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82 six-inch granny squares for $12.50 - good? Clancy P wrote: Hmmm...aren't you the one who always says she hates to sew things together?

82 six-inch granny squares for $12.50 - good?

What have you gotten yourself into, now ;) You remember aright! In my vocabulary, 'sew' is a forbidden word/activity! Happily, there is no lack of alternatives to needle and thread. My personal favourite method, and the one I used on my two 99-knitted-squares blanketss is Priscilla Hewitt's Flat Braid Joining Method. Loretta's Starburst Hotpad Pattern - Easy to make at your desk. Starburst HotpadDesigned by: Loretta Schepp Materials: 1-1/2 oz. variegated 4-ply worsted weight yarn (Color A) 1 oz. white 4-ply worsted weight yarn (Color B) Crochet hook size G (6-4.25mm)

Loretta's Starburst Hotpad Pattern - Easy to make at your desk

Comfy & Cozy Crochet Sweater Pattern - What could be better than curling up in an extremely cozy crochet sweater?

Comfy & Cozy Crochet Sweater Pattern -

Nothing that comes to mind for me at the moment! This sweater is roomy, cozy, comfy, and super cute! You (or a lucky friend or family member!) Will be as snug as a bug in a rug in this crochet sweater. This pattern is EASY and I think any confident beginner could handle making it just fine! Fabulous Felines: 15 Cat Clothing Patterns. Effective May 23, 2018 If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, you can contact us at and include 'Privacy Policy' in the subject line. 1.

Fabulous Felines: 15 Cat Clothing Patterns

Privacy Policy Overview Summary — Policy Overview. Crochet Terms Translated into Many Languages - Table Reference. All rights reserved.

Crochet Terms Translated into Many Languages - Table Reference

Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without the written permission from the blog's author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Nicole Riley and Nicki's Homemade Crafts with appropriate and specific directions to the original content. Do NOT take my pictures and use them to sell items you made from my crochet patterns and tutorials.

You can sell your items you made using this material. AMAZON ASSOCIATES DISCLOSURE: Nicole Riley is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. Crochet 3D Poinsettia Flower Free Pattern Video - Crochet Poinsettia Christmas Flower Free Patterns - Salvabrani. Crochet-A-Long Hearts Doily – Free Crochet Doily Patterns. This pretty Valentine doily was designed years back.

Crochet-A-Long Hearts Doily – Free Crochet Doily Patterns

Recently a visitor posted a picture of her doily in a group I belong to on FB – it’s called Threadies – be sure to look it up if you LOVE working with thread! It’s headed up by none other than our Elizabeth Ann White! A perfect doily for Valentines, Mother’s Day or just because! Rated: Experienced Your purchase through the advertisements below help support our site and the continuance of free patterns. We also have patterns for sale. 12ヶ月の花モチーフ|手編みと手芸の情報サイト あむゆーず. Maguire Knitting Pattern. Crochet Doily Free Patterns & Instructions. Classic Zombie Doll Knitting Pattern.

Crochet Patterns. Chain Stitch – ch Slip stitch - slt Double crochet / single crochet – dc/sc Treble / double crochet – tr/dc Half tr / half dc – htr/hdc 2 tr / dc puff stitch – pff: yarn over, insert hook into st, yarn over, draw yarn through stitch.

Crochet Patterns

Stitch – st Foundation Chain: Multiples of 8 + 4 Row 1: skip 3ch and work 2htr/hdc in next ch, 1htr/hdc in next, skip 1ch, 1dc/sc in next, * make base for leaf: 6ch, skip 3ch, work 1slt in each of next 3ch. Continue the row: skip 1 foundation ch, 1dc/sc in next, skip 1ch, 1htr/hdc in next, 2htr/hdc + 1ch + 2htr/hdc in next, 1htr/hdc in next, skip 1ch, 1dc/sc in next; rep from *, make base for leaf, skip 1ch, 1dc/sc in next, skip 1ch, 1htr/hdc in next, make 3 htr/hdc in last ch and turn. Thrummed Mittens: What is a Thrum and Why is it in My Knitted Mitten? I have become quite obsessed lately with having warm hands up here in the land of single-digit-temps and multi-digit-snowfalls.

Thrummed Mittens: What is a Thrum and Why is it in My Knitted Mitten?

I bought a pair of thinsulate gloves, but a half-block of dog walking finds me pulling my fingers into the palm section of the gloves because my fingers aren’t warm enough out there all by themselves. What I really need are mittens. WARM, totally toasty thrummed mittens. I scoured through all my patterns to come up with Warm Mitten Candidates. A knit and crochet community. Summer Crochet Lace Wrap. Вязание. Штучки от Леворучки. Иногда с течением времени я расплетаю старые рабочие мандалы, потому что понимаю, что нет у них другого пути.

Вязание. Штучки от Леворучки.

Жечь не поднимается рука - там слишком много того, что близко к сердцу, отпускать в ледяную воду и закапывать тоже нет сил. Bowl Cozy/Hot Pad FREE Crochet Pattern. Several months ago a friend had posted pictures of some bowl hot pads she had sewn as gifts for Christmas.

Bowl Cozy/Hot Pad FREE Crochet Pattern

I really liked the idea of them, but living in a small space that does not afford leaving my sewing space set up I decided to design a crochet pattern for them instead. My first one was a gift for my Daddy for Christmas, along with some other hot pads and dish cloths. He sent me a picture as soon as he opened the package!! With a little more work on the pattern I am finally ready to publish it here!! Buffet Scarf. Organization: Alexa Crawls Starting in 1996, Alexa Internet has been donating their crawl data to the Internet Archive. Flowing in every day, these data are added to the Wayback Machine after an embargo period. this data is currently not publicly accessible.

DAISY MERCERIZED CROCHET COTTON, Art. 65, Size 20: 5 skeins White or Ecru; or LILY MERCERIZED CROCHET COTTON, Art. 36, Size 20: 4 balls White or Ecru; or. 365 Crochet: Baby Sport Diaper Cover -free crochet pattern- I had been asked recently to make a baby blanket, and when I was done, I had a bit of yarn left over. So I was thinking about using up the rest of my baby yarn to make a cute hat and diaper cover set to match the baby's blanket theme. I've never made a diaper cover before, and I didn't think it would be too hard to find a free pattern, and it wasn't... ...except that every single pattern that I found used medium worsted weight yarn, and I wanted to use my baby light sport weight yarn!

So that's how this pattern came to be. This is an easy pattern starting with the top band, continuing all of the way around to the opposite end by using simple hdc stitches. Luna and Artemis Amigurumi Pattern - 53STITCHES. Spirits of Life CAL: Part 8. Final Edge! Welcome to Part 8 of Spirits of Life CAL. This week is the final one before a simple border will be added. And I also hope it will bring you lots of relaxation after endless counting on previous parts. And… very soon your wrap will be finished, yay! If you missed previous parts of Spirits of Life CAL, please check General Information, Important Notes, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6 and Part 7.

This week’s instructions are short. The only important thing I would like to draw your attention to is yardages! If you are not very much on track with yardages and you feel like you are running out of some colors, don’t worry! Part 8 is more or less the same as very first week of the CAL. IMPORTANT: Please, be aware that all my patterns (free or paid) are protected by copyright. Free Pattern: Day Off Socks – THE SWEATER COLLECTIVE. By Jessica Gore of The Sweater Collective These fun socks knit up in no time, and are a great way to experiment with a toe-up construction if you’ve been wanting to give it a try!

SIZESmall: 15.5cm (6″) circumference, fits approximate foot circumference of 19cm (7 ½”); women’s EU 37–39/US 6 ½–8 ½Medium: 18cm (7″) circumference, fits approximate foot circumference of 22cm (8 ¾”); women’s EU 40–42/US 9–10, men’s EU 40–42/US 7 ½–8 ½Large: 20cm (8″) circumference, fits approximate foot circumference of 25cm (9 ¾”); women’s EU 43–45/US 10 ½–13, men’s EU 43–45/US 9–11 ½ YARN Manos del Uruguay Alegria (75% Superwash Merino, 25% Polyamide; 425 m [445 yds]/100 g,) 1 skein Atlantico colourway, or 100g fingering weight sock yarn Sample used approximately 50g (213 m [223 yds]) for Medium Size pair of socks (EU 41/US 9 ½). GAUGE 36 stitches x 50 rounds = 10 cm (4″) in stockinette stitch on 2.25 mm needles, knit in the round and relaxed after blocking. Stockinette stitch = knit every round.

Romanian Point Lace – Save the Stitches by Nordic Needle. Lace as a general category can be traced back to its earliest beginnings as knotted nets. Other forms have evolved over time from whitework techniques such as cutwork or drawn work, and from early forms of darn-netting. As more intricate patterns and techniques evolved, owning lace became a status symbol for the wealthy. Several sources have tried to classify the types of lace. This is a brief list, one in which not all lace makers may agree on. Needle lace is made using a needle and thread.Cutwork lace is made by removing threads from a woven background with the open spaces then filled with stitches.Bobbin lace is made with bobbins on which thread is wound. Two distinct types of lace emerged in Italy and Belgium (then Flanders) in the 15th century: pillow lace and point lace. Around the Bases CAL Patterns Free - Decorama. This Crochet Point is known as a sampler.

The crochet stitches Around-the-Bases afghan are many, better known as (CAL) with 16 basic entry points that we will teach you already start to have fun.Follow Our Facebook Page on Crochet & knitting Free Patterns. Join our Facebook Group Free Crochet Patterns. In this post, you’ll learn how to make the Around-the-Bases afghan point. Let’s start learning the crochet stitches! Christmas in Pineapples. Pomp and Power Cowl. Crochet Pattern: Stormy Isle Wrap. There’s something about the chill of a stormy night that makes me want to wrap myself up in crochet.

This rectangular shawl uses a simple stitch pattern and a beautiful, self-striping yarn to create a stunning, lacy, statement piece that’s cozy enough to keep your shoulders warm while adding color to any outfit. Mini Moose Hat. There are currently no images from other crafters. close. Blizzard Warning! – Hexagon Pattern. Blizzard Warning! – Hexagon Pattern.

Top Tiny Granddad Cardigans to Knit Whenever. Free Patterns Archives - Beautiful Crochet Patterns and Knitting Patterns. What is Hygge? + 27 Totally Hygge Crafts. Modern denim quilt - It's Always Autumn. Hey, I won! So You Think You’re Crafty finished last week, and I won – but just barely! I was only two votes ahead in the final tally, so it really was anyone’s game. Anyhow, my final project was this: The Modern Denim Quilt (tutorial follows!) I’ve been planning to make a denim quilt for a while now, but I wanted to put a modern spin on it. The quilt is large enough to be used on a twin bed, but I think we’ll use it more often for snuggling together downstairs on cold winter nights, or taking on picnics and camping trips. The front of the quilt is made from garage sale jeans – I made sure to purchase some light, medium, and dark colored jeans so I could get a pretty color effect.

DIY Beard Oil. By: Brooke Berry from In the Designer's Words: "An easy Father's Day gift idea to make your own beard oil. If you already own essential oils this project could be completed in under 15 minutes and for free! What is Hygge? 24 Hygge Knitting Patterns. There are currently no images from other crafters. TATtle TALES Tatting Patterns: Public Domain Tatting Book Links. Leafly autumn hat - free crochet pattern. 44 Easy Craft Projects For Adults. Starblanket of Muis CAL – CROCHET A LONG with us! Crochet Pattern – Solid Body Skull Scarf. 27 Crochet Baby Toys that Make Wonderful Baby Shower Gifts. Twirl and Tie Cap - Wee Folk Art. Spring Song. Crochet C2C Gingerbread House Advent Calendar. Free doily pattern. Decorated Christmas Crochet Garland - Crafts Ideas Free. Stranger Things Banner. Stranger Things. 144 Inches of I-Cord: As requested.

Knitting Stitch Patterns. Austin Cables Throw - Free Crochet Pattern on Moogly! Pineapple and Spider Web Design 7520. No doubt is a excellent pattern of knitting - Free Crochet Patterns. Christmas Stockings to Knit and Crochet from Our Archives. Вязание. Штучки от Леворучки. 5-Hour Raglan Sweater (Knit) You've been doing it all wrong. Here's the right way to crochet Granny squares. Square Pineapple Doily. Pine Cone Collection: SIX realistic crochet patterns : PlanetJune Shop, cute and realistic crochet patterns & more. Hidden crochet treasure - Crochetbug. Beautiful crochet hat ~ YARN CROCHET. Learn how to make crochet cardigan free pattern crafts - blue and brown yarn - YARN OF CROCHET. Free crochet patterns to download. Snowflake Doily. Twisted Headband {Free Crochet Pattern} 1937 Knitted Lace Doily. A Friendship Patch… How to Crochet a Clustered Spike Stitch or Leaf Stitch – RosieMRogers.

A Stitch At A Time for Amy B Stitched: MANDALILY, a FREE crochet doily pattern. Suvi's Crochet: Celtic Knot motif. Over 50 Free Knitted Christmas Knitting Patterns. Free Pattern crochet Stitch Shell ~ YARN CROCHET. Fall Acorn Hat Knitting Pattern - Little Red Window. Warmer Than a Witch's Knits: Erishkigal Skully Snowflake. A Stitch At A Time for Amy B Stitched: Bowl Cozy/Hot Pad FREE Crochet Pattern.

Light ball. September CAL Embossed Leaves Reversible Shawl - Week Two. Easy, Chunky Crochet Sweater - Free Pattern from Make & Do Crew. Crochet Blanket Plaid Ruana + Tutorial. 10 Rainy Day Crafts. Crochet pattern for baby blue afghan. 8 Crochet Afghan Patterns for Gameday - Stitch and Unwind. Crocheted Rainbow Fractal. How to make a crocheted table path. - Free Crochet Patterns. Ragdoll Harry Potter Free Crochet Pattern. Crochet Stitch-Sampler Throw. Free crochet pattern: Colourful rainbow sampler blanket - HaakMaarraak. Acorn Hot Pads - I Like Crochet.

Winter is Coming, so please enjoy this Insane 1980s Book of Knitted Sweaters. How to Knit a Ball « Knitting & Crochet. Crochet overcast sweater, crochet hooded sweater, crochet sweater. Video Tutorial: How to Crochet a Sweater (the free Dwell Sweater pattern) Playing with wire! Wire crafts. Star Crossed - Crystals & Crochet. Easiest Toddler Slippers Ever! Knitting Pattern - Gina Michele.

Anthophila Knit Scarf Pattern. Ocean Breeze. Free Crochet Patterns. Harvest Crochet Scarf. 10 Free Granny Square Patterns. Free Patterns - Julie Yeager Designs.