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Being Bettr - Self-Improvement Tips Being a Better Person. 1000 Life Hacks. Stage of Life Goal Setting. The 5As of Actualization. First we make our habits, then our habits make us. – Charles C.

The 5As of Actualization

Noble One of the most effective ways to actualize your own potential and goals is to form habits and routines that make the actualization (almost) automatic. We see reflections of this observation in the works of Aristotle and Lao Tzu from millennia ago on through the works of contemporary thinkers such as Stephen Covey and the Dalai Lama. At a certain point, habits allow you to reach the optimal state of achieving without trying to achieve. The lead quote sums up things nicely, though, in that habit-building can be an active process, too.

Live well and focus on what's most important. Gratitude - The Key To True Happiness: Living Gratitude Series. We’ve known each other for nine years now, since we first connected on Ryze, and she’s been blogging for ten years!

Gratitude - The Key To True Happiness: Living Gratitude Series

And in all this time, I’ve not had the pleasure to welcome Vidya Sury to guest post here. But I’m glad she’s here today.Vidya is a freelance writer and a highly respected blogger having three blogs –, Coffee with Mi and Your Medical Guide. Vidya has an easy to read, very personal style to her writing and it’s not surprising that her blogs have received recognition from various blogging communities. Her blog was voted #7 in the Top 50 personal development blogs of 2012 and most recently she received Indiblogger’s Award for the best Indian blog in the Personal Memoirs category.Her philosophy that Happiness is a DIY project is apparent in her ability to see good in all situations and be the kind and generous soul she is! I’m proud to be her friend.Do visit her blogs and also Follow Vidya on Facebook, Twitter and Google +.Take it away, Vidya.

Every. How I found hope in the depths of depression. Posted by Angela Goodeve on April 4th, 2013 Anyone who has experienced depression knows that it can feel like a ton of bricks resting on your psyche, squelching your creativity, and taking the wind out of your sails.

How I found hope in the depths of depression

If you have suffered from more than one bout of depression you also know that when things are good, they are good, and when they are not, and you are caught in the depths of despair where seems to be little hope. During one of my episodes when I wondered if I would ever get from underneath the hopelessness and despair, the lack of motivation, I suddenly realized: I had been here before! …wait a second…if I have been here before and came through the other side, then I can come through the other side again! This too shall pass, like a storm across the water…there is always a beacon of light! The Top 50 Personal Development Blogs of 2012 - It’s finally here: this years Top 50 Personal Development blogs of 2012.

The Top 50 Personal Development Blogs of 2012 -

As you know I tried to do it a little different from last year to try and whittle the numbers down a bit. Last year we had 200 nominees and this year we had 70 nominees. Upon reflection I will leave the voting open to 3 votes per person, as I did last year. It’s more work, however we will get a more comprehensive listing of the personal development blogs out there. You can see this years nominations here How are the top 50 selected? To make it as fair as possible I totally changed the way the top 50 was calculated from last year.

The 5 main areas that I concentrated on, were weighted as follows: Nominate Your Favourite Personal Development Blog: 2nd Annual Top 50 Personal Development Blogs 2012 - Click on the Link Below to Visit our Sponsor for This Award Annual CYT Top 50 Personal Development Blog Awards 2012 It’s that time of year again where you can nominate your favourite personal development blog of 2012.

Nominate Your Favourite Personal Development Blog: 2nd Annual Top 50 Personal Development Blogs 2012 -

Last years event attracted 208 nominations – you can see last years nominees here, and over 600 people voted for their favourite personal development blog. With the winner being Ken Wert from Meant to Be Happy Personal development means different things to different people so any blog that has enhanced your life in any way can be nominated. How it will work If you wish to nominate a blog leave a comment below and please follow these rules: To make the list of nominees a blog has to be voted for at least 3 times Each person can vote for ONLY ONE blog Include the web address for your nomination. Blog - Logical Self Improvement & Motivation. Manage your life now – Empowering your brain since 2008. More Favorite Self-Help Stuff. Inspired Thoughts on Life. Self Help, Time Management, Daily Motivation, Tips for Living Well.

With tips and techniques for Getting Motivated, Positive Thinking, Lack of Motivation, Motivational Quotes, Stress Management, Procrastination, Personal Growth, Success, Self Help and Career Advice.

Self Help, Time Management, Daily Motivation, Tips for Living Well

Modern provides information for Self Improvement, Managing Stress, Time Management, Relaxation, and Daily Inspiration. The dictionary defines procrastination as the act of intentionally putting off something that should be done. Procrastination can destroy our lives. In extreme circumstances, procrastination can cost us our relationships, our jobs and can cause health issues like depression. Everyone procrastinates to some degree. Self-Improvement. Urban Lighthouse. Unlimited Choice - The ultimate guide to living consciously - Amit Sodha. My Simpler Life - Simple Living - Encouraging you in creating a saner, simpler life. Growth/change Archives - Talent Development Resources. RichardStep: Enrich Yourself & Step Up Your Career – Tests, Tools, & Personal Guidance. Inspiration, Letting Go, Faith – The BridgeMaker.

Stress Hacks: Eliminate Stress, Restore Calm. Quote About Havig a Peaceful State of Mind Ever had one of those days?

Stress Hacks: Eliminate Stress, Restore Calm

I hate to brag (*sarcastic smile*) but my much loved family and I have had one of those YEARS. I’m not complaining, mind you. We’re still standing and, I’ll let you in on a little secret, we’re still as happy as ever. In fact, we laugh off a lot of the crazy things that have happened. Manage your life now – Empowering your brain since 2008. 50 of the best personal development blogs -

Personal development is my business and my life.

50 of the best personal development blogs -

In the 6 months that I have been blogging I have come across some excellent blogs in all subjects and thought it would be a good idea to share some of the top blogs in the different areas. This month I will look at the personal development field. You’ve probably all seen the positive blog network (PBN) logo in the sidebar. Life Power Tips.