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Erotica. Trans. Queer. Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders. The Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders Work Group was chaired by Kenneth J.

Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders

Zucker, Ph.D. Its members are listed below. Members Kenneth Zucker, Ph.D., C.Psych., University of Toronto Irving M. Short article: Depathologize! by James Cantor. “Depathologize!”

Short article: Depathologize! by James Cantor

: A follow-up. If I had to pick the top theme that sexologists and sexuality interest groups were discussing in the lead up to the proposed DSM changes, that would be it: Depathologize, depathologize, depathologize. From blogs to letters to editors of research journals, there have been demands that the DSM declare as officially normal various sexual phenomena, ranging from purely consensual situations (like transsexualism and BDSM) to those that motivate sexual offenses (such as pedophilia and hebephilia).

With the release of the DSM5 proposals from their various workgroups, I thought it was worth revisiting. Promoting the Academic Study of Asexualit. Three Contributions to the Theory of Sex. NERVOUS AND MENTAL DISEASE MONOGRAPH SERIES NO. 7[edit] SECOND EDITIONSECOND REPRINTING[edit] BY[edit]

Three Contributions to the Theory of Sex

Peggy Kleinplatz - School of Psychology. Freaksexual. Creating a more gender sensitive and inclusive. How Is Sex Determined? Good Parents, Troubled Teens Miles O'Brien, producer of "Mind of a Rampage Killer," describes what it's like to meet the parents of troubled teens.

How Is Sex Determined?

How Do We Perceive Risk? Why mass murders and other tragedies that kill scores of people make us most fearful. Food Science: Expert Q&A Michael Brenner, who teaches a class on the science of cooking, talks about egg whites, ethylene, protein, and more. Neuroprediction and Crime How much can brain imaging and genetic studies help in the fight against criminal behavior? Boosting Kids' Brain Power Could a brain-stimulating technique that uses an electrical current enhance math abilities in children?