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Transaction - Vintage Levi's Denim High Waisted Shorts / Crochet/Lace Pockets / Studded. <div id="javascript-nag" class="notice"><p> Take full advantage of our site features by enabling JavaScript.

Transaction - Vintage Levi's Denim High Waisted Shorts / Crochet/Lace Pockets / Studded

<a href=" more</a>. </p></div> Help Etsy Cart Close Sign In Using Facebook or Forgot your password? Forgot your username or email? Reopen your account? Darn. But! Or, you can try some of these searches to find similar items. handmade black vintage shorts denim size high waisted clothing women crochet lace boho hippie New to Etsy? Help View: Mobile Standard © 2014 Etsy, Inc. English (UK) / $ Canadian Dollar / Canada $ CAD / Sign In Hi! Staring at Stars Crochet Lace-Up Sweater Tank. BUTTON POINT FLARE SKIRT. Vintage Levi's Denim High Waisted Shorts / by UnraveledClothing. These are a great pair of dip dyed/ombre Vintage Levi's.

Vintage Levi's Denim High Waisted Shorts / by UnraveledClothing

Color gradiates from teal to pink. Pyramid studs at front. Fraying at the hem. -------- SIZING --------Waist: 14" // Rise: 10.5" // Inseam: 3" Roughly translates to a size Euro 26/27 / USA 3/5. The easiest way to figure out sizing is to measure a pair of shorts you already own, and compare. Waist- Measure from one side of the waistband to the other side. Go up a size if you are unsure :) Vintage Levis Denim High Waist Cut off Shorts by UnraveledClothing. -Vintage high waisted cut off shorts- Original natural blue denim wash-Hand painted (bleached out) tribal pattern at back pockets.

Vintage Levis Denim High Waist Cut off Shorts by UnraveledClothing

Pretty subtle pattern, it bleached out to a lighter blue. -Lots of slashing, fraying and deconstruction-Zip fly Estimated size: SMALL Use the RISE measurement - starting at bottom of crotch - to see how high the shorts will sit on you. Then from that point, measure around your 'waist' to see if the shorts will fit you (be sure to double the waist measurement given below, you are measuring ALL the way around). Measurements taken across the front, lying flat. Waist: 13.5"Rise: 11"Outseam: 10.5"Inseam: 2" PLEASE BE SURE TO CHECK OUT MY POLICIES PAGE Please note: all sales are final. Dress / tunic '80s back to Flowers' - clothes - from Dorfmadl. ASOS PETITE Exclusive Cross Back Full Skirted Sun Dress at ASOS.  Striped stretch-jersey dress  MICHAEL Michael Kors is our go-to label for cool downtown pieces, like this midnight-blue and white stretch-jersey dress.

 Striped stretch-jersey dress 

With a fusion of timeless stripes and cool buckle-fastening straps, this thigh-grazing piece is at the top of our warm-weather wish list. Wear yours by day with tonal wedge and luxe leather accessories. Shown here with: Yves Saint Laurent bracelet, bracelet and ring, Chloé shoes, MICHAEL Michael Kors bag. Spool No. 72 MacIntosh Dress.

SO Floral Bubble Tank Dress. How To Make An Easy Dress (For Cheap!) Two facts about me: I'm cheap.

How To Make An Easy Dress (For Cheap!)

I love dresses. I wear dresses probably 6 days out of the week. It's not that I one day just decided to wear dresses to feel cute and girly. Far from it. Back in November when I really started Talk2thetrees I kinda just wore pajama pants and sweat pants. Dresses are so comfortable, I can sit around the house and feel comfortable and cute. The only problem.. they are expensive! Here is a tutorial on a High Waisted Dress: For under 6 bucks! First you will need a ribbed tank top. I got mine from Walmart for 2.50 You could also use a t-shirt 3 yards of matching fabric. Clearance section is my favorite.

Cut the tank top almost in half. (I cut mine a little too short.. oops!) For the bottom part of your dress take the fabric and wrap it around your waist about 1 and a half times, and cut in a straight line. I never measure, I never use patterns... Next you fold your fabric in half. You have kind of a big blocky rectangle skirt. We are going to create a ruffle. The Convertible “Infinity” Dress: How it almost defeated me, and what you need to make one. I made this thing.

The Convertible “Infinity” Dress: How it almost defeated me, and what you need to make one

It’s pretty cool. It’s a convertible dress that’s basically a circle and two straps, so it’s really easy, inexpensive, and crazy versatile. It’s been around forever and everyone seems to love it (in fact, part of the reason I’m posting this is to answer some questions for people I’ve run into), and I can hardly believe how close I came to not making it at all. I first found the instructions at a blog called rostitchery, and then I came across a second set at Cut Out + Keep. It sounded so easy. So I bought some material, spread it out in the living room, cut out my pieces, and… …stopped. I didn’t understand the next step. Turn the skirt inside out? And what’s this about making them overlap each other? There’s, like, a band of fabric involved? What? I figured I was just being thick. So I folded up my circle and my straps and I put it all back in the bag it came in. And I went upstairs to watch TV.

I was wearing my new dress after about half an hour. Even me. Good luck! Recovered Bohemian Infinity Dress… « Needles, Thread and Love. I saw this dress as a project in vol. 4 of the Quick Stuff To Sew magazine.

Recovered Bohemian Infinity Dress… « Needles, Thread and Love

It was insanely easy to make and I love it so much! Its so flowy and bohemian… The dress is essentially a circle skirt with two really long straps sewn onto the front. You can wrap the straps around you in different ways to make a smorgasbord of dresses! Heres a link to a tutorial and some strap wrapping inspiration. The magazine shows you how to create a ton of different looks… it would be so perfect for traveling. Like this: Like Loading...