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Forget "Mad Men"--Now Is The Golden Era For Advertising. Oftentimes when people ask me what I do for a living and I tell them I work in advertising, they ask, “Don’t you wish you got to be an ad man in the golden era, like on Mad Men?”

Forget "Mad Men"--Now Is The Golden Era For Advertising

I usually smile and respond with “What makes you think the golden era was 40 years ago? We are living in the golden era right now--the most exciting and unpredictable time in marketing history. " We are witnessing a complete social transformation. The entire industry has been flipped on its head. So what’s changed? Bored Panda - the only magazine for Pandas. Brandflakesforbreakfast. Makin' Ads. Art Institute of Chicago Red Cube Project: Home Page. I Believe in Advertising | ONLY SELECTED ADVERTISING | Advertisi.

Het dagboek van Jens Mortier. ,,Onze bestaansreden is aantonen dat creativiteit werkt.''

Het dagboek van Jens Mortier

Jens Mortier drukte dit jaar met zijn nieuwe bureau Mortierbrigade een stevige stempel op de reclame-actualiteit. Januari.


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