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Solaqua draws on the sun to provide safe drinking water. June 3, 2009 While clean, safe water is in short supply in much of Africa, there's no shortage of sun.

Solaqua draws on the sun to provide safe drinking water

The Solaqua is a nifty portable device that uses the sun's rays to purify contaminated water. SODIS METHOD. Water can be disinfected and in this way made drinkable using the rays of the sun.


"Solar water disinfection" - SODIS for short - thus offers a solution for preventing diarrhoea, one of the most common causes of death among people in developing countries. Clean drinking water in 6 hours The SODIS method is ideal for treating water for drinking in developing countries. Student-designed Solarball creates drinkable water. The Solarball is a student-designed device that creates clean drinking water through evaporation and condensation (All photos courtesy Monash University) Image Gallery (3 images) When he set out on a trip to Cambodia in 2008, Industrial Design student Jonathan Liow had no idea it was going to be a life-changing experience.

Student-designed Solarball creates drinkable water

Upon seeing the poverty and poor living conditions in that country, however, he decided that he wanted to build things that could help people. SOLARBALL / Water Purifier - Jon Liow. SOLARBALL / Water Purifier Dyson Award finalist; Featured on ABC, CNN and BBC.

SOLARBALL / Water Purifier - Jon Liow

Currently on display in the ROCA Gallery, London Water. Neu Medical Journal » Bacterial Colonization of Bar Soaps and Liquid Soaps in Hospital Environments. Bacterial Colonization of Bar Soaps and Liquid Soaps in Hospital Environments Güneş Şenol1,4, Aydan Çakan2,4, Rıfat Özacar3 MD;Department of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases1 MD, 3 MD, Ass.Prof.; Department of Respiratory Medicine2 Infectious Control Committee4 Dr.

Neu Medical Journal » Bacterial Colonization of Bar Soaps and Liquid Soaps in Hospital Environments

Suat Seren Chest Diseases and Surgery Training and Research Hospital, Yenisehir, 35110, Izmir, TR. Shibboleth Authentication Request. The effect of soap distribution on diarrhoea: Nyamithuthu Refugee Camp. Communicable diseases in complex emergencies: impact and challenges : The Lancet. Communicable diseases, alone or in combination with malnutrition, account for most deaths in complex emergencies.

Communicable diseases in complex emergencies: impact and challenges : The Lancet

Factors promoting disease transmission interact synergistically leading to high incidence rates of diarrhoea, respiratory infection, malaria, and measles. Sign In. 0060001. 1469-7610.00471. PETCO. Recycled Plastic Bottle House Built in Nigeria. Quenching the Thirst - How Packaged Drinking Water Has Become Big Business in Africa. Why is drinking water such a big deal?

Quenching the Thirst - How Packaged Drinking Water Has Become Big Business in Africa

If drinking water seems ‘ordinary’ or ‘common’ to you, it is likely you may have been taking this precious resource for granted. For starters, water makes up nearly 70 percent of the human body. Everything inside us – blood, muscles, organs and bones – contain water and will not function at all in its absence. In fact, a human being may last a whole month without any food, but without water, it would be a miracle if you last beyond a week. Of all our daily needs – food, shelter, electricity and health – safe drinking water is arguably the most important. Plastic Bottles Trash Generates 26 000 Jobs. Plastic Bottles Trash Generates 26 000 Jobs Recycling PET, the plastic used to manufacture beverage bottles as well as many food containers, has helped generate almost 26 000 indirect jobs, and the plastics recycling industry can reduce poverty across South Africa and contribute to GDP growth.

Plastic Bottles Trash Generates 26 000 Jobs

This is the upbeat message from the CEO of PETCO, Cheri Scholtz, on the second day of the South African National Bottled Water Association’s Conference in Midrand, Gauteng. PETCO is the industry organisation responsible for PET recycling in South Africa. In a presentation entitled “PET Recycling in South Africa – Plastic Bottles are not Trash”, Scholtz informed delegates that PETCO and its recycling initiatives have become a global benchmark for extended producer responsibility because of its success to bale-by-bale, year-by-year, reduce the volume of post-consumer PET plastic in the waste stream.

For further information about SANBWA and the conference go to ends. GHANA: Government declares recycling war on plastic waste. Recycling heralded as the way to eliminate plastic waste ACCRA, 21 July 2004 (IRIN) - Drinking water in Ghana comes in plastic bags not bottles.

GHANA: Government declares recycling war on plastic waste

And these bags are the bane of Korkor Ocansey's life. Ocansey owns a fabric store in the business district of the capital Accra, and has had enough of the discarded plastic sachets which clog her gutters. "The water sachets are a menace," she told IRIN on Wednesday. "Even the slightest bit of rain directs the flow of water into the store. Luckily for Ocansey, help is at hand. Rethinking plastics: Role of policies in resolving East Africa’s waste - Special Reports. At the Kampala Capital City Authority’s refuse dumpsite in Kiteezi, some 14 kilometres north of the CBD, men and women pick through the garbage alongside the ubiquitous marabou storks.

Rethinking plastics: Role of policies in resolving East Africa’s waste - Special Reports

They are gathering plastic waste to sell to recyclers. Called “scavengers” in the local plastics industry, these men and women make Ush150 ($0.561) per kilogramme of plastic waste they sell to contract collectors. The collectors earn Ush700 ($0.262) for every kilogramme they deliver to recyclers. This business chain also includes washers and transporters. This scene is replicated around the region, creating an industry that employs thousands of people. But while this waste is a source of livelihood to some, to activists it is an environmental and health hazard.

For regional governments, the clash between policy, business and public interests remains a huge challenge. But environmental regulators in East Africa want plastics banned due to their negative impact on soils and natural ecosystems. Search. Public Health in Emergencies. Oxfam is widely known for its public health work in emergencies. The rapid supply of clean water to populations displaced from their own homes is vital, and Oxfam has particular expertise in this area.

WASH. Oxfam aims to address the disparity in water and sanitation coverage that exists - nearly 800 million people lack access to water and 2.5 billion to sanitation. In 35 countries we are working on projects that integrate sustainable and local innovation to meet the needs of the poorest. Latrine leaders in Dadaab refugee camp. At a camp in Haiti, families long for a new start – and land to call their own. For the 89 families crowded into tents on a strip of land in Gressier, an hour’s drive outside of Haiti’s capital of Port-au-Prince, uncertainty has become the daily constant in their lives. Will they be forced off this rocky plot? Will they have to move again—for the fourth time since a massive earthquake destroyed their homes? Where else could they possibly go? “The biggest problem is the land,” says Clairin Webert, a sea of white tents billowing behind him. “Some people wake up at night crying because they don’t know what they’re going to do, where they’ll go.”

Emergencysanitationproject.wikispaces. Oxfam calls for innovative new ideas in toilet challenge. Oxfam is challenging designers, manufacturers and inventors to develop new, innovative ideas for toilets that can be used in emergency situations and save lives in disasters across the world. The charity is offering the chance to get involved in their 'Design a Bog Day' in Oxford on 13 September and create the emergency sanitation kit of the future with grants totalling £80,000 available to further develop ideas after the event. Tippy Tap, a cheaper, more hygienic, more durable hand washing station. Printer-friendly version The Tippy Tap is a simple device for hand washing with running water. Handwash Habits. BC-Overview. Handwashing. Break Soap. Kopper by Balin Lee at Coroflot. Stuff From My Mom's Garage. Living with less, but only the best. Hand Plane. Kits for hand Planes.

Medalist 50 Piece Hard Backed Razor Safety Scraper Blades. Bar soap versus liquid soap. Over the past decade the promise of smoother, softer skin and the lure of exotic fragrances has meant that many of us have switched from bar soap to shower gel. Through fantastic marketing efforts, manufacturers of liquid soaps such as shower gels and antibacterial hand washes have led us to believe that liquid soaps are better and more hygienic. After looking into the facts I have come to the conclusion that liquid soaps offer little if any benefits to users but do come with much higher environmental and health consequences. Twoinspiredesign. It’s no surprise that I’m a fan of West Elm. I love their eclectic store and I think no matter what your design style is, whether traditional or modern, you can always find pieces to fit. I also think they have great gifts for any occasion, so I was even more intrigued when I went to their website a few days ago and saw a new section called Marketplace.