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Forget "Mad Men"--Now Is The Golden Era For Advertising Oftentimes when people ask me what I do for a living and I tell them I work in advertising, they ask, “Don’t you wish you got to be an ad man in the golden era, like on Mad Men?” I usually smile and respond with “What makes you think the golden era was 40 years ago? We are living in the golden era right now--the most exciting and unpredictable time in marketing history." We are witnessing a complete social transformation. The entire industry has been flipped on its head. So what’s changed? Forget "Mad Men"--Now Is The Golden Era For Advertising

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Breathtaking Driftwood Horse Sculptures by James Doran-Webb The raw spirit and freedom that wild horses represent to us have been captured perfectly in sculptor James Doran-Webb’s breathtaking driftwood horse pieces. The driftwood’s seemingly fluid forms, carved by the waves, lend themselves perfectly to the galloping horses’ features. The beautiful and emotional pieces took 1,000-3,000 hours for James and a team of craftsmen to complete. {More»} Self-Taught Artist Creates Fairytale Flora And Fauna From Vintage Fabrics Bored Panda - the only magazine for Pandas
brandflakesforbreakfast Thursday, April 10, 2014verdict: bank of america sucks Not that this is any surprise, but it turns out Bank of America is shady. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is making BoA pay out $727 million dollars because they lied in their marketing around their credit card add-ons according to Consumerist. They illegally charged 1.9 million people.


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My mother corrects my grammar. Still. If I send an email and incorrectly use I as an object, she will let me know (I did the other day, and she let me know about it). Makin' Ads
Welcome to the Red Cube Project This city-wide art project supports 500 Ways of Looking at Modern , the Art Institute’s yearlong exploration and celebration of all things modern. There are 500 cubes scattered around Chicago, each with its own art project. Art Institute of Chicago Red Cube Project: Home Page Art Institute of Chicago Red Cube Project: Home Page
,,Onze bestaansreden is aantonen dat creativiteit werkt.'' Jens Mortier drukte dit jaar met zijn nieuwe bureau Mortierbrigade een stevige stempel op de reclame-actualiteit. Januari Het dagboek van Jens Mortier Het dagboek van Jens Mortier


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