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I have an enormous interest in the field of Real Estate especially in housing renovation & construction. I am associated with many renowned organisations. I also keep an eye on the latest buzz in the construction industry and posts articles regularly. In all my articles I share tips and information on ideas related to business.

Cool Metal Roofs 101: From Reducing Urban Heat Islands Effect to Roof Durability – Multifamily Building Renovations. During summers, urban cities experience the phenomenon called “urban heat islands”, wherein the city heats up disproportionately than surrounding areas.

Cool Metal Roofs 101: From Reducing Urban Heat Islands Effect to Roof Durability – Multifamily Building Renovations

One of primary reasons for this type of phenomenon is predominant dark-colored roofing and dark asphalt pavements across the city. The dark-colored roofs and asphalt panels absorb and reradiate the heat back into the environment, consequently increasing the temperature. Thankfully, cool roofs are one of the proven solutions to fight “urban heat islands” effect. In this blog post we discuss the benefits of implementation of cool metal roofs in Scottsdale and elsewhere. Measuring the Urban Heat Effect How to detect what materials minimizes the urban heat islands effect?

How cool metal roofs help? Scientists have developed the Solar Reflectance Index (SRI), to measure the ability of roofs to stay cool in summers. Benefits of Cool Metal Roofs Increased Energy Savings. How to Reduce Urban Heat Islands with Cool Metal Roofs : MBCI Blog. Summer in the city usually means it’s hot – hotter than surrounding areas.

How to Reduce Urban Heat Islands with Cool Metal Roofs : MBCI Blog

Those who have investigated this phenomenon have identified the presence of “urban heat islands” – places that heat up disproportionately to those nearby. One reason for this is the predominance of dark asphalt pavement and dark-colored roofing. The significance is that dark surfaces are known to absorb sunlight and re-radiate it back as heat. That’s how thermal solar panels work, but it is also dramatically apparent when walking across a black asphalt parking lot in the summer sun.

The heat is coming not only from the sun above, but from the pavement below. If nearby buildings have dark-colored roofs, the same is happening there. Measuring Solar Heat. Tips on Selecting a Green Certification Program for Multifamily Housing. The key to success for multi family building investors is to adopt a strategy that helps them control operation costs, and take steps that add value to their business.

Tips on Selecting a Green Certification Program for Multifamily Housing

To achieve this objective, many multifamily construction companies opt for green certification program, that helps investors minimize the tax burden and add value to their property. Green certification allows multifamily housing investors get returns on their multifamily rental construction and development projects. To help, the post discusses some factors you must consider when choosing a green certification program. Secrets to Decorate Your Home Renovation Without Breaking the Bank. A comfortable, well-designed home appeals to all!

Secrets to Decorate Your Home Renovation Without Breaking the Bank

While there are various DIY methods and steps to renovate your home, professional renovation contractors prove to be a far more efficient option. That said, before hiring a renovator there are some crucial factors that you must consider such as your budget, and the magnitude of renovation. This blog post covers three most effective tips to help you go about your housing renovation project without breaking the bank.

Take a look. 1. First things first! Rental property – If you are hiring renovators to undertake a large scale renovation, you may have to move out and rent a place.Eating out - renovating a kitchen and refitting it with newer, chic amenities, can result in a lot of eating outs or take aways from nearby dining joints.Storage – with a large scale home rehab, you will need to store your belongings in a secure place that will incur additional costs. 2. 3. Benefits of Pre-Construction Planning Services. Construction of both multi-family and commercial facilities is a complex process.

Benefits of Pre-Construction Planning Services

These projects demand a lot of cost and labor, which makes necessary for investors to hire a professional pre-construction planning services firm. The Importance of Remodeling Multifamily Apartments. Reasons Periodic Multifamily Property Renovations Make Sense. As an increasingly large number of people move to cities in search of employment, better business opportunities, and improved standard of living,the demand for multifamily properties is on the rise.

Reasons Periodic Multifamily Property Renovations Make Sense

The number of new multifamily projects is also increasing. As these new projects offer more advanced facilities, old multifamily property owners are not left with any other choice but to give their old properties a facelift and make them more livable for the tenants. If you haven’t given it a thought, here are four reasons maintaining a periodic renovation regime makes sense for your multifamily housing units. 1. Reasons Why Investing in Multi-Family Housing is a Smart Move. When it comes to investing in residential real estate, investors have two options: single family and multifamily properties.

Reasons Why Investing in Multi-Family Housing is a Smart Move

Investing in a multifamily property is the preferred choice for real estate investors who are looking to make the most of their money, and those who are looking for a steady source of parallel income. There are several benefits of investing in multi-family residential units, which give you all the right reasons to put your money down. What You Must Know Before Buying A Multi-Family Dwelling. The overall value you provide to tenants plays an essential role in influencing their willingness to rent your property.

What You Must Know Before Buying A Multi-Family Dwelling

Energy-efficiency modification that property owners must consider. Considering deteriorating climatic conditions, it is the responsibility of everyone to do their share to restore natural balance.

Energy-efficiency modification that property owners must consider

Multifamily housing investors on their part need to think along the lines of eco-friendly multifamily housing architecture for a green and better tomorrow. In fact, government across the globe is encouraging property owners to make eco-friendly improvements to their property, such as installing solar or wind-powered energy devices and in return property owners get several tax rebates. This post discusses top four building improvement ideas for an eco-friendly and cost-effective building construction. 1. Green Roofing System Installing green roof has several energy saving benefits. 2. Low insulation is one of the major drawbacks of single pane windows. 3. Reducing water consumption while maintaining premium water quality is the key objective of sustainable building design. Questions About Pre Construction Planning Services. As multi-family/commercial facility construction projects are both cost and labor intensive in nature, availing professional pre-construction planning services can help you achieve a streamlined execution.

Questions About Pre Construction Planning Services

The purpose of pre construction planning is to help you design the blueprint for the construction project. The process involves defining the project scope, determining time and cost requirements and identifying potential issues. The service provider studies various variables associated with the projects to come up with measures to put the available resources to optimum use, thereby minimizing wastage. Most importantly, the provider will determine the feasibility of the project and will help you come up with a plan of action. Mistakes during Multi Family Housing Renovation. Given the volatile nature of economy, the demand for affordable housing has increased by leaps and bounds. Maximize Apartment Value Through Strategic Management. Small changes are also good enough to enhance the aesthetics and value both, property owners should know which ones works in the best interest of their property.

Sometimes, in the absence of renovation knowledge; property owners end up making changes to the property that are either of little or no use. As confusion is inevitable during a home renovation, the blog post discusses a few essential renovations to help property owners get the best bang for their property. Managing Energy Costs in Multifamily Buildings. Most multifamily housing owners, on average, reserve 15-20 percent of their annual budget for their property’s maintenance and repair. This amount, more often than not, increases or affects their profit margin. By taking smart steps, you can optimally use this portion of the budget and ensure your property stays in excellent condition by carrying out necessary repair and maintenance work. In addition, such initiatives are likely to make renters happy and retain them for long. On that note, here are five cost control tips for multifamily housing owners.

On that note, here are five cost control tips for multifamily housing owners. 4 Common Multifamily Kitchen Renovation Mistakes to Avoid. Kitchens are the heart and soul of your multifamily units. Contemporary, stylish and uncluttered kitchens are sure to turn your property into a tenant magnet and enhance its value. Availing professional renovation and construction services to plan and execute a kitchen remodeling program helps you enhance the overall appeal of the area, get good quality workmanship, and optimize your investment.

The Future of Millennial Tenant Retention. Role of Pre Construction Planning in Multifamily Unit Development. 3 Mistakes that Often Make Multifamily Housing ... - Multifamily Housing Renovations - Quora. What leads to Construction delays in multifamily property. Proper pre-construction planning helps in avoiding delay in the project, resulting in substantial savings. Read why work breakdown structure is important for cost effective building construction. Ways to Streamline, Improve, and Automate your Inspection Process. Here are five tips on how to get the most out of your property. 1. Read how investors can benefit from value engineering. The real estate rental market is seeing a resurgence, albeit subdued, as the US and the world are still struggling to shake off the effects of the last global economic downturn.

5 Things Home Inspectors Want You to Know. Why a gap in demand and supply of real estate? In the last couple of years, multifamily property market has witnessed increasing demand, steady leasing, and lower vacancies. The driving factor behind this surge in the market is a consistent supply of renters. Average metro cities saw a dip in vacancies of about 76 basis points over the last quarter of 2015 with Dallas-Fort Worth, Charlotte, Nashville, and Raleigh seeing the sharpest drop in vacancy rates. Despite the fact that the improved US economy has boosted the multifamily housing market, investors still need to prepare well in advance to leverage the benefits. Affordable housing investments. Government affordable housing. Commercial & Residential Rental Property Financial Rebate. Posted by : Ronald Carter on Mar 21,2016 02:29 PM. Tips For First Time Property Investors. Investing in real estate is always a challenge.

It’s not because it involves huge financial transactions, but because there’s lot to learn about the nuances of this business. You need to do a thorough inspection of the site, evaluate the pre-construction costs, predict project scheduling, and more. No wonder many property owners require professional vendors that provide due diligence assistance when investing in real estate. In this article, we have listed five basic tips for first-time real estate investors. 1. Pre construction phase plan. Ways of winterizing your property to reap the benefits of Energy efficient affordable housing.

The falling of leaves marks arrival of the winter season. As we turn on the heaters, many of us don’t realize that we are spending way too much on keeping our homes warm. Construction Waste Management Plan Guidelines. Due diligence property. General Apartment Contractors Arizona. Creative Flooring Options for Multifamily Buildings.