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This Reading Mama - a developmental approach to literacy. Empowering Teachers. The Questions to Guide Instruction have been developed to help you learn more about the needs of your students and to guide your instruction with specific groups and/or individual students.

Empowering Teachers

The questions are specific to each grade level and reading component. After you select a grade level, a list of reading components will appear with these interactive features: "Help me decide” - Sample tasks to help you determine if the student has mastered a specific reading skill. “Yes” and “No” - You can check next to “Yes” or “No.” Your mark will remain on the screen as a visual reminder until you select “Reset.” A community of readers. Watch. Connect. Read. Pamallyn. Ripper Reading Resources - Rigorous Teaching Resources for Higher Order Thinking: The 4H reading strategy - an innovation on QAR + a freebie :) I just love the 4H reading strategy and have found it is much easier for students, than the language of Question, Answer, Relationships (QAR) by Taffy Raphael.

Ripper Reading Resources - Rigorous Teaching Resources for Higher Order Thinking: The 4H reading strategy - an innovation on QAR + a freebie :)

The 4H strategy is really simple - is the answer literal, right here in the text? Is the answer hidden, do I need to think and search? Is the answer my own opinion or based on my past experience; so is it in my head? Or, is the answer how I feel and therefore in my heart? The Here, Hidden, Head and Heart (4Hs) strategy is an adaption of Question Answer Relationships - QAR (Taffy Raphael) and Three Level Guides. I have created several resources (including freebies) using the 4H strategy that you can check out in my TPT store.

Click on the images below to find out more... Video Resources - MSV Cues - Parent Literacy Partners. Empowering Leaders 300 Words at a Time. Reflections on Leadership and Learning. I have written about questions before (related to curiosity and tough concepts).

Reflections on Leadership and Learning

Today I am reflecting on how we as teachers, coaches, and leaders (my favorite roles, along with learners!) Use questioning as a strategy to facilitate learning. I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with some stellar teachers, facilitated by a consultant who was helping us navigate through an inquiry process with our students. From the beginning of the experience, the teachers were asking the consultant and I (when I worked in their classrooms) , “Can you give me a list of questions to ask during this small group support time?” “What should I ask students to push them forward?” I scripted the entire demo lesson so I could capture the questions the consultant asked. Immediately following the demo, each of the teachers (and coaches and leaders like myself) in the room, had the opportunity to work with a small group of students in the room.

. – Take out your notes. – Let’s read our notes together. Literacy Loving Gals. Turkey Feathers- Multisensory Monday - Think Ready Read. Hi everyone, Welcome to Multisensory Monday and Happy Thanksgiving!

Turkey Feathers- Multisensory Monday - Think Ready Read

In honor of the upcoming holiday, today’s activity is a cute way to combine dictation with a classic turkey coloring page. I suggest teaching ur with this activity because the Phonics First keyword for ur is turkey (Layer 3 Lesson 27). As with most of my multisensory activities, however, you can use the same idea with any lesson or any dictation words your students are working on. You could use this for Thanksgiving themed vocabulary or spelling words as well. Turkey Feathers You’ll need the basics for this activity: construction paper, scissors, glue and a turkey print-out. I used this printable cut-and-glue turkey, but any sort of turkey coloring page will work. Anyone else out there save construction paper scraps? First, you or your students will need to cut feathers out of the construction paper. Nonfiction Text Structures/Nonfiction Teaching/Mentor Texts. Teaching NONFICTION Text Structures This page will suggest ways to teach nonfiction reading comprehension and expository writing through teaching nonfiction text structures.

Nonfiction Text Structures/Nonfiction Teaching/Mentor Texts

Please refer to the Reasons for the Strategies page to learn more about teaching nonfiction text features. Timothy Rasinski, Ph.D. - Bio. Appletastic: Blossoming in Fifth Grade. Learning Farm. Videos, Common Core Resources And Lesson Plans For Teachers: Teaching Channel.


Firsthand: Units of Study for Teaching Writing, Grade by Grade. The Reading Strategies Book by Jen Serravallo. A Very Brief Introduction to Principles, Research, and Theory, and How to Use This Book When I showed an early draft of this book to a colleague, she remarked, "It's like you're making a reading teacher's version of Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything!

The Reading Strategies Book by Jen Serravallo

" (2008) I could see the analogy-this is a book of "reading recipes" in a way. A clear, concise cookbook is a great model for what on-the-go teachers might need to pick and choose strategies, to target what each reader needs, and to support their differentiated instruction. You might wonder why I decided to write this book, now. Part of the inspiration came from emails, tweets, and in-person requests from the readers of some of my other Heinemann books. And I get it-why create your own recipe for beef bourguignon when one already exists? So, much like Bittman just said, "Here's what I know, go to town," I'm trying to give the strategies I rely on most often over to you all.

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