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Simply Infused Water. Let’s take water to another level, with Simply Infused Water.

Simply Infused Water

Infuse it with fresh fruit, fragrant fresh herbs and spices. The warmer months are approaching (well at least here in Nashville), for some of you it’s been warmer for a while now or soon approaching for the rest of you; either way hydration is of utmost importance. Mother nature has a strong presence and voice in the spring and summer time as we’re always called outside to play, be more active, enjoy the wind, feel the sunshine, appreciate nature and the etherial qualities of blooming flowers and plants, and all the amazing outdoor activities with loved ones!

Engaging in these activities and naturally moving more requires more fluids and keeping ourselves hydrated. This is where the most important beverage of all comes into play, water! Following the above comment, I all to often hear of individuals drinking “natural” waters, infused with “fruit” and “vitamins” , or even flavor droppers.

Infused Water Ingredients | Fruit | Perfect drinks made with Thomas Henry. Restaurant Chantecler. Literary Drinks: 10 Famous Fiction Writers and Their Cocktails. I recently came across a 2006 NPR article on famous fiction writers and their signature drinks, which sent me down a rabbit hole looking back at the history of this pairing.

Literary Drinks: 10 Famous Fiction Writers and Their Cocktails

In celebration of Cocktail Week on The Kitchn, here are 10 writers and the boozy concoctions they drank and wrote about. Ernest Hemingway: The Mojito - Hemingway is associated with a number of cocktails (he was, after all, a heavy drinker), but none more so than the Mojito. According to Hemingway & Bailey's Bartending Guide, the mojito was invented at La Bodeguita del Medio in Havana, Cuba, where Hemingway drank them. Kitchn Post: Icy Cool Green Tea Mojitos "My mojito in the Bodeguita del Medio and my daiquiri in the Floridita. " - Ernest Hemingway, a signed quote hung on the wall of La Bodeguita del Medio in Havana, Cuba F.

Raymond Chandler: The Gimlet - The gimlet didn't catch on in America until Chandler's detective Philip Marlowe introduced it in The Long Goodbye. Edna St. Readers, what's your cocktail of choice? — Drink fabulous! Mister Cocktail. Dirty Martini recipe. More comments Reinvent Dirty Martini posted by Mike Button @ 04:44AM, 2/09/07 Without knowing the historical background, I mixed this drink in 1968. Most of the time I omit the vermouth and replace that with olive juice. Of course I put a lot more olives in it. Definition & recipe I looked for posted by Iseult @ 09:41AM, 3/20/07 Ugh, sounds disgusting; not at all what I expected. Shaking gin posted by mixologist diva @ 09:38PM, 5/05/07 You should never shake gin.... Olive and Vodka posted by Jen @ 05:19PM, 5/29/07 Much better with ice cold vodka and lots of olive juice and olives. Dirty = covering up cheap liquor posted by junipero @ 03:41AM, 6/04/07 The purpose of a "dirty" martini is to cover up the stench of cheap liquor.

Dirty Martinis posted by Aaron Burr @ 08:10PM, 6/16/07 Dirty martinis are one of the most complex and unique drinks. Additionally, dirty martinis are traditionally made with gin, not vodka. You should always shake gin. The GQ See Mix Drink Cocktail Guide: Wine + Cocktails. Exclusieve Gins & Tonic online kopen.