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Over recent months we have seen how 2015 has become a year that seems to get theaters implode with the arrival of very important blockbusters. But that is one year, and 2014 thinks not remain simply as ” the threshold of 2015.” To demonstrate this, we present fifty titles that come over the next twelve months our rooms, films for everyone . In 2014 we will have a good portion of sequels , the occasional remake, but will also be a fantastic year for fans of filmmakers like David Fincher , Wes Anderson, Christopher Nolan Clint Eastwood or all new jobs. It is also the year we say goodbye to Middle-earth , the year in which the Bible regain its place in the rooms , and the year that Marvel will bring new characters, and his first animated film with Disney. Many important for film buffs in the next 365 days now. PlaylistNow.fm - Every situation needs a playlist
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