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Lists of different blogs(Personal Development/Leadership)

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100 Most Inspiring Self-Development Blogs | Essay Tigers. The web is flooded with self-development resources, and trying to pick the right one for yourself can be a bit overwhelming. To help you out, we've collected a list of 100 most inspiring and practical blogs that give advice on setting and achieving goals, living a calm and mindful life, pursuing dreams and finding happinness. Read the quick descriptions that capture the essence of each blog and choose the ones that fit your needs best. Calling Dreams This is the kind of a blog you want to start your morning with to get a daily dose of inspiration. Quotes from people like Seth Godin and Wiz Khalifa, success stories of Richard Branson and J.K.

Rowling will charge you with determination and readiness to move towards your goals. Goalcast This is the place you want to visit to learn how to reach success, fulfill your dreams and simplify your life. Personal Success Today John W. Motivation of Success Success Consciousness A Life of Productivity Freakishly Productive Productivity501 Let's Reach Success. The 100 Best Blogs of 2015 | Burptech. The 100 Best Blogs of 2015 Blogs are the internet’s repositories for some of the most interesting information out there. People can also use blogs as a way to get specific information on very specialized subjects. The beauty of blogs is that there is something out there for everybody. There are just so many users on the internet that the amount of content that can be generated is virtually limitless!

It can be easy to get lost in all of this content. How can one know where to start? There are blogs about everything from personal development to cooking to Goth subculture, and some of these blogs are actually quite bad for no other reason than the blogger that creates them does not know how to blog properly. The Art of ManlinessBrain PickingsFour Hour Work WeekZen HabitsMichael Hyatt’s Intentional LeadershipMark MansonMarc and Angel HacklifeAha-Now! Check: pan card tracking. 30 Successful Bloggers Share Their Best Converting Email Subject Line. Have you ever felt that although you’ve got a decent number of subscribers, you still have an incredible low email open rate? You’re probably getting confused… not sure what exactly is missing or what you are doing wrong. Perhaps you’ve read a ton of articles about how to create high-converting email subject lines and felt that you’ve received only general information… and you want somebody to tell you exactly how to do it right.

Did you ever feel a compelling desire to talk with the best Internet/E-mail Marketers in the cyberspace and grill them about their email subject line secrets? We’ve done the hard work for you. I asked 30 of some of the most experienced bloggers in today’s times (which I know and admire) this question.. What is your best converting email subject line and the top #3 lessons you have learned testing multiple subject lines. We received some wonderful insights that we are happy to share with you. Tim Soulo // @Twitter Who are you sending an email to? Or So what? 60 Of The Best Minds In The Blogosphere (You REALLY Want to Be Reading Their Stuff) - The Possibility of Today. 10 Awesome Bloggers You Should Follow. 20 CommentsNovember 22, 2010 / Posted in Personal Development In this post, I will share with you all the 10 bloggers that I have been following. They are really awesome bloggers that help to make a difference to the life of others.

Check them out. Everett Bogue Karol Gadja Celestine Chua Henri Junttila Adam Baker Dragos Roua Oscar Del Ben Corbett Barr Chris Guillebeau Diggy Who Do You Want To Add Into This List? There are many awesome bloggers who help others to improve their life, and I have not had the opportunity to know all of them yet. I look forward to your addition! Vincent Download your FREE ebook now: "Unleash your maximum potential" Enter your name and email to receive your free ebook now. 60 Of The Best Minds In The Blogosphere (You REALLY Want to Be Reading Their Stuff) - The Possibility of Today. Development blogs you should read - Owen abroad. It would be invidious to recommend particular blogs, and what’s the point of having a blog if you can’t be invidious?

So, if you only read a few development blogs, here is my list of who I think you should be reading. I expect I have embarrassed myself by leaving out somebody crucial – if so, please tell me in the comments and I’ll fix it. I’ve also updated the blogroll on the right of the page. Development blogs you should be reading To make this pleasingly controversial, I’ve also put them roughly in order, from “must read” at the top to “probably should read”. I’m not going in for that “in no particular order” fence-sitting stuff.

If you want an email whenever this blog is updated, please put your email address in the box top right. Development organisations and think-tanks Here are some blogs from development organisations and think tanks – some of them can err on the wrong side of the blog/flog boundary from time to time. Development podcasts Here are some development-related podcasts. Top 50 Personal Development Bloggers | Personal Development. There are lots of personal development blogs and bloggers in the blogosphere. The numbers can be overwhelming and I decided to compile a list of what I think would be the top 50 personal development bloggers and blogs to share with anyone who is interested in personal growth. Here is the list and happy reading. **Note: Bloggers are not ranked in any particular order 1.

Steve Pavlina Blog: Photo source Quick intro: By giving away his best ideas for free, Steve created one of the most popular personal development websites in the world without spending a dime on marketing or promotion. Steve also has a reputation for conducting unusual growth experiments, the most famous being his polyphasic sleep trial, during which he slept only two hours per day for five and a half months, publicly documenting his results each step of the way. 2. Blog: Photo source His blog is about setting and achieving goals, and the numerous goals that he wants to achieve. 3. 4. 5. 6. The 20 Best Productivity and Personal Development Blogs. One of the things that many freelancers struggle with is that we find it hard to manage time.

No matter how much we wish there were more hours in a day, the fact is that a day is only going to consist of 24 hours. If we can’t straighten our priorities, our productivity level and creativity isn’t going through shine through our work. Having said good bye to 2009, it’s time to take control of our career and get things done, faster and more effectively. We’ve been creating lists of sites that we think will help freelancers learn more. Today we are bringing you a list of some of the best productivity and personal development related blogs on the web. 20 Blogs You Should Read Listed below are some of the best blogs in this particular field. Please note that the list below is not a ranking and the blogs mentioned are in no particular order. GTD Times: GTD Times is the official blog of David Allen and the David Allen Company.

Your Turn to Share Image by chovy. Top Ten Personal Development Sites | Daily PlanIt. Update: I continue to find more great sites and now add them in the sidebar links. Also, I’ve added a page of Personal Development Experts. Here are my personal favorites for personal development: StevePavlina – Personal Development for Smart PeopleScott H Young – Get the most out of your life! Zen Habits – Smile, breathe and go slowlyCraig Harper – a tell-it-like-it-is Aussie CoachPersonal Development Ideas – Dare to discover yourselfThe Change Blog – a community blog on personal changeThe Ripple Revolution– work for positive change with Curt RosengrenManifest Your Potential – Find Your Gifts and Talents, Discover Your Dream Job, Career or BusinessDr.

Updated 1/14 Like this: Like Loading... Top 50 Personal Development Bloggers | Personal Development. 100 Powerful Blogs for Your Self-Improvement. Even the best of us have room to grow. And that’s why we’ve compiled this list of 100 powerful blogs that can help you achieve your goals, learn new skills, become a better parent, and expand your knowledge of the world around you. Read on to take the first step. Achieving Your Goals These bloggers write about turning your dreams into realistic goals. Family Life and Balance These blogs will help you have a more fulfilling family life and create a balance between work, kids and your personal needs. Art and Culture Become more cultured when you read these music, writing and art blogs. Travel Even if you don’t have the budget to travel around the world, you can visit these blogs to expand your knowledge of the cultures and societies far from home, and become inspired to organize your own extreme vacation.

Environment Become a more aware citizen of the world when you pledge to save the environment and care more about green issues. Vocation News and Learning Inspirational Blogs Finance Miscellaneous. 27 Self Improvement Blogs & Resources That Will Change Your Life. Do you want to improve yourself but don’t know where to start from? Do you want to find quality self improvement blogs and resources but don’t want to spend time searching for them? Don’t worry! After months of reading online about self improvement, business, entrepreneurship, personal growth, health, fitness, style and other stuff I have created a swipe file with the most valuable blogs, YouTube channels and websites I have found on the web.

This list of resources is perfect for anyone who wants to dive into self improvement but doesn’t want to spend 1 year until he finds out which websites really offer quality content that can really make your life better. This list of self improvement blogs and resources will be updated continuously. Each time I find a golden gem – a website that provides real value – I will post it here. Start Gaining Momentum Topics: Practical tips on personal development SGM is about: 1.Action-taking, initiative and success 2.Self-education and learning WallStreetPlayboys. 10 Awesome Blogs about Personal Achievement | planetnaveen. In this post, I am listing 10 best personal development blogs on the internet. These blogs have awesome articles about personal growth, productivity and things getting done.

Some blogs offer free e-Books and have personally read those books and found them really informative. Why don’t you check these and benefit from these blogs then? Let me know if I am missing any other blogs. You can always bring them to my notice in the comment section. Here I go. Key Areas: Personal effectiveness, productivity, time management and innovation Author: Donald Latumahina Key Areas: Motivation, Optimism, Self Discipline, Relationships Author: Henrick Edberg Free e-Book: 7 Timeless Habits of Happiness Key Areas: Change your life, Live Your Passion, Online income business Author: Steve Key Areas: Simplicity, Getting Things Done, Life Enrichment Author: Leo Babauta and Guest Writers Free e-Book: Focus Author: Steve Pavlina

The Best 25 Management & Leadership Blogs of 2013. The modern leadership movement is based upon the principle that leaders aren’t born, they’re made. The arts of leadership and management, like all arts and skills, are learned and honed by practice over time no matter where you live: New Mexico, Idaho, Hawaii, Kentucky, Mississippi, doesn’t matter. And one only learns how to practice from others who are farther along than oneself. That’s where blogs can be helpful. Hundreds of experienced leadership coaches and management experts publish their thoughts online.

Because The Best Colleges is a website that focuses on learning, our list of the 25 best leadership and management blogs puts special emphasis on education: blogs that genuinely help the reader understand leadership concepts and how to be a better manager. All Things Workplace – Management and leadership consultant Steve Roesler teaches smart people practical ways to be extraordinary.

John Maxwell on Leadership – Advice on leadership from a legend in leadership development. 7 More Great Persoanl Development Blogs - Warrior Mind Coach - Mental Strength For Self-Mastery, Human Potential And Peak Performance. I love process of personal development and respect any and all that our on the journey of developing their own personal to enhance their personal performance.

I just read a post from Steven Aitchison on his blog “Change Your Thoughts – Change Your life” entitled “50 of the best personal development blogs” Steven does a fantastic job of listing some of the VERY best personal development blogs out there. In addition to Steven’s I like to add 7 more personal development blogs that I have on my iGoogle homepage. I also have them marked in my RSS feed on Flock ( a very cool browse for social networking). I hope you’ll find my list a good addition to Steven’s …here ya go: Darren Hardy Publisher of Success Magazine. Philosopher Notes (Brian Johnson) Inspiring and motivational Jon Gordon Larry Winget Pluginid. 62 Must Read Personal Development And Productivity Blogs | FireAlchemist. Here is a list of some of the best Personal Development and Productivity blogs that I follow and you may be interested in following too: 1.) Marc and Angle Hack Life – Focuses on Practical tips for productive living. Marc and Angel shares Practical thoughts on a broad range of topics pertaining to life, hacks, productivity, aspirations, health, work, tech and general self improvement. 2.) 43 Folders – Finding the time and attention to do your best creative work. 3.) 4.) 5.) 6.) 7.) 8.) 9.) 10.) 11.) 12.) 13.) 14.) 15.) 16.) 17.) 18.) 19.) 20.) 21.) 22.) 23.) 24.) 25.) 26.) 27.) 28.) 29.) 30) Smart Passive Income – A helpful source about Tips, hints, tricks and advices on managing your online business or starting one. 31.) 32.) 33.) 34.) 35.) 36.) 37.) 38.) 39.) 40.) 41.) 42.) 43.) 44.) 45.) 46.) 47.) 48.) 49.) 50.) 51.) 52.) 53.) 54.) 55.) 56.) 57.) 58.) 59.) 60.) 61.) 62.)

100 Powerful Blogs for Your Self-Improvement. 27 Self Improvement Blogs & Resources That Will Change Your Life. 12 Blogs to Follow in 2015... That Actually Give Practical Advice! - Mighty Advice. Chances are good that you have stumbled upon your fair share of feel-good personal development blogs. Many of these blogs look great, have large followings, and each and every one of your posts are designed to make you feel better about yourself. Read these articles a little more closely and you’ll find that they hardly have any substance, and are just designed to keep people reading. This post is for those of you tired of that. There are times when we all need advice or a new perspective. The problem is that so many that offer help end up preaching the same vague “The Secret” or “Law of Attraction” concepts over and over again. I have compiled a list of blogs that are against this, who are committed to providing practical and thought-provoking content.

Start Gaining Momentum Practical self-development. Steve Pavlina Steve Pavlina has been around for a long time and for good reason. PsycholoCrazy A guitar teacher and writer, Jamie does not pull any punches. Riskology Mark Manson Zen Habits. The Top 50 Blogs That Will Unleash Your Motivation. 15 Smart & Fun Blogs that Will Inspire You All Day Long - Real-time chat for online hiring & networking. Best 50 Leadership Blog Sites in 2015. R/TheRedPill. 10 Must-read blogs for productivity junkies | TOPDOX. 10 Best Personal Development Blogs 2012 – White Dove Books. Best Blogs | Accessible Psychology. Top 100 Personal Development Blogs. Best Personal Development Blogs of 2014.

Best Personal Development Blogs and Websites | Juvenate. Optimal Living Daily: Personal Development | Productivity | Minimalism | Growth by Optimal Living Daily. The 20 Best Blogs For Women In Their Twenties | Smart Twenties. Fabulous Female Bloggers Changing the World. Bored With Your Blog? Get Inspired by 4 Fun Bloggers. Fabulous Female Bloggers Changing the World. Personal Development Blogs List | Phil Newton.

25 Personal Development Bloggers to Rock Your World. 10 Best Blogs for Self-Development - Self Thrive. 70 Essential Personal Development Blogs for College Students. 50 Successful Blogs in Every Topic Imaginable. 16 Personal Development Blogs To Watch Out For in 2013 - Dawn of Change. 33 Personal Development Blogs To Read in 2010 - Dragos Roua. 10 Personal Development Blogs That Will Help You Succeed - YouQueen. 10 Best Blogs for Self-Development - Self Thrive. 25 Personal Development Bloggers to Rock Your World. Personal Development Blogs List | Phil Newton.

StumbleUpon. StumbleUpon. 2016’s Top 50 Daily Dose Of Inspiration Blogs. 2016’s Top 50 Daily Dose Of Inspiration Blogs. Self Improvement Directory - The Best Sites Online for Personal Development & Education. 10 Essential Self-Improvement Blogs for Men - How to Beast.

Self Improvement Directory - Mobile Site Preview. Personal Development Sites. 15 Smart & Fun Blogs that Will Inspire You All Day Long - Real-time chat for online hiring & networking. The 100 Best, Most Interesting Blogs and Websites of 2015 – DailyTekk. Best Food, Fitness, and Happiness Blogs to Follow. 2016’s Top 50 Daily Dose Of Inspiration Blogs. 32 Nigerian Inspirational/Personal Development Blogs to Follow in 2016 |Seasoned Life Journal. Bloggers You Should Be Following in 2016. 50 Successful Blogs in Every Topic Imaginable. 20 Tips On Creating Balance: Personal Development Bloggers Weigh In - One Salty Kiss. 100 Women Bloggers You Should Be Reading. 25 Must-Read Personal Development Blogs For Driven Women | Driven Woman. Health/Mental Health/Self-Help. Best 50 Leadership Blog Sites in 2016. Personal Development Blogs List | Phil Newton. 17 Best Blogs on Mindfulness and Personal Growth – Life Goals Mag.

Top 15 Personal Growth Blogs to Follow in 2015. Community Blog. 10 Best Blogs on Mindfulness and Personal Growth | The Sunshine Exchange. Teens Personal - Personal - Bloggeries Blog Directory. Relationships - Personal - Bloggeries Blog Directory. Diary - Personal - Bloggeries Blog Directory. Addictions - Life Experiences - Personal - Bloggeries Blog Directory. Life Experiences - Personal - Bloggeries Blog Directory.

Personal - Bloggeries Blog Directory. Personal - Bloggeries Blog Directory. Personal Blog/Website 2015 | The Webby Awards. 100 Women Bloggers You Should Be Reading. Top 15 Personal Growth Blogs to Follow in 2015. Top 15 Personal Growth Blogs to Follow in 2015. Best Self Blogs on the Web - Blog Catalog. Best Self Blogs on the Web - Blog Catalog. Top Personal Development Blogs 2016. Top Personal Development Blogs 2016. Top Personal Development Blogs - Ranked Blogs. 25 Must-Read Personal Development Blogs For Driven Women | Driven Woman. Top 40 Blogs for Bloggers to Follow in 2015 | Wealthy Gorilla.

Top 40 Blogs for Entrepreneurs in 2016 | Wealthy Gorilla. 17 Best Lifestyle Blogs ... → □ Lifestyle. 32 Nigerian Inspirational/Personal Development Blogs to Follow in 2016 |Seasoned Life Journal. 32 Nigerian Inspirational/Personal Development Blogs to Follow in 2016 |Seasoned Life Journal. The Top 25 Motivational Blogs for 2016 | Wealthy Gorilla. Top 45 Self-Improvement Blogs For Men | Wealthy Gorilla. The 30 Most Inspiring Personal Growth and Development Blogs of 2016. "Someone is staring at you in Personal Growth."