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Why It’s OK to be Lost And Confused. In the fall of 2007, I was confused as hell.

Why It’s OK to be Lost And Confused

I had recently graduated from college but still had no clue what I wanted to “be when I grew up.” I’d jumped from mediocre job to mediocre job… from a psychosocial therapist to an insurance salesperson to a nanny to a cocktail waitress to a retail manager. After years of having been in a steady relationship, I suddenly found myself single and bombarded by d-bag after d-bag… each of whom I seemed to fall for.

And to top it all off, I had no established hobbies or interests aside from partying and trying to impress said d-bags. To say that I was lost would be an understatement. So what do you do when you’re lost and confused? Conventional wisdom would say, “Think hard and figure your sh** out at all costs.” Instead, I did the opposite— I dropped the exhausting notion that I had to have it all figured out, and I dove head first into the deep waters of uncertainty. How to Get Hired By Anyone: 5 Foolproof Methods for Landing That J-O-B.

A few weeks back, I announced that I’d be hiring a HO (Homework Officer– getchyer head out of the gutter!)

How to Get Hired By Anyone: 5 Foolproof Methods for Landing That J-O-B

To help me out with my new project. After laughing for 45 minutes straight at the barrage of hilarious innuendos and email subject lines I received (“Why I’m Your HO”; “Is a HO that doesn’t get paid simply called a SLUT?” ; “Ho Fo Sho!” ; “I would like to be a ho, please :-)”; “LEMME BE YO’ HO!” ; “I’m Your HO, Baby!”) Lemme tell you, guys: THESE APPLICATIONS ROCKED MY SOCKS OFF. I’ve written before about how even the best candidates can easily get lost in the crowd of applicants, and how it’s no longer enough to be insanely qualified– instead, you’ve got to find a way to STAND OUT in a relevant way. Today I’ll show you how the best HO applicants did just this– and how you can apply these very same techniques to have employers eating out of your hands in no time, even if you’re applying for a much more, ahem, conventional position.

[Warning: THESE TECHNIQUES WORK INSANELY WELL! Attention, Whiny Complainers: NOW's The Time To Make A Diff! “I sort of what to punch you right now.

Attention, Whiny Complainers: NOW's The Time To Make A Diff!

Seriously.” So began an email I received in January of this year from one Unlost reader, Miss Jody Lamb. “But then I’d probably hug you and give you a big high five. You really majorly stuck a pin in my behind to move forward with a huge project, actually a life endeavor, I’ve been thinking about for years but putting off because of fear and other mumbo jumbo like having an insanely consuming job. A little about me: I grew up with a loving family but I felt the detrimental effects of parental alcoholism early on.

As an adult, I became as knowledgeable about alcoholism as I could be and discovered something super, super disturbing: 1.) Emotional Fitness: How to Calm Yourself in 4 Easy Steps. Whether you are aware of it or not, unmanaged emotions often hijack your energy and behavior.

Emotional Fitness: How to Calm Yourself in 4 Easy Steps

The limbic brain, considered the emotional brain, can quickly override rational thinking. The decisions we make determine our quality of life and our future. Try this simple, step-by-step practice to enhance your life and achieve emotional well-being. Steps to Calm Yourself STEP 1: Identify your feeling STEP 2: Ask how you would like to feel STEP 3: Shift your perception to support how you would like to feel STEP 4: Take one action to change the way you feel Your spouse is working too much and not making your relationship a priority. STEP 1: You might feel lonely and resentful. STEP 2: You want to feel loving toward your spouse. STEP 3: Think of what you are grateful for as a result of the financial security he/she provides from working. STEP 4: Thank your spouse for how hard he/she works. For more keys in emotional fitness, see Compassion for Conficting Emotions or check out our other free resources.

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