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I have an enormous interest in the field of Real Estate especially in housing renovation & construction. I am associated with many renowned organisations. I also keep an eye on the latest buzz in the construction industry and posts articles regularly. In all my articles I share tips and information on ideas related to business.

Multifamily Housing Rehabilitation Services - URSpecialtyGroup. United Renovations Specialty Group, with a team of widely experienced professional multifamily rehabilitation consultants, offers a comprehensive range of affordable multifamily property rehabilitation services, promising to deliver unmatched value to clients.

Multifamily Housing Rehabilitation Services - URSpecialtyGroup

Our rehabilitation services give you both exterior and interior apartment rehabilitation, allowing for the quick release of unoccupied as well as occupied units, with little or no impact on the residents. We follow a collaborative approach to ensure every project is executed in harmony with client specifications, and completed within the stipulated timeline and budget. Our Multifamily Rehabilitation Services Pre-acquisition inspectionPre-disposition inspectionInsurance claim, execution and negotiation.Emergency maintenance and modificationDamaged property reconstruction.Complete roofing services.

Why Choose UR Specialty Group? Let’s Discuss Your Requirements. 3 Notable Reasons to Pre-Plan Multifamily Construction Projects. The construction of multifamily and commercial properties is both, capital and labor-intensive.

3 Notable Reasons to Pre-Plan Multifamily Construction Projects

These complex processes can often ratchet up huge avoidable bills in the absence of proper pre-construction planning. Hiring professional pre-construction services from UR Specialty Group helps you cover your bases and lay the ground for a cost-effective and successful project. Affordable Multifamily Housing General Contractor in AZ. Understanding Cost Management in Multifamily Projects. Cost management is one of the most vital aspects of multifamily housing projects.

Understanding Cost Management in Multifamily Projects

Effective cost control practices ensure the project costs do not exceed the estimates by unreasonable margins. To achieve the objective, value engineering for multifamily housing plays an instrumental role, helping in planning and executing construction projects, while ensuring optimum returns for investors. Continuing the discussion, the blog post describes the importance of value engineering for multifamily housing and the procedures involved. Take a look. 1. Cost planning is the first step to cost control in which the physical resources required for executing the construction project are determined.

Preliminary Analysis: A Prerequisite for Cost-Effective Multifamily Projects. Multifamily renovation projects usually require significant investments, which makes it is essential for property owners and stakeholders to ensure appropriate distribution of funds.

Preliminary Analysis: A Prerequisite for Cost-Effective Multifamily Projects

Find Multifamily Vendor Due Diligence assistance services in USA. Multifamily Due Diligence for Affordable Housing Owners United Renovations Specialty Group specializes in efficient execution of occupied renovations and exercising comprehensive vendor due diligence.

Find Multifamily Vendor Due Diligence assistance services in USA

Our continual success is attributable to our extensive due diligence processes that help control the cost and eliminate obstacles of multifamily housing projects. We pride ourselves on the thorough investigation of unit interiors, exteriors, common areas, and property site areas. Multifamily Energy Efficiency & Environmental Friendly Housing - URSpecialtyGroup. We, at United Renovations Specialty Group, realize that energy efficiency and environmental sustainability are important to return on investment, both in securing funding and helping the world around us.

Multifamily Energy Efficiency & Environmental Friendly Housing - URSpecialtyGroup

Understanding The What, Why, How Of Due Diligence For Multifamily Property. A multifamily property is a significant investment, so you need to pay attention to the research part before signing on the dotted line.

Understanding The What, Why, How Of Due Diligence For Multifamily Property

This is where due diligence comes into the picture to help property owners save substantial repair and maintenance costs that could be the result of unknown construction defects. Due diligence assistance for multifamily property is the process to check and confirm that all the facts in a deal are as they have been represented by the seller. Details & Highlights of Due Diligence for Multifamily Property Why Do You Need Due Diligence? Multifamily Housing Pre Construction Planning Services - URSpecialtyGroup. United Renovations Specialty Group perfects the plan of action, long before construction starts.

Multifamily Housing Pre Construction Planning Services - URSpecialtyGroup

Equipped with extensive experience in nationwide multifamily construction projects, we provide a comprehensive spectrum of pre-construction planning services, offering detailed project scheduling with sequence multifamily business plans. By predetermining the schedule, we are able to communicate realistic expectations to the owner, property manager, investors, lenders, and residents. 5 Modern Renovation Ideas to Improve the Rentability of Your Multifamily Property. Today, renters look for rental apartments that offer best-in-class amenities, are structurally appealing, and use smart technologies.

5 Modern Renovation Ideas to Improve the Rentability of Your Multifamily Property

It has become crucial for multifamily property owners or investors to make necessary changes to their rental property in order to align it with the growing demands of their target customers. Multifamily Vendor Due Diligence Assistance Service - URSpecialtyGroup. What To Look For In A Multifamily Housing Contractor. Some of the most frequent complains multifamily housing tenants make are related to the maintenance of a multifamily property.

What To Look For In A Multifamily Housing Contractor

A poorly maintained multifamily property not only reduces your chances of getting a good rent, but it may also require you to invest heavily in a multifamily property repair, at a later stage. It, therefore, becomes imperative to hire a professional multifamily housing contractor who can take good care of your property. Know What You Need. Flood Damage Control Protocols For Multifamily Properties In USA. As the U.S experienced its first major hurricane (Hurricane Harvey) of the season, thousands of people were left homeless and countless properties sustained severe damages across the country.

As tampering with a flooded property involves the risk of electrocution due to damaged electrical appliances and wire, it is important to hire professional multifamily renovation buildings contractors to get the job done. The lesser the time between flood damage and restoration, the greater the chances of reinstating a property to its previous state. In the post, we discuss a protocol to follow during a renovation project after the flood damage. Flood Water Extraction. Time-Tested Ideas For Renovating Multifamily Housing Property. Whether or not to go for Multifamily housing renovation is usually a tough decision to make. While some multifamily housing owners or investors dread the downtime associated with a remodel project, others are concerned with getting everyone out and making arrangements.

Though multi family renovation can be a stressful prospect in the short term, it offers value for money in the long run. If you are planning to enhance the rentability of your multi family property, consider the following renovation ideas that will help you decide which renovation is right for your business. Energy efficient affordable housing Services in Arizona, USA. Multifamily housing contractor nationwide company in Arizona & California. Multifamily Housing Pre Construction Planning Services in the USA. Affordable property rehabilitation services from UR Speciality Group. 5 Basic Apartment Amenities To Keep Tenants Happy. The experience of tenants significantly impacts the value and occupancy of a multifamily property. It is, therefore, crucial for property owners to provide the amenities and services expected by tenants.

If any service or amenity is missing, you may have to upgrade your multifamily property. Renovating a multifamily property, however, can be a cost-intensive exercise, but not when you hire a competent affordable housing renovations provider, such as United Renovation Speciality Group. While our experts can take care of all sorts of renovate needs, you too should have a clear idea of changes needed in your property.

To help you make up your mind, we list some common amenities that deserve your consideration. Community Gardens Having community gardens is one of the best ways of improving tenant satisfaction. Fitness Center With the nature of work of most of us requires us to remain in our seats for major part of the day, obesity and other health problems are on a rise. Outdoor Pool. Nationwide multifamily housing contractor in Arizona & California. 5 Environment Friendly Multifamily Rehabilitation Improvements. As there are a large number of tenants staying in multifamily buildings, these properties register high energy consumption.

The rising energy bills is one of the biggest concerns for multifamily property owners. To keep the check on energy consumption, most multifamily property owners and investors turn to energy efficient multifamily property solutions. Whether you are looking to provide eco-friendly housing in Scottsdale or any other city, a strategic environment friendly multifamily rehabilitation project plan can help you create an eco-friendly house for every tenant. In this blog post, we discuss some of the popular energy efficient improvements that every multifamily property owner should incorporate. 1. Public Safety Tips During Occupied Housing Renovation. It goes without saying that multifamily housing property renovation helps property owners and investors attract more tenants and retain the current ones. Many investors, however, overlook the importance of public safety when undertaking an occupied housing renovation project.

Whether it is about kitchen renovation or complete house renovation, multifamily housing investors must take necessary steps to ensure public safety as well as compliance with the International Building Code, to avoid any penalties. Continuing the discussion, the post outlines several safety tips that will help investors ensure public safety when undertaking occupied housing renovation project. 1. Hire United Renovation Speciality Group for Multifamily Due Diligence Service.

A Brief Guide to Tenant Vs Owner Property Maintenance Responsibilities. Many tenants don’t realize their responsibilities when it comes to maintaining the rental property. Get Energy efficient multifamily building solutions in USA. Affordable Multifamily Housing General Contractor in AZ. 6 Renovation Tips To Improve Accessibility For People With Special Needs - United Renovations Specialty Group.

More than 50 million people in America suffer from a disability, according to a study conducted by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention in 2015. The most common disability is mobility limitation (serious difficulty ascending or descending stairs). The US is also one of the most rapidly aging countries, with almost 46 million people above the age of 65, a number set to increase in future. People with special needs often find it difficult to find a property that meets their requirements.

As a multifamily building owner or manager, you must take into account the special needs of this section of the population when renovating your multifamily and commercial structures. Include disabled friendly amenities in your property to make it more accessible, as it is not just a good thing but great business practice, and in some states, the law. 1. 5 Modern Renovation Ideas to Improve the Rentability of Your Multifamily Property. Find Affordable Multifamily Rehabilitation Services.

Cool Metal Roofs 101: From Reducing Urban Heat Islands Effect to Roof Durability – Multifamily Building Renovations. During summers, urban cities experience the phenomenon called “urban heat islands”, wherein the city heats up disproportionately than surrounding areas. One of primary reasons for this type of phenomenon is predominant dark-colored roofing and dark asphalt pavements across the city. The dark-colored roofs and asphalt panels absorb and reradiate the heat back into the environment, consequently increasing the temperature.

Thankfully, cool roofs are one of the proven solutions to fight “urban heat islands” effect. In this blog post we discuss the benefits of implementation of cool metal roofs in Scottsdale and elsewhere. Measuring the Urban Heat Effect. How to Reduce Urban Heat Islands with Cool Metal Roofs : MBCI Blog. Summer in the city usually means it’s hot – hotter than surrounding areas. Those who have investigated this phenomenon have identified the presence of “urban heat islands” – places that heat up disproportionately to those nearby. One reason for this is the predominance of dark asphalt pavement and dark-colored roofing. Tips on Selecting a Green Certification Program for Multifamily Housing. The key to success for multi family building investors is to adopt a strategy that helps them control operation costs, and take steps that add value to their business.

To achieve this objective, many multifamily construction companies opt for green certification program, that helps investors minimize the tax burden and add value to their property. Secrets to Decorate Your Home Renovation Without Breaking the Bank. A comfortable, well-designed home appeals to all! While there are various DIY methods and steps to renovate your home, professional renovation contractors prove to be a far more efficient option. That said, before hiring a renovator there are some crucial factors that you must consider such as your budget, and the magnitude of renovation. Benefits of Pre-Construction Planning Services.

The Importance of Remodeling Multifamily Apartments. Reasons Periodic Multifamily Property Renovations Make Sense. As an increasingly large number of people move to cities in search of employment, better business opportunities, and improved standard of living,the demand for multifamily properties is on the rise. Reasons Why Investing in Multi-Family Housing is a Smart Move. When it comes to investing in residential real estate, investors have two options: single family and multifamily properties. What You Must Know Before Buying A Multi-Family Dwelling. Energy-efficiency modification that property owners must consider. Questions About Pre Construction Planning Services. Mistakes during Multi Family Housing Renovation. Maximize Apartment Value Through Strategic Management. Managing Energy Costs in Multifamily Buildings. 4 Common Multifamily Kitchen Renovation Mistakes to Avoid. The Future of Millennial Tenant Retention. Role of Pre Construction Planning in Multifamily Unit Development.

3 Mistakes that Often Make Multifamily Housing ... - Multifamily Housing Renovations - Quora. What leads to Construction delays in multifamily property. Read why work breakdown structure is important for cost effective building construction. Ways to Streamline, Improve, and Automate your Inspection Process.

Read how investors can benefit from value engineering. 5 Things Home Inspectors Want You to Know. Why a gap in demand and supply of real estate? Affordable housing investments. Government affordable housing. Commercial & Residential Rental Property Financial Rebate. Tips For First Time Property Investors. Pre construction phase plan. Ways of winterizing your property to reap the benefits of Energy efficient affordable housing.

Construction Waste Management Plan Guidelines. Due diligence property. General Apartment Contractors Arizona. Creative Flooring Options for Multifamily Buildings.