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Paula Scher gets serious.


Typography. Vintage Design. 99 Graphic Design Resources. Posted on 25'08 Feb Posted on February 25, 2008 along with 447 JUST™ Creative Comments Below is a list of 99+ graphic design resources, in English and (and a few other languages), that all designers must know about.

99 Graphic Design Resources

It is sorted by category (click to go to category): For more resources you can check out the 101 Places To Get Design Inspiration. Also don’t forget to subscribe for more graphic design resources. 1 Spunk United An excellent magazine with a selection of the worlds best artists providing inspiration, interviews, articles and more. 2 FreeLance Switch (No longer active) The community site of reference for all freelances. 3 Computer Arts The site of the excellent international magazine Computer Arts. 4 David Airey A graphic and logo designer who shares his knowledge on these areas. 5 Behance A site gathering the portfolios of the artists of the whole world, a true inspiration. 6 Pdf Mags References all the PDF mags out there!

7 Graphic Design Forum (no longer running). 8 Design Is Kinky. Chicha Power. India’s Incredibly Cool Hand-Drawn Movie Posters. Ramachandraiah prints movie posters for a living. He’s done it ever since 1971, when he bought an ancient lithograph press. He keeps it in a factory north of Bangalore, far from the English town where it was built 111 years ago. Most movie posters here are lavish. They’re digitally-printed, full-color, and reach up to 30 feet long. Ramachandraiah’s posters aren’t. His are five-color, hand-drawn, and measure just 20 inches by 30 inches. In his small store-front, filled with shrines to a famous Kannada actor, Ramachandraiah sat me down with a tiny cup of coffee, and plucked two biscuits from a package. “You must dip them,” he said, miming a biccie-dunk. It had taken me a month to track his shop down. I wanted copies of the posters — all of them — especially the American ones.

But more than that, I wanted my own poster. “Okay, okay, drink your coffee,” he said. Outside on the sidewalk, the artist Raju set aside the poster he’d just finished for a Hindi-dubbed 3D run of Underworld: Awakening. PERU MODERNO. 50 Beautiful Business Card Designs. By Janos Racz Long gone the days when you simply handed over a white piece of paper with your name and contact info on it to potential clients.

50 Beautiful Business Card Designs

Nowadays, who do you think clients will call first, the guy with his name on a sheet of paper or this other one with her name engraved in this colorful plastic wonder? And what’s that? A little magnifying glass and a free sample of her product? This is too good to be true! You get the idea, right? This is good news to designers, since it’s yet another opportunity to come up with new creative ideas to present corporate identities or market themselves, and it’s also good news to everyone else, since having stylish, beautiful business cards is a great way to express your uniqueness and maybe even get an edge over the competition.

In this collection we present 50 beautiful business card designs for inspiration, we hope they’ll give you some ideas and inspiration for your next design project! Business Card by XtrDesign Brandcore corporate by digitalAM . . .