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The stretch supercar complete with big screen TVs and a champagne bar: Plans for one-off Lamborghini unveiled. Concept has Plasma screen, surround sound, iPod dock and a champagne bar complete with bottle coolerWill still use original 690-horsepower, 6.5litre V12 engine By Mark Prigg Published: 18:23 BST, 14 March 2013 | Updated: 11:42 BST, 15 March 2013 It was already a bold, brash and head turning car.

The stretch supercar complete with big screen TVs and a champagne bar: Plans for one-off Lamborghini unveiled

Supercars 2017: Mark Winterbottom reveals new Bottle-O livery, pics, photos. The No. 5 returns to Frosty’s Ford after giving up the champion’s No. 1 at the end of 2016, unveiling his 2017 livery after shaking down a brand-new car at Winton on Thursday.

Supercars 2017: Mark Winterbottom reveals new Bottle-O livery, pics, photos

“You won’t be able to miss me out there this year!” Winterbottom said. “The car looks great with the green wheels in particular. It really is a mean, green machine this year. “I’m definitely hungry to go out there and put wins on the board. Ferrari wants to provide steep competition for the McLaren 570S. The rumors about a new, more affordable and highly efficient V-6 Ferrari have been around for more than a year now, and it finally seems like there could be a lot of truth to them.

Ferrari wants to provide steep competition for the McLaren 570S

Jonny Lieberman (who also broke the Porsche 911 facelift news) just tweeted the information the other day. The new car could come out in 2019 and bring an affordable yet very effective overall package that could convince many enthusiasts to purchase their first ever Ferrari. Although the debut feels like it is still eons away, we already have some rumored specifications. The 2017 Porsche 911 RSR goes mid-engine, purists be damned. Porsche unveiled its World Endurance Championship and IMSA WeatherTech Championship competitor with the 2017 911 RSR.

The 2017 Porsche 911 RSR goes mid-engine, purists be damned

And this 911 is different from the rest, as the 4.0-liter flat-six engine powering this beast is in front of the rear axle, not behind it. That's right, this 24 Hours of Le Mans competitor ditches the iconic rear-engine layout. Porsche isn't talking specifics on how exactly things are arranged back there. Is a Hybrid Vehicle the Right Choice for You. This is a question if it was asked not even twenty years ago, people would have more than likely laughed right in your face.

Is a Hybrid Vehicle the Right Choice for You

The age of the hybrid or electric vehicle is in full swing, and the popularity of electric models like the Nissan Leaf are becoming a very trendy choice for North American consumers. So we return to the question, is a hybrid vehicle going to be the right choice for you in 2015? First let us look at the advantages as explained by Sheridan Nissan: Cleaner energy, government incentives, smaller efficient cars and engines, optimizing technology to evolve and improve performance. These are just a few things to consider when looking into a hybrid vehicle. Ferrari wants to provide steep competition for the McLaren 570S. 2015 Ford Fusion Hybrid Review. The 2015 Ford Fusion Hybrid has lined up buyers, begging for more.

2015 Ford Fusion Hybrid Review

After sauntering through three successful years, the latest 2015 edition retains marvelous gasoline engine with better mileage. So let’s see what’s so interesting about this hybrid. Design The 2015 Ford Fusion is sporting some racy and trendy cuts, with large oblong grille on the front and falling rear slope giving it a hatchback look. While it’s up to you how you play with colors, but it sparkles more in black color and in red it ogles blazing fire. A glassy instrument cluster is piled behind the steering wheel to straight on convey statistical information for the driver.

Five 2018 Car Models Expected to Sizzle. Future car designs are always a topic of discussion around the world.

Five 2018 Car Models Expected to Sizzle

With technology advancing at such a rapid pace, the car industry has been in the mix to receive much of that technology and implement it into their latest designs. As a result, industrial designers and engineers are designing and producing sexy and sleek cars with exceptional specs and many of the latest bells and whistles for convenience and comfort. Even the lower-priced 2018 cars are finding ways to squeeze in additional technologies that may offer a better driver and passenger experience. First UK customers for Ford GT now selected – Autopro. More than 6500 people have applied to own one of the first batch of Ford GTs; the first confirmed UK customers have now been contacted via email The first confirmed UK customers for the new Ford GT have been contacted by email to tell them their request to buy the car has been accepted.

First UK customers for Ford GT now selected – Autopro

A total of 6506 global orders were received for the model by the time order books closed in spring, but Ford has said just 500 cars will be built in the first two years of production. Today’s email confirms Ford has now begun to allocate the slim selection of cars to the first 500 customers. Cars Reviews, New Cars 2017 Models, Cars Price 2017, Best Cars 2017. Ferrari F12 is one kind of the European luxury car that can be great alternative for the people when they want to buy the luxury car to accompany them in their activity.

Cars Reviews, New Cars 2017 Models, Cars Price 2017, Best Cars 2017

This kind of the European luxury car types will be great choices for the people because of the benefit of it. The benefit of the car will be great consideration for the people to choose this car as their favorite. Porsche working on new Ferrari 458-beating supercar. Porsche is working on a new four-strong family of cars.

Porsche working on new Ferrari 458-beating supercar

The planned line-up includes a four-cylinder turbocharged version of the Boxster as well as a new eight-cylinder supercar which will look to challenge the Ferrari 458. The as yet unnamed flagship model – thought to be carrying the development tag ‘988’ – finally addresses the long-held concern of many Porsche engineers: that the company cannot adequately compete with eight-cylinder Ferraris with the classic six-cylinder engine used by the 911. There’s no clear news on the shape of the 988, although it will have strong shades of the 918 hypercar about its styling and in detailing such as the headlights.

Expect a long rear deck, too, because of the mid-mounted flat eight engine. 2017 Pagani Huayra Images. Dfw auto show | march 22-26, 2017 | kay bailey hutchison, The 2017 dfw auto show will return on march 22-26, 2017 at the kay bailey hutchison convention center (formerly the dallas convention center). one of the most. 2017 chevrolet tahoe release date, interior colors, price, Although the new 2017 chevrolet tahoe compares better than any other there has ever been, its competitors offer better mechanical sophistication and interior space.. Beijing live: 2017 porsche 718 cayman | leftlanenews, Go to home page visit leftlane's home page for the very latest car news, analysis, editorials, opinion, and more. updated several times per day..

Pagani Huayra Beautiful red pagani huayra photoshoot - gtspirit , Size 1600 x 1067 jpeg 252kB, Rh_huayrabc-67.jpg? Itok=hPzNVhMN , Size 1959 x 1102 jpeg 248kB, 2013 Pagani Huayra at Top Gear Track - Front, 1280x960, #67 of 71 , Size 1280 x 960 jpeg 315kB, 2017 Mazda 6 Review and Release Date | 2016 - 2017 Car Reviews , Size 2000 x 1331 jpeg 150kB,

Future Car Technologies 2020. Car technology has revolutionized the way we drive and interact with our vehicles. Future car technologies are even more promising allowing you to not only commute without driver assistance but also feel safest on the road. Today we will discuss future car technologies 2020 to give you a feel how fun the driving can be in the future. The US government alongside automakers is working on car technologies to make future vehicles talk to each other as well as their surrounding objects. We have seen numerous times vehicles jumping red lights and cause collisions. Top 5 Best New Cars for 2016 Year. Automobile brands struggle hard to beat their competitors in the international market. 2017 Ford GT Supercar: 25 Cars Worth Waiting For.

In an industry that tends toward superficiality in its anniversary observations—for the Corvette’s 50th anniversary, Chevy painted a handful of cars maroon—Ford goes big. It gave itself the 2005 GT to celebrate its 100th birthday; got around creating a special-edition 50th-anniversary Mustang by redesigning the entire car; and is now honoring the golden anniversary of its historic 1-2-3 sweep at Le Mans in 1966 with another interpretation of the winning GT40. As opposed to that redux of 2005, this one isn’t a 13/10-scale model of anything. Jumping Dead Batteries.

07 Jun 2016 It happens to every car owner at some point. Someone leaves a light on, or a door ajar, in your car and your battery loses all its charge. The symptoms are pretty obvious; when you go to turn the key to start your car, nothing happens – no lights come on, nothing makes a clicking sound. Five Cars From Yesterday that Car Enthusiasts Still Love Today. A New Gasoline Blend. Vehicle Lubrication.

With the application of some lubricants you can get your vehicle to be nice and quiet again and probably avoid repairs as well. Some Automotive Technologies That Are Almost Here. What Drivers Should Know About Engine Oil. There are now many brands and types of oil on the market. Causes of a Shaking Steering Wheel. CV Joints CV joints wear out over time. Top 5 Hatchbacks of 2016 Under $20,000. The hatchbacks have always been people’s favorite because of their affordability, fuel consumption and practicality.

There have been a number of hatchback debuts this year. To make your next purchase easier, we have shortlisted 5 best hatchbacks under $20,000. 2016 Chevrolet Spark. Horsepower and its Influence on Performance. All About Airbags. 2017 Dodge Barracuda. Buick's Avista Concept Seriously Pissed Off Some People at GM: Report. Buick's Avista Concept Seriously Pissed Off Some People at GM: Report. What to Expect with the 2017 Ford Heavy Duty Trucks? Final Edition Vipers Sold So Fast Dodge Will Make More. Dodge’s Partnership with Fathead. 2017 Chrysler Pacifica: Making Minivans Cool Again. FCA Plans to End Car Production and Ramp Up Truck Production in U.S. Plant.

40 Year Anniversary of the Dodge Aspen. Crash Diary: 2004 Lamborghini Murcielago - The Drive. Ford Motor Company Invests in Civil Maps. Tesla Model 3 to reportedly get its steel from South Korea’s POSCO, Tesla denies agreement [Updated] 2012 Audi A6 Reviews, Pictures and Prices. Mercedes Benz's E300 is a luxury car that happens to be high-tech. 2016 Toyota Prius Hatchback Review & Ratings. Should You Buy An Audi TT RS Coupe? Hint: YES! Let's Talk Ferrari 458 Speciale And Download Stunning Wallpapers. Renault Clio Review.

2016 Ford Focus RS.