgakowa, incorporating both text and visual elements. An Eisenstein specialist, Dr. Fondation Daniel Langlois. Enregistrements consultables sous Lignes de Temps. 50 Great Examples of Data Visualization. Wrapping your brain around data online can be challenging, especially when dealing with huge volumes of information. And trying to find related content can also be difficult, depending on what data you’re looking for. But data visualizations can make all of that much easier, allowing you to see the concepts that you’re learning about in a more interesting, and often more useful manner. Below are 50 of the best data visualizations and tools for creating your own visualizations out there, covering everything from Digg activity to network connectivity to what’s currently happening on Twitter.

Music, Movies and Other Media Narratives 2.0 visualizes music. Liveplasma is a music and movie visualization app that aims to help you discover other musicians or movies you might enjoy. Collage Art Main Page. Topophobia - Topophobia.pdf. 25 Amazing Motion Graphics Animations/Videos. Written by Harry Jay Clement On Wednesday, July 27th, 2011 with 3 Comments so far in Inspiration, Motion Reels Motion graphics is a pretty niche industry among designers, requiring a great deal of extra training.

But the pay off can be worthwhile, with less competition and a great deal of jobs out there: advertisements for everything from sports to consumer electronics, animated and live action movies, and music videos. Motion graphics gives you a broader canvas to create on as it comes with all the dimensions of regular design plus the ability to manipulate and interact with objects in each scene as the animation plays.

In this post, we present you with 25 mind blowing motion graphics videos that we hope will inspire you to learn more about this artform. ISOTYPE MENU, Otto and Marie Neurath. Giorgio Agamben. What Is A Dispositif?. Part 1. Abecedario Anagramático - Subtramas. Google glasses. A trier. Paris: Capital of the 19th Century. Mquivey. Teaching Graphic Novels. Concept Maps/ Mind Mapping. Concept Maps/ Mind Mapping. Concept Maps/ Mind Mapping. Graphically Inclined.

1814 Stephenson's Locomotive. A Review of the Universal Exhibitions from 1851 to 1900. Paris: Capital of the 19th Century. Chronologies. Comic Books/Super Heroes/Super Villians. Sites úteis. Exploratree - Exploratree by FutureLab.

Domestic Violence.

Representación Violencia doméstica

Photographer as Witness: A Portrait of Domestic Violence. Les secrets de la pensée libérée : 27 façons d’utiliser le mindmapping (cartes mentales) Output: Jens Weber & Andreas Wolter. A visual exploration on mapping complex networks.

Honoré Daumier by Henry James. Stars of Political Cartooning – Joseph Keppler. Smith-Kettlewell Inst/C.W. Tyler lab/Art Investigations. Browsing visualizations. The Official M.C. Escher Website. Visual Thinking Software. Artistas del Lado Oscuro- Parte 3 (imágenes) Michigan State University Libraries - Digital and Multimedia Center - Digital Collections - True Comics.