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Make Your Own Luck. 20 Life Lessons A Wise Man Would Share. Top five regrets of the dying. There was no mention of more sex or bungee jumps.

Top five regrets of the dying

A palliative nurse who has counselled the dying in their last days has revealed the most common regrets we have at the end of our lives. And among the top, from men in particular, is 'I wish I hadn't worked so hard'. Bronnie Ware is an Australian nurse who spent several years working in palliative care, caring for patients in the last 12 weeks of their lives. The Holstee Manifesto Poster - "This is your life". 101 Most Inspiring Quotes of All Time. By Celes on Jun 16, 2009 | ShareThis Email This Post This is volume 1 of the 101 Most Inspiring Quotes of All Time Series.

101 Most Inspiring Quotes of All Time

Volume 1 Quotes: Inspirational quotes on Life, Purpose, Past/Present/Future, Dreams & Passion, Goals, Hard Work, Change, Truth & Honesty, Imagination & CreativityVolume 2 Quotes: Inspirational quotes on Confidence & Personal Power, Courage & Fear, Obstacles, Failure & SuccessVolume 3 Quotes: Inspirational quotes on Taking Action, Planning, Persistence, Time Management & Productivity, Wealth, Money & Finance, Happiness & Emotional Mastery, LoveVolume 4 Quotes: Inspirational quotes on Learning & Growth, Attitudes & Mindsets, Responsibility, Gratitude & Kindness, Friendship, Leadership, Helping Others, People & The World.

The Style Guy's Guide to Friendship, Schmoozing, and Social Advancement: The Style Guy. Life is a euphemism for social climbing.

The Style Guy's Guide to Friendship, Schmoozing, and Social Advancement: The Style Guy

There's no shame in deliberately scaling the social ladder. That's evolution. Lifehacker, tips and downloads for getting things done. The 100 Best Lifehacks of 2010: The Year in Review. Happy New Year everyone!

The 100 Best Lifehacks of 2010: The Year in Review

It’s the first week of 2011 and many of us are getting ready to kick off the brand new year with a big bang. As we start off 2011 with our new resolutions and goals, let us now look back at the best posts at Lifehack in the past year. In this review post, I have gathered 100 of the best LifeHack articles in 2010. These articles have been selected based on your votes and how much YOU have talked about them in social media (Facebook and Twitter).

I have categorized these 100 articles into 11 main categories of Overall Personal Growth, Maximizing Productivity & GTD, Lifestyle & Habits, Inspiration & Motivation, Goal Achievement & Success, Emotional Mastery, People Skills & Relationships, Communications & Writing, Business & Career, Creativity & Inspiration, Family and Miscellaneous. Lifehacks. 100 Tips to Improve Your Life. How To Recover From 10 Types of Demotivation. Zen Apps: Desktop Tools to Organize Your Brain. Great believers in the power of organization to drive productive creativity, we’re always on the look out for new (and preferably free) tech applications that can help us stay on track, improve focus, or just waste less time on the unimportant stuff.

Zen Apps: Desktop Tools to Organize Your Brain

Here, we run down a few recent faves that are helping us magnify our ability to make ideas happen: Evernote. A one-stop system for visual filing. Recently, I decided to completely digitize my personal files using Evernote. Receipts, medical files, and old business plans have all been imported into notebooks, while my myriad of magazine pulls have been similarly organized into a quickly accessible visual database (that’s entirely personalized). Pathfinder.A turbo-charged version of the regular Mac finder. The Pomodoro Technique™ The Time Hack. The Time Hack is an experiment aimed at exploring whether our perception of time is influenced by our actions.

The Time Hack

The year-long project aims to test whether time itself is flexible and whether our brains measure time differently than the clocks around us. Research suggests a person’s perception of how much time has passed between two points and how well memories are recorded onto an individual’s brain are partially dependent on the amount of new experiences that person has during any given day.

29 Semi-Productive Things I Do Online When I’m Trying to Avoid R. You don’t always have to work hard to be productive.

29 Semi-Productive Things I Do Online When I’m Trying to Avoid R

Productivity can simply be the side effect of doing the right things. So here’s a list of 29 semi-productive things I do online when my mind is set on avoiding ‘real work.’ Check delicious popular tags like ‘useful,’ ‘tutorials,’ ‘tips,’ ‘howto,’ ‘advice,’ ‘entrepreneurship,’ etc. for interesting, educational articles to read.Watch one of the thousands of educational videos streaming at, Academic Earth and Teacher Tube.Read an online book list and find a new book to grab next time I’m at the library.

7 Habits of Highly Ineffective People. With a twist to the common list of habits that are useful to establish, here are 7 habits that you do best to avoid.

7 Habits of Highly Ineffective People

Just like finding habits that can be useful for you it’s important to find habits that are holding you back. The Personal Excellence Blog. Gel conference: exploring good experience. Auto-Tune the News #2: pirates. drugs. gay marriage. Small-change-project. Unboxed - If You’re Open to Growth, You Tend to Grow. Facebook's Ben Barry On How To Hack Your Job. Design Your Own Profession - Anne-Marie Slaughter. By Anne-Marie Slaughter | 9:25 AM December 22, 2011 The world is coming apart in many interesting ways.

Design Your Own Profession - Anne-Marie Slaughter

I recently bought an iPad. After using it for a few days I bought a wireless keyboard. A week later I bought a case that puts the iPad in one half and the keyboard in the other. Presto! A similar phenomenon is happening with traditional professions. Is happiness at work a 'dirty' word? Productive Flourishing. Self-Image Is The Key To Success In Business And In Life. “There are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge.

Self-Image Is The Key To Success In Business And In Life

"--Napoleon Hill It has been conclusively demonstrated that individuals who expect to succeed at a given venture are more likely to do so than those who expect to fail. Positive expectations work as a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy--those who expect to succeed are more likely to do so, thus maintaining and reinforcing their expectation for success.

Today, we are going to take this analysis one step further and address the underlying cause of these expectations. The expectations we have for ourselves are largely determined by our self-image. If you consider yourself a slow learner, chances are you will remain so. If you believe that you cannot learn a foreign language, you aren’t likely to do so. The 5As of Actualization. First we make our habits, then our habits make us. – Charles C. Noble One of the most effective ways to actualize your own potential and goals is to form habits and routines that make the actualization (almost) automatic. We see reflections of this observation in the works of Aristotle and Lao Tzu from millennia ago on through the works of contemporary thinkers such as Stephen Covey and the Dalai Lama.

At a certain point, habits allow you to reach the optimal state of achieving without trying to achieve. The Bottom-line Bookclub. Tim Ferriss: Smash fear, learn anything. Cold Remedy: 18 Real-World Lifestyle Design Case Studies (Now It’s Your Turn) If not in 2010, then when? (Photo: jphilipson) The video case studies that I asked for in the last post really caught me unprepared. I…am…so happy that it’s hard to put it into words. How to Listen to Music: A Vintage Guide to the 7 Essential Skills. By Maria Popova “Respond esthetically to all sounds, from the hum of the refrigerator motor or the paddling of oars on a lake, to the tones of a cello or muted trumpet.”

Music has a powerful grip on our emotional brain.