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High Performance Grappling Hook. We carry a lot of different things.

High Performance Grappling Hook

Sometimes we drop them. Instead of leaving your everyday carry items out of reach, get your grappling hook! This is the sequel to the original grappling hook I posted. The first one worked great but didn't stow so well. Safari Web Inspector Guide: Get Oriented. Before you start using Web Inspector, familiarize yourself with its organization and interface.

Safari Web Inspector Guide: Get Oriented

Enabling Web Inspector To start using Web Inspector, you must first enable the Develop menu. To do so, enable the “Show Develop menu in menu bar” setting found in Safari’s preferences under the Advanced pane, as shown in Figure 1-1. You can then access Web Inspector through the Develop menu that appears in the menubar, or by pressing Command-Option-I. You can also add the Web Inspector toolbar item to Safari’s toolbar by selecting View > Customize Toolbar. WebKit-based Apps To enable the developer tools in a WebKit-based application other than Safari, enter the following into the Terminal: Replace com.bundle.identifier with the bundle identifier of your app, and then launch your app. Safari on iOS. Top Apps & Tools Archives. While students will often respond differently to study methods, flashcards are a classic option ...

Top Apps & Tools Archives

Math apps are in abundance! Math students of all ages can find a way to cement their classroom ... Physics is one of the most difficult subjects for students to learn and an incredibly difficult ... If you ask students what their favorite subject is, it’s a rare kid who will say grammar. If ... Information overload is a common complaint from young people, especially now that knowledge is ... As teachers and students browse the Internet, they often find websites, articles and videos ... On-Call and substitute teachers face a perplexing set of planning-related problems that require ... Words on the go… this has to be one of the best uses for smart phone apps out there. What better way to help kids explore the world of fonts than with mobile apps? Surprisingly, there are quite a few anatomy and physiology apps available on the market. Social reading is revolutionizing the way anyone reads. Best iPad Apps.

How To Setup Wi-Fi Sync for the iPad in iOS 5. One of the very new ‘PC Free’ features of iOS 5 is Wi-Fi sync – wireless sync between your iPad or iPhone and your PC.

How To Setup Wi-Fi Sync for the iPad in iOS 5

This will allow you to keep photos and videos, music, and apps in sync without having to connect your iPad to your PC via the sync /charge cable. Once this feature is enabled, every time you connect your iPad to a power source it will automatically sync and and backup any new content purchased on the iPad to iTunes. You can also manually force a sync by going to Settings > General > iTunes Wi-Fi Sync and tapping ‘Sync Now’. You do need to turn this on in iTunes in order for it to work. It’s very easy to do this – here’s how: – Connect your iPad to your PC via USB / sync cable. – In the Devices section in the left-hand pane of the iTunes window, click on your iPad’s name and you’ll see it highlighted in blue – Then in the main window of iTunes scroll down just a bit so you can see the Options section That’s it.

The following two tabs change content below. Monthly Organizational Costs. Bibliotecas Digitales. Eduapps. iPads in Education.


10 Free E-Book Sites for iPad. Want to get the most out of your iPad - Are you using it as an e-reader?

10 Free E-Book Sites for iPad

There are multiple sites that offer free downloads of both classic and contemporary publications and the reading experience on the iPad is actually quite good. The font size, the instant access to chapters and pages and the .......all make for a positive reading experience. Coupled with this is the fact that this is about the only way to get anybody under the age of 20 to read for any length of time at all. For younger readers and kids learning to the read the interactive experience will engender a love of interaction with the written word. This is especially true of the newer types of apps that are coming out. But what is available as Free e-books or downloads and where can you access them. 1.

Project Gutenberg offers over 36,000 free ebooks to download to your PC, Kindle, Android, iOS or other portable device. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. iAppsForTeachers. iOSteacher. 150 herramientas gratuitas para crear materiales educativos con tics. Testeando - El trivial educativo para colegios. Inicio. Free Audio Editor and Recorder. Cuatro Áreas para Mejorar el Diálogo de Tu Historia. Cuatro áreas para mejorar el diálogo de tu historia En este artículo, Palibrio identifica cuatro áreas en las que deberías concentrarte para que consigas escribir un libro que apasione a los lectores.

Cuatro Áreas para Mejorar el Diálogo de Tu Historia

Sin embargo, antes de empezar a ver cómo mejorar tus diálogos, vamos a recordar qué debería aportar el diálogo a nuestra historia. Sabemos que la regla de oro del diálogo es mostrar en vez de decir, por tanto es imprescindible que tengamos las siguientes funciones en cuenta cuando leamos y editemos el manuscrito. Las seis funciones del diálogo: