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Walkouts are welcome

Saturday in Puerto Rico 108 days after Maria reports: *73% power generation *55% of island has electricity *298 survivors remain… Cheers to a new year. Flint still has toxic water, nearly half of Puerto Rico is still without electricity and water, school kids in Baltimore freezing in classro… Make no mistake, this is blood on the hands of the US, UK, Saudi Arabia, and UAE: Yemen could be the worst humanitarian crisis in 50 years,… Dear Humanity, Climate change threatens our very existence. If we don't act soon there'll be catastrophic biodiversity loss and untold am… Two new studies show global warming is making oceans sicker, depleting them of oxygen and harming delicate coral reefs more often.… My 2018 list of wants is long- people to not worry about how they will feed their families, the threat of nuclear war not looming daily, bet…