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What Is Personal Injury? If you have been the victim of a personal injury accident, it is important to understand some basic legal terms that may apply to your case as well as how your case is likely to progress toward a conclusion.

What Is Personal Injury?

Of course, your attorney will handle the progress of your case, but many clients like to know what is happening “behind the scenes” to recover compensation for them. What Is A Personal Injury? Many people are confused by the term “personal injury.” A personal injury describes the harm you suffer when someone else commits an act or omission to act. The underlying idea that allows you to collect damages for your injury is the idea of liability. There are several other terms that should be defined to give you a better idea of what your attorneys mean when they use these words: Civil courts—courts that hear non-criminal cases. Injuries That Can Result From a Fall. Many of us have childhood memories of running around outside, climbing trees, riding bikes, and scaling playground equipment.

Injuries That Can Result From a Fall

One of the inevitable outcomes of being an active kid is that we had the scrapes and bruises to prove it! Personal injury attorney. Personal injury lawyers. What Happens if You Get a Spinal Cord Injury? Many injuries can result from a bad car accident or a slip-and-fall.

What Happens if You Get a Spinal Cord Injury?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell the extent of your injuries unless you meet with a medical professional. Do You Have PTSD From Your Accident? There is no doubt that a serious car accident can be extremely traumatizing.

Do You Have PTSD From Your Accident?

You or a loved one may have been seriously injured, and there may have been a loss of life. The entire experience can be overwhelming, resulting in a variety of strong emotions. It’s normal to be in shock and disbelief, angry at the other driver, anxious about driving again, or even guilty. In more extreme cases, some see flashbacks, have panic attacks, or experience insomnia. For the most part, these emotions should start to fade after a while. Hit and Runs: What Victims Need to Know. Almost all of us know the shocking, sometimes gut-wrenching feeling of being in a car accident.

Hit and Runs: What Victims Need to Know

If it’s your own fault, you might be straddled with guilt. But when another car hits you, it can be anything from a minor inconvenience to a life-changing disaster. As if getting into an accident wasn’t bad enough, sometimes the driver that hit you will flee the scene, never to be seen again. How can you possibly get justice if the person who caused the accident has left without facing the consequences?

What is Wrongful Death? You may have heard the term “wrongful death” from a variety of places, from the news to crime shows.

What is Wrongful Death?

Over our decades-long career, we’ve handled numerous wrongful death lawsuits. But for the everyday citizen, it may not be clear what a wrongful death lawsuit involves. Barber & Associates LLC in Anchorage, Alaska. Penalties for Drunk Drivers in Alaska. If you have been in an accident caused by a drunk driver, you may be wondering what kind of punishment the person will face.

Penalties for Drunk Drivers in Alaska

They may have caused irreparable damage to you, your vehicle, and others in the car. The driver may have even been convicted of drunk driving in the past, but got their license back in the meantime. What Happens When I Am Injured In A Car Accident? Discover How Fault is Determined in a Car Accident. If you’ve been in a car accident, determining who is at fault is crucial to you getting the justice and compensation you deserve.

Discover How Fault is Determined in a Car Accident

While the location and intensity of the damage done to the vehicle can provide clues about how the accident unfolded, it doesn’t tell the whole story. Why Determining Fault is Important The person who is found to have caused the accident will be responsible – in most cases, through their insurance provider – to compensate you for medical costs, lost wages, property damage to your vehicle and any other out of pocket expenses triggered by the accident. Discover These Tips for Staying Safe on Alaska Roads this Winter. The remote areas of Alaska coupled with the state’s often treacherous weather conditions means that traveling on roads in the Frontier State can be far more dangerous than other locations.

Discover These Tips for Staying Safe on Alaska Roads this Winter

In this issue, the Alaska personal injury lawyers with Barber & Associates will give you a few tips for staying safe on the road. This information is valuable to all drivers in our state – from the native Alaskan to the new arrivals. Knowledge is power, so before getting on the road, check the weather. Because Alaska weather is so erratic, it’s important to get the absolute latest forecast before venturing out onto the roads. You can check up on weather alerts and traffic advisories through the Alaska Department of Transportation and the National Weather Service.Check the health of your vehicle. Why is There an Increase in Binge Drinking During the Holidays?

While this is the season for spreading good cheer and getting set to ring in the New Year, it’s also a time that we usually see more binge drinking and increasingly more dangerous roads.

Why is There an Increase in Binge Drinking During the Holidays?

Why Roads Are More Dangerous During the Holidays On average, about 300 people lose their lives because of drunk driving during the holidays. Discover How You Can Get the Justice You Deserve Through a Wrongful Death Claim. Statistics tell us that roughly 29 percent of all traffic fatalities each year involve an alcohol-impaired driver. Running the numbers even further, that’s one death directly related to drunk driving every 48 minutes. What happens to the family members who are left devastated in the aftermath? For many, a wrongful death lawsuit provides the pathway forward from the terrible haze of confusion and distress in the immediate aftermath. Discover Why Accidents With Stoned Drivers Has Doubled in a Nearby State. Even though recreational marijuana use in Alaska has been legal since 2015, there’s reason to believe the move could have devastating effects for drivers in our state.

Hopefully, those of us here in the Last Frontier state will not experience the devastation that legalized pot has had in nearby Washington state. According to a report from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, the number of fatal crashes involving a marijuana-impaired driver has doubled since that state legalized weed in 2012. Repeat Drunk Driver Sentenced to Prison After Crash. A man whose wife was killed by a drunk and drugged driver has been awarded 44.8 million by a jury. Interestingly, the guilty driver’s father was also charged for letting his daughter drive his car – even though he knew she had lost her driving privileges. Those charges, though, were later dropped. The Case at a Glance According to reports, the woman who caused the head-on crash had a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.29 – nearly three times the legal limit – was high on cocaine and had a bottle of alcohol in her car.

Alaska Has 6th Highest DUI Arrest Rate in Nation. An alarming report by has found that Alaska sixth most arrests in the nation for driving under the influence (DUI). Researchers used FBI and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data from 2017 to compile the report. During that time, there were 419 arrests for DUI per 100,000 residents in Alaska. The national average is 309 per 100,000 residents. Other Findings From the Study The good news – if there can be any from such a report – is that the 2017 numbers represent a nearly 50 percent (49.5%) decrease in the amount of DUI arrests from the previous year. Tragic Mistake By Stoned Large Truck Driver Leads to $32 Million Verdict. We’ve long held the view that drunk driving is a scourge on the nation. Simply put, when drinking and driving are combined, bad things often happen. What Happens if You Get into a Truck Accident Article - ArticleTed - News and Articles. Jury Returns $70 Million Verdict in Truck Accident Case.

The skyrocketing rise in jury awards for victims of large truck companies was a topic we wrote about just as the new year began. The reasons, as we noted, are numerous. Just as we published the article, we heard the news of a stunning $70 million jury award for the family who was devastated when a big rig truck slammed into their SUV. How to Find a Personal Injury Lawyer in Alaska.

Why Older Adults Are More Vulnerable to Fall Injuries. The Size of Jury Awards Against Large Truck Companies is Skyrocketing. When victims of large truck accidents seek justice and compensation for their injuries, they’re likely to get a sizable judgment. According to recent reports, the average verdict against a trucking company found to be at fault for an accident has skyrocketed from $2.6 million in 2012 to over $17 million today.

Why Won’t The Trucking Industry Require Side Guards? A stunning $42 million jury verdict will hopefully put increased pressure on the trucking industry to add side guards to their vehicles. Car Accident Injury Attorney. Woman Gets $2 Million After Fall at Convenience Store. 5 Things to Keep in Your Car In Case of an Accident. DUI Accidents: Know Your Rights! Accidents at Workplace – Can You Make Compensation Claims for Them? Work-related injuries are more common than we think – according to the National Safety Council, a worker is injured on the job, every seven seconds in the United States. While sometimes, these injuries are minor and do not cause any serious problems, they often result in lost workdays and can even lead to permanent disabilities.

Although the country’s law clearly states that employers are responsible for creating a safe working environment, it is practically impossible to eliminate the possibility of accidents, particularly in high-risk industries. Damages to Claim After a Car Accident - Barber and Associates. Accidents can occur in split seconds and completely change the lives of the people involved. While some are lucky to get away with only property damage, others aren’t that lucky.

A Grave Look into Auto Accidents in Alaska. What You Should Say and Should Not Say Right After Your Car Accident. Don’t Make These Costly Mistakes After an Accident. Learn All About the Discovery Phase of a Personal Injury Claim. Barber & Associates COVID-19 Update. Find Out What You Can Recover After Being Injured by an Impaired Driver. Woman Arrested for DUI after Accident on Parks Highway. Finding the Right Insurance For Your Vehicle. Alaska Injury Lawyers. Mechanical Tissue Resuscitation Could Limit Damage After TBI. Truck Accidents: Special Evidence Requirements. How Drivers View Potential Penalties When Drivers Cause Cell Phone-Related Accidents. Career Path to Becoming a Personal Injury Attorney. Personal Injury Statute of Limitations in Alaska. Most Common Injuries From a Car Accident. We’re Number 11 - 10 States Seen as Having Better Drivers than Alaska. The Successful ‘Affluenza’ Defense Underscores Need for Personal Injury Lawyers.

Give Yourself More Time? Study Indicates Driving with Hangover Just as Dangerous as Driving Drunk. Experience Matters - Study Shows First Month of Driving for Teens Extremely Dangerous. Searching For Answers - Seminar Held in Wake of Deadly 2013 for Aviation in Alaska. Study Reveals Many People Injured in Car Accidents Don’t Seek Legal Advice. Study Concludes That ‘Just Having One’ May Still Be Too Many Before Driving. Marijuana Laws May Be Changing, But Still Dangerous While Driving. Take Your Medication - Study Suggests Much Higher Risk of Crashes for Drivers with ADHD. The Top 5 Human-Caused Factors in Fatal Alaska Car Accidents. The Top 5 Types of Fatal Crashes That Occur in Alaska. CDC Releases Report: Injuries and Fatalities Due to Distracted Driving.

10 Distractions for Novice Drivers and How Much They Increase the Risk of Crashes. The Top 5 Types of Alcohol and Drug-Related Crashes in Alaska. How Social Media Can Damage Your Personal Injury Claim. Study Finds Even One Drink Can Negatively Affect Older Drivers. 5 Ways to Avoid a Car Accident on St. Patrick’s Day. One-Fifth of Teens: It’s OK For Designated Driver to Consume Alcohol. Study Reveals Dangers of Exposing Young People to Drunk Driving. One Quarter Of Accidents Caused By Cell Phone Use. Motorcycle Crash Reminds Riders To Stay Safe.

Five Signs You Have The Right Personal Injury Attorney. ATV Injuries Often Deadly. What Should You Do After a Crash? Talking to An Insurance Company. Teen Paralyzed in Diving Accident. Types of Personal Injury Cases. What's Personal Injury Lawyer, and Why Should You Hire One: carsaccidentlaw — LiveJournal. What is Comparative Negligence? Alaska Ranks First in TBIs. Auto Accident Lawyers, Alaska. Personal Injury Law Firms, Alaska. Motorcycle Accident Rates High In Alaska. What are Non-Economic Damages? 5 Major Causes of Car Accidents Article. The Top Five Personal Injury Causes. Auto Accident Lawyers. The Theory of Liability. 5 Things to Keep in Your Car In Case of an Accident. How Can I Prove My Personal Injury Case? President Calls for More Research on Teen Concussions. The Cost of Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit. Amusement Park Ride Malfunctions. Traumatic Brain Injury: Not Just a Problem for Athletes. Traumatic Brain Injury Subject of $30 Million Collaborative Study.

New Study Reveals ER TBI-Related Visits on the Rise. Brain-Injured Cyclist Robert Wein Investigates Memory. Soccer Players at Greater Risk for TBI. Anchorage Auto Accident Lawyers. New Study Reveals TBI-Headache Effects for Vets. Steps to Take After a Car Accident. Top Researchers Raise Awareness of Mild TBI. Aging Can Worsen Spinal Cord Injury. Personal Injury Involving Children - Barber & Associates.