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The Science Of Cool. Take a look at the two water bottles below.

The Science Of Cool

The one on the left is pretty much your standard water bottle design: tall, clear, probably crinkly. The one on the right feels a bit less conventional, with its sleek aluminum shell shaped like an Erlenmeyer flask. In a survey of which is cooler, the bottle on the right would win right away, though both bottles serve the very same function. So what is it, exactly, that makes one design cooler than another? The difference is surprisingly tough to articulate. A lot more, actually. First, cool is a social perception, not an inherent quality. It's this fourth trait—the unconventionality of cool—that seems to be the key. Recently, marketing scholars Caleb Warren and Margaret C. "Being cool requires a very delicate balance of doing something that shows that you go your own way and do your own thing, but you do it in a way that is socially desirable or at least acceptable," Warren tells Co.Design.

TrendPolaroids. Culture spy : trendspotting discussion guide and lesson plan. The Merchants Of Cool. 15 Ways the Internet Changed Marketing. Of all the inventions in the last 50 years, few have changed the world as much as the Internet.

15 Ways the Internet Changed Marketing

Destroying mail, books, television and dignity, life has changed much thanks to our electronic friend. Here are 15 ways, for better or for worse, the Internet has changed marketing. Write a great book and no one may read it. Direct an amazing play and few people may see it. Hit yourself with a hammer and put it on YouTube? Image Source You’d probably rarely visit a store that sold only Old Spice or only one kind of beer, but thanks the Internet tubes, product websites are a reality. Image Source Why drone on and on about your product, when you can get one of the customers to do it for you? Image Source Spam is the scourge of the Inbox, but it also works. Image Source Want 500 million potential new customers? How The Internet Changed Marketing Forever an article by Jay Neuman. Annals of Style: THE COOLHUNT. ANNALS OF STYLE about fashion-trend coolhunters DeeDee Gordon and Baysie Wightman...

Annals of Style: THE COOLHUNT

Baysie Wightman met DeeDee Gordon, appropriately enough, on a coolhunt. It was 1992. Baysie was a big shot for Converse, and DeeDee, who was barely twenty-one, was running a very cool boutique called Placid Planet, on Newbury Street in Boston. Baysie came in with a camera crew--one she often used whenever she was coolhunting--and said, "I've been watching your store, I've seen you, I've heard you know what's up," because it was Baysie's job at Converse to find people who knew what was up and she thought DeeDee was one of those people...

Cool Hunting. ‪Youthwatching '09‬‏ A Point of View: Embarrassing parents and the teenage truth. 10 June 2012Last updated at 00:06 GMT All parents are destined to be ridiculous, embarrassing or annoying, warns Adam Gopnik.

A Point of View: Embarrassing parents and the teenage truth

Recently in America, nothing has been argued about more, or more vociferously, than child-rearing methods. As though such a thing existed. One might as well talk about wolf-watching methods. They do it to you, you don't do it to them. You may have heard, for instance, of the self-proclaimed "Tiger Mom" - that Asian mother who boasted of pushing her kids brutally through school and towards success - though surely the memoir of the Tiger Cub will be the one to read.

The real truth about teenage or adolescent kids is simple though, and I will announce it here. It will sometimes be expressed in a tone of pitying condescension, and sometimes in one of exasperated wrath; you can tell depending on whether the modifier or the noun is stressed: "Dad, you are so weird," is almost affectionate, while "Dad, you are so weird," is close to hostile.

"That's your dad? " "Trust me. Rookie. België. Trend Watching Tips for Upstart Coolhunters. Japan Subculture Research Center. Posted by jakeadelstein on August 22, 2012 · 7 Comments it’s hard to ignore more than 20,000 anti-nuclear protesters at your front door. A tattooed female artist and a soft-spoken white collar worker have joined with thousands of others to become a voice of opposition that the ruling powers of Japan must reckon with.

Posted by jakeadelstein on August 15, 2012 · 11 Comments The “bon” in O-bon (盆) itself refers to the vessels (plates, bowls, tupperware etc) in which offerings are placed for the spirits of the deceased. The physical bowl has come to refer to the holiday or the period where the holiday is celebrated in modern lingo. Posted by jakeadelstein on August 8, 2012 · 2 Comments The National Police Agency 2012 Edition of the annual White Paper on Crime hit bookstores last week with details of Japan’s shocking plan to raise the number of women in the police force from 6.8% to a stunning 10% by 2023. Posted by Nathalie-Kyoko Stucky on June 13, 2012 · 1 Comment.