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7 Ideas to Steal from Ikea's Content Strategy. If I were to reveal a hidden talent of mine, I’d say I’m good at assembling Ikea furniture.

7 Ideas to Steal from Ikea's Content Strategy

As most Swedes, I’ve grown up with flat packages and family quarrels around mounting manuals. I’m practically born with a hexagon key in my hand. Therefore, as a devoted brand advocate, I wanted to check out Ikea’s social media strategy; I was curious to know if it is as innovative as their products. Ikea Sweden is not on Twitter. Ikea USA tweets according to a clear content strategy.

I was unpleasantly surprised when I recognized that social media accounts were not specified on Ikea Sweden’s homepage. When asking via the site’s chat function if there is a swedish Ikea Twitter account, the customer service representative didn’t know immediately. At that time, I’d already done the same search. 4 KPI’s om social media succes te meten.

Steeds meer organisaties willen social media inzetten binnen hun marketingstrategie.

4 KPI’s om social media succes te meten

80 nuttige en leuke Twitterapps. De ultieme lijst van Twitteraars met politieke macht en invloed - Technologie. Riding a road bike and wearing lycra at 6am in the morning, dodging trucks and buses doesn’t make sense to a lot of people.

Swimming 40 laps in cold water just to feel alive is often avoided by most because it seems slightly masochistic. Jumping out of planes at 5,000 metres to enjoy a 60 second thrill is only done by a few because for most it is categorized as insanity. As outsiders looking in many activities may seem strange, obscure and to be avoided. Some say it makes sense to pursue these activities because it feels great when you stop and others say it is about the long term benefits. Twitter. Newbie's guide to Twitter.

If you're not using Twitter yet, you may feel as if you've missed out.

Newbie's guide to Twitter

Twitter has not only tipped the tuna, but by some estimations, it has already jumped the shark. Don't be put off by its excessive popularity with SXSW geeks or by the whining of Twitter haters who missed the fun. Twitter is an interesting and practical real-time messaging system for groups and friends. It's just not completely obvious how to get into the "club. " So, here's a newbie's guide to this new platform. Getting the Most Out of Twitter, No Posting Necessary. 100 Ways to Become a Twitter Power User. The Creation of Twitter Best Practices: Round 1. 8 tips hoe je meer kwalitatief goede Twitter volgers krijgt. Wie meer wil doen met Twitter dan gezellig keuvelen met totaal onbekenden besteedt waarschijnlijk regelmatig aandacht aan zijn volgers.

8 tips hoe je meer kwalitatief goede Twitter volgers krijgt

Wie mij vaker leest weet dat ik niet zoveel geef om véél volgers, maar dat mijns inziens de juiste volgers veel belangrijker is. Maar wat zijn de juiste volgers, en als ik dat al weet, hoe kan ik ze dan vinden en hoe zorg ik dat ze me gaan volgen? Hieronder enkele tips en tools die je daarbij kunnen helpen. Allereerst de gebruikelijke disclaimer, wij proberen je nooit te zeggen hoe iets moet, maar willen je wel helpen bij hoe iets kan. 100 Social media resources and people that you simply have to follow. Your Twitter timeline is the main source of information that many of us rely on.

100 Social media resources and people that you simply have to follow

There are some great listing tools out there like Wefollow and even Twitter itself is getting better at listing people but to be honest the real gems are the people you know and follow yourself. Our own main way of discovering people has always been by following conversations but we always have that nagging feeling that you are missing lots of great information by simply not having enough time to filter through all the best people to follow. We thought with the new follow button that Twitter introduced a couple of weeks ago that it would be great to make a quality list of 100 people that you can easily add to your Twitter timeline and give it a real injection of social media. These are all the people we follow and are a huge source of the information we get so hopefully you'll find the list useful...

Thought Leaders Robert Scoble Latest Blog post Gary Vaynerchuk Latest blog post Jeremiah Owyang Latest blog post. Innovation Twitter List by Braden Kelley on Listorious. De leukste Belgische Twitter accounts op een rijtje. We hadden het eerder al over Twitter, de doodsimpele dienst die toelaat in zeer korte updates aan iedereen (of enkel uw vrienden) te laten weten waar u op dat eigenste moment feitelijk mee bezig bent, via het web, instant messaging of per SMS.

De leukste Belgische Twitter accounts op een rijtje

We gaan u niet vervelen met een lofzang, maar willen u een aantal Belgische initiatieven leren kennen die u misschien zouden kunnen overwegen om de al te vaak onterecht als nutteloos bestempelde dienst uit te proberen. Het weer @weerman ("elke dag de heetste weerweetjes") @BelgianWeather (door mezelf aangemaakt, Engelstalige updates over het weer in Antwerpen, Brussel, Luik en Gent) Muziek. Infographic Of The Day: 3-D Model Unlocks Secrets Of Twitterverse [Video] Up in the cloud-piercing reaches of the New York Times Building, Jer Thorp is breezing through the particulars of a grand experiment in data visualization, one designed to unpack the mysteries of social media for the Times and, potentially, newspapers everywhere. It’s ambitious stuff. But right now, what the experiment looks like, projected on a screen in the crisp white hallway of the R&D department on the 28th floor, is a giant galaxy of tweeting rabbis. You’ve got @RabbiRuth, @RabbiGoldberg, and @velveteenrabbi (cute) speckled like intergalactic dust around rings that turn the Twitterverse into a stunning 3-D representation.

The users are responding to a Times story by Paul Vitello about priest and pastor burnout. What you see here is a visualization of how the story has spread through one corner of Twitter, on a granular level (@RabbiGoldberg: “Another reason to take it easy on your rabbi”) and at a galactic scale. The tool lets you explore the data from various perspectives.