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With 300 million views since we started posting video in 2006, TEDTalks have become a powerful cultural force. But it all starts with a single person on a stage … At TED2010, we sent a video crew to follow two speakers as they prepared to give the talk of their lives. One, the artist Raghava KK, had never spoken at TED before. The other, Sir Ken Robinson, in 2006 gave one of the most emailed TEDTalks of all time; this was his first time speaking at TED since then. Behind the TEDTalk: New mini documentary starring Sir Ken and Raghava KK Behind the TEDTalk: New mini documentary starring Sir Ken and Raghava KK
Engineering the 10 000-Year Clock Engineering the 10 000-Year Clock The year is 12011. Two hikers cut through a stretch of cactus-filled desert outside what was once the small town of Van Horn, near the Mexican border, in West Texas. After walking for the better part of a day under a relentless sun, they struggle up a craggy limestone ridge. Finally they come to an opening in the rock, the mouth of what appears to be a long, deep tunnel. As they head into the shadows, not quite knowing where the tunnel will lead, the sudden darkness and the drop in temperature startle their senses. After a few minutes the hikers reach a cool chamber dimly lit from above.
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100+ pounds lost on The Slow-Carb Diet®. If you want to lose fat in 2014, how about we do it together? I need to work off some Danish butter cookies. Last year, the Lift team helped me test The Slow-Carb Diet® with 3,500 readers. The result: 84% of people lost weight and the average weight loss was 8.6 pounds over four weeks. The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss
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