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Metal Stamping Step-by-Step. By ImpressArt Tools Needed Metal StampsMetal Stamping HammerSteel Stamping BlockStamp Straight Tape™Metal Disc or CharmStamp Enamel™Polishing cloth (or a paper towel or clean rag) Step 1.

Metal Stamping Step-by-Step

The Compleat Sculptor: Wood Tools. Silcone Mold Making for Investment Casting Pendant. Hello!

Silcone Mold Making for Investment Casting Pendant

I work with Jim Kibler in his workshop. Together we have been making silicone molds for castings for decorative antique-style rifles. Most recently, I have been using silicone molds to make sterling silver necklace pendants out of ornate rococo thumb pieces. Galvanoplastia ou eletroformação. A Galvanoplastia funciona por eletrodeposição, que é a aplicação de revestimentos metálicos a superfícies metálicas ou outras superfícies condutoras por processos eletroquímicos.

Galvanoplastia ou eletroformação

Buril, diferentes buris para gravação e gravura. Time turner necklace. I have always wanted to make a time turner necklace, like in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, but this was something I held for impossible.

Time turner necklace

This was until I started designing in 3D :) In last year's youth design contest, I won a free 3D print. I wanted to design something really special this time, something worth that print. I designed some things, but really nothing was special. Drawing made easy : a helpful book for young ar... Untitled Document. Let's stay in touch!

Untitled Document

Join my private email newsletter and receive shop updates, musings, and other totally useful information: First name: Last name: Email address: Birthday (month/day): Spinner Ring- Illustrated. I recently had posted about the 'trick' of making a spinner ring.

Spinner Ring- Illustrated

This week I documented making one for a customer and thought I'd share. You can see the earlier post here: First, I needed to make the inner band a size 8, so using my ring chart, and knowing I was using 22 ga. silver (which ran through the rolling mill, hence making it 23 gauge) I figured the length I needed, soldered it closed, and oxidized/buffed it to bring out the contrast of the texture. New Spinner Rings. This week I finished a trio of 'spinner' rings that feature patterned silver wide-band rings with a fun 'spinner' band on the outside that has an inlay of small Australian opal cabochons.

New Spinner Rings

I have only made a handful of these- but they are pretty popular, probably in part to the pretty opal band. There are a lot of spinner rings being made, some very simple and some more involved. Leatherworkers Tool Carousel. Assemble a HHO Mini Torch from plumbing parts. Laser Cut Cupid. Page Title. Variable speed magnetic stirrer from a PC power supply. El Banco Fuerte de México. PEPE Super Ring Bending & Forming Set. Nuestros Productos. Using the RinGenie Ring Setting and Engraving Kit. Step by Step: Making a Copper Etched Cuff Bracelet. Tutorial: How to Etch Copper.

Etching metal is one of my favorite metalsmithing techniques- it's a great way to create a surface pattern or image in metal.If you want to give etching a try, I would recommend starting with copper.

Tutorial: How to Etch Copper

Copper is easy to work with and inexpensive, and copper etching solution is relatively safe to work with and also inexpensive.The basic principle of etching any metal is to apply a substance to the surface of the metal which will resist the bite of the etching solution. This substance is called resist. Once the resist is applied, all you have to do is submerge the piece in the etching solution and wait for it to etch. Here are the materials you will need:-18 or 20 gauge copper-Scotch brite or steel wool-Masking tape-Resist- possible options include paint markers, nail polish, asphaltum varnish, press and peel film... Laser Print Etching with PNP Blue. Tutorial: How to Etch Copper.

How-To: Phototransfer Metal Etching by Lexi Erickson - Jewelry Making Daily - Blogs. If you've ever thought etching was too difficult to do at home, think again!

How-To: Phototransfer Metal Etching by Lexi Erickson - Jewelry Making Daily - Blogs

To show you to how easy and almost instantly rewarding etching can be, we're sharing this free etching project by Lexi Erickson, star designer of the new DVD, Jewelry Etching on Copper. Enjoy! Etching brass and copper plates can result in interesting designs, and the metal may be used several ways. Sherri Haab Designs.

Etch. E3 Etch Overview How does it work? The E3 Etch System uses electricity and an electrolyte solution to etch. Unlike chemical etching, which uses acid to etch metal, electro-etching is accomplished by running an electric current through the metal suspended in solution. Etching occurs in a transfer process as atoms are moved through the solution from the piece to the bottom of a stainless steel pan. The E3 Etch system can be used to etch copper, brass, bronze, and silver. Environmentally friendly No hazardous byproduct is created and the solution can be reused.

How To Electroplate With the Midas Bath Plating Unit. How To Rhodium Plate Gold and Silver Jewelry. How to Gold Plate: 6 steps. Sherri Haab Designs. An Advanced Electrodeposition Course, Electroplating Course,Electroless Plating Course, Electroless Deposition Course, Electrochemical Deposition Course. 1.1 Overview of Electroplating Technology 1.2 Electroplating: Basic Terms and Concepts 1.2.1 Primer on Chemistry 1.2.2 Redox Reactions 1.2.3 The Electromotive Force (EMF) Series 1.2.4 Equilibrium Potential, Overpotential and Mixed Potential 1.2.5 Effect of Concentration on Potential -Nernst Equation 1.2.6 Anode, Cathode and Cell Potentials 1.2.7 Conductivity of Electrolyte 1.2.8 Electrolysis and Faraday’s Law.

An Advanced Electrodeposition Course, Electroplating Course,Electroless Plating Course, Electroless Deposition Course, Electrochemical Deposition Course

Sells Fine Silver .9999 and Sterling Silver .925. Fundamentals_Studies_of_Electro-Silver_Plating_Process_(PPKKimia)) Home. Mardi Inc. Metal casting projects. Joyeria, Minerales, Fosiles, Onix, Artesanias, Cuarzo, Accesorios, Productos Metafisicos, Minerales Mexicanos Brutos en Mexico. Hand Engraving Video, tut 01b. Script hand engraving by Mike Dubber.


How to Make a Soup Can Forge. Metales. Genuine Antique Imperial Men's Ring. The ring comes with an original red leather Imperial presentation case. Given by the Empress Maria Feodorovna (mother of Tsar Nicholas II) in 1915 The ring comes with a copy of its original award certificate The certificate is signed by the head of the Cabinet Chamberlain of His Majesty's Court Ink seal of the Cabinet of Empress Maria Feodorovna.