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A Simple Guide to Self-Care. The “self-care” tag on Tumblr is a really sweet place.

A Simple Guide to Self-Care

It’s like if you were walking outside in a thunderstorm, umbrella-less, and you walked into a café filled with plush armchairs, wicker baskets full of flowers, and needlepoints on the walls that say things like “Be kind to yourself” and “You are enough.” It’s jarring, the change in scenery, but nice. It also makes you realize that you’re soaked—you’d almost gotten used to it, out in the storm.

Taking care of yourself is not actually a new thing, nor is the idea that you may sometimes need to be reminded to do so. Just think of all the people on makeover-shows past who were told, “You spend so much time taking care of other people, it’s time to do something for yourself.” But the word “self-care” has popped up a lot in my peripheral Internet vision lately, most recently in a deceptively simple game called You Feel Like Shit: An Interactive Self-Care Guide.

The checklist goes something like this: These are the basics. Every Post In One List. Content Guide (Start Here) Welcome to Deep Existence.

Content Guide (Start Here)

Let me show you around! Mini Habits: Smaller Habits, Bigger Results As the best and most important piece of content I have ever written, I must mention my book, Mini Habits. It and the Mini Habit Mastery Video Course are the only for-sale items right now associated with my work, and they support me. A quick look at the reviews (which I promise are 100% genuine except for this one) shows you the impact this book has on the lives of people who read it! Greatest Hits Sorry, I had to say upfront in all caps that because I don’t want you to think that these are the absolute best Deep Existence posts. This page is nice because each post has a summary to give you an idea if you’ll want to read it or not (spoiler: you’ll want to read all of them).

MICs: Most Important Categories These categories are the lifeblood of Deep Existence. About. Hi, I’m Stephen, the author of Mini Habits and the founder of Deep Existence.


For more about my story, you might find this post interesting—it goes into the unique path of rejection (ouch!) That brought me here (where I’m happy to be). This blog is about 12% inspiration and 88% logic. If you’re looking for your motivational fix, goooo away or let Deep Existence save you from the dark side, because I don’t believe in that philosophy. I’m serious about this. But I’m not saying you won’t ever be motivated after reading the content here. I tend to lean heavily toward logic because that’s where the solution breadcrumbs lead. Emotions are the lifeblood of our existence—they are what make us feel alive. Getting Science-y, But Keeping It Interesting?? I’ve been experimenting with personal development strategies for ten years. So yes, I like to get science-y. I know the importance of not putting people to sleep.

“I started One-Push-Up challenge about 2 months ago following the steps. Neuroscience. The Dangers Of Perfectionism (Interview With Dr. Anita Sanz) I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr.

The Dangers Of Perfectionism (Interview With Dr. Anita Sanz)

Anita Sanz, who has been a clinical psychologist for over 20 years. Anita blogs at the cleverly-titled Sanz Planz, and has authored the book, “A Year To Change.” I was eager to see what insights Anita has gained over so many years of helping people help themselves, and I was not disappointed. In this interview, we talk about perfectionism, eating disorders, depression, and the myriad of ways a person can approach change. Note: This was a video interview, but due to a poor software choice on my part, it sounded like we were in a cave. S: Tell us about yourself. A: I am Anita Sanz, a psychologist, working in a private practice since 1997. S: Very cool! A: Imperfectionism. S: Yes, “How To Be An Imperfectionist,” which is based on an article I wrote by the same name. On Eating Disorders And Perfectionism Trends portrayed in the media are unrealistic for the most part.

A: I think some do actually want to look like that, but most don’t. S: Wow. S: Love it. Content Guide (Start Here)