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Researcher, content curator & professor. Interested in social media, knowledge management, innovation, technology and the impact they have on organizations


How Do You Cite a Tweet in an Academic Paper? - Alexis Madrigal - Technology. Beyond high tech: early adopters of open innovation in other industries - Chesbrough - 2006 - R&D Management. Resilience and Sustainable Development: Building Adaptive Capacity in a World of Transformations. INSEAD Knowledge: Meetings, Do You Need To Show Up? 8 Tips To Maximize Your Brand’s YouTube Presence. Michael “MJ” Jaindl is chief client officer at Buddy Media, maker of the social-enterprise software of choice for eight of the top ten advertisers in the world.

8 Tips To Maximize Your Brand’s YouTube Presence

Visit Buddy Media’s blog for more on social marketing. Creating an account on YouTube is simple, and building a channel for your brand is quick and easy. Your Social Media Success Toolkit: 10 Must-Have Resources. “A determined soul will do more with a rusty monkey wrench than a loafer will accomplish with all the tools in a machine shop.”

Your Social Media Success Toolkit: 10 Must-Have Resources

Community management: The 'essential' capability of successful Enterprise 2.0 efforts. Twelve best practices for online customer communities. One of the more significant Web 2.0 trends in business this year has been the advent of the Web-based customer community, where groups of like-minded individuals focus around a brand or a set of product and services come together and interact online.

Twelve best practices for online customer communities

Far from the cynical marketing ploy that it can sometimes seem, customer communities often sprout up on the initiative of passionate customers. Social Business Survey: How Fast to Mainstream? How important is social media to your business?

Social Business Survey: How Fast to Mainstream?

It depends sharply on the industry you’re in, according to a new survey by MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte. The recent survey on social business that MIT Sloan Management Review conducted in collaboration with Deloitte clearly indicates the growing importance of social business across all industries over the next three years. The survey asked respondents whether social business was unimportant, somewhat unimportant, neutral, somewhat important, or important to their business. The following chart shows just those who answered “important,” cut by industry type.

Fundador de delicious lanza Skills, para mostrar al mundo nuestras habilidades. Innovation and Complexity. Tips for A Leader’s Role in Culture Creation. 4 tips for managers to help employees realize their potential. Kate Matsudaira is vice president of engineering at Decide, a technology startup focused on helping consumers make smarter purchases through science and data.

4 tips for managers to help employees realize their potential

She has extensive experience managing software teams at some of the top software companies, such as Amazon and Microsoft. Special Report - Science Nation. 5 Motivations for Sharing Content. Sharing on a social web drives millions of hits for viral videos, motivates people to email humorous articles and makes content spread at the speed of a “click”.

5 Motivations for Sharing Content

Humans have always shared.. How To Work A Room Like You Own The Place - Forbes. How to Make an Infographic of your Twitter Profile. Computer technology at its birth was complicated and extremely difficult to use.

How to Make an Infographic of your Twitter Profile

It was the sand box of geeks and engineers. You had to have a degree in computer science to play with the big mainframes of IBM and Hewlett Packard. It was the age of “big iron”, water cooled monsters that took up rooms to crunch data that is now seen as simple tasks and can now be performed on your iPhone. Computing for the Masses The advent of the personal computer brought computing to the masses. Software emerged such as Word, that enabled people to easily write their own documents and by-pass the secretary with the type writer. How Blogging Helps Companies Generate Leads Online: The Data Speaks. Many articles have been written over the years enumerating the benefits of blogging for online lead generation.

How Blogging Helps Companies Generate Leads Online: The Data Speaks

While blogging is but one of many ways to generate leads online, there is significant data to back these assertions up. Here are just a few data points in support of business blogging, courtesy of Inbound Marketing experts Hubspot: B2B companies that blog get 67% more leads/monthB2C companies that blog get 88% more leads/monthCompanies that blog have 55% more website visitors For the sake of simplicity, there are three broad reasons why blogging helps companies generate leads online: 1. Learning Solutions 2012 Conference & Expo. Curious ! Worldometers - real time world statistics. Build your brand with media attention. Media representatives are busy people – make sure your information and contact details are easy to find!

Build your brand with media attention

Awesome Facts and Figures on the Rise of the Social Mobile Web - INFOGRAPHIC. I had the privilege of speaking at the BE-Wizard Web Conference in Italy last week.

Awesome Facts and Figures on the Rise of the Social Mobile Web - INFOGRAPHIC

It was a tribute to Enrico and his team at Titanka, to witness and participate in an international class conference, that in only 4 years have taken an initially small event, with only 30 people attending in 2009 to having an audience of over 600 people in 2012. After attending the conference over the 2 days at the sea side holiday resort city of Rimini, I decided to grab the opportunity to take a vacation break and explore the sights, history and gastronomic delights of Italy. Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS) and the Difussion of #Innovations. Russ Marion. Full PDF. Millennials Survey: Millennials at Work. Reshaping the workplace. 50 Ways You Can Market Your Restaurant On The Internet. The Internet is a powerful way to reach customers and bring them into your restaurant. If you are just starting to market your restaurant on the Internet or are looking for some new ideas I’ve put together this list to help you. There are fifty ideas across a number of marketing channels that you can start using right away.

Twitter Send out a Tweet each day with your specials.Pre-schedule those Tweets with Buffer.Send out a periodic specials to your Twitter followers.Add a QR code to a table tent sign that will easily allow your customers to Tweet that they are in your restaurant.Tweet content that you post to your website.Ask your Followers for feedback on new menu items.Use Twitterfollow to find and follow the top Tweeters in your area.Use Twitter to let your customers known when their table is ready.Thank every new Twitter follower.Do you have a loyalty program?

Lecture by Ikujiro Nonaka. (Part I) Check for Plagiarism On the Web For Free - Grab Data and Build Your Infographic in Minutes, Using Piktochart. Piktochart is a Malaysia-based startup that focuses on helping customers build infographics fast. Like really fast. The Three New Pillars of 21st Century Learning. Four Steps to Finding Your Ideal Writing Voice. Own Your Influence. Phase 1 Innovation Analytics Hypothesis Generation. CAS-Group Blog » Blog Archive » The purpose of emotions. Uso de Twitter para empresas ganadoras. Google Glasses: más allá de la era post-pc. Fue una de las noticias que inundaba los blogs “high tech” mundiales hace unos días, cuando decidí desconectar. Ya de vuelta quería presentaros lo principal de Project Glass, el último proyecto de Google para hacer de internet y realidad conceptos ya indistinguibles.

Aunque parezca ciencia ficción y la pesadilla definitiva de los luditas, una mirada amplia os dejará entrever las posibilidades este tipo de visión aumentada junto a los asistentes virtuales por voz que también recrean. Sea en forma de lentes de contacto o gafas visibles como elemento definitivo de auto-definición geek, este podría ser el escenario, dicen en Google, que este mismo año: Los escenarios imaginables incluyen un mundo mucho más vigilado, no solamente vía satélite desde gobiernos y poderes múltiples sino desde los propios pares que pueden estar grabándonos en cada momento.

Sí, lo sé… aparecen, ante la evidente sobrecarga informativa que se imagina, multitud de reflexiones. Sayama. How Networks Changed the "Scale" of Our World. Design for Emotion: A book about emotional design – by Trevor van Gorp and Edie Adams. Design for Emotion is a guide to understanding and applying emotion and personality to create products, applications and websites that are more desirable, usable and useful.

Creative professionals who design consumer products, entertainment, software, websites, marketing and communications are beginning to appreciate the importance of evoking emotions and personality to capture viewers’ attention and provide more satisfying experiences. Based on the authors’ combined experience of over 30 years in graphic, interactive and industrial design, user interface design, human factors, ergonomics, product management and product innovation, Design for Emotion is your guide to creating emotional products, apps and websites. Who Should Read it? Designers, UX professionals, marketers, product managers and communication professionals.

PAPER (DOC DWLD, 15pg) #Connectivism in the Enterprise - - To explore connectivist #learning models in #business settings. To Innovate You Must Live With Uncertainty « Innovation Leadership Network. Carlos Rodriguez. How to analyse influence via dynamic conversations - mapping social media week. Management y nueva economía, indivisibles (I) How to analyse influence via dynamic conversations - mapping social media week.

Social media week in London provided an excellent opportunity to analyse influence. Too often when there is a breaking story, I whish I could have turned back the clocks by a few days to see how the story originated and spread whilst focussing on who the key people were in the conversation and what they did to help propagate it. This blog post will illustrate several key concepts that are unique to TweetLevel and Edelman. Conversation map analysis shouldn’t be conducted post event but through real time metrics allowing you to understand what time of engagement behaviour an influential person has.

After all what’s the point of a static map when conversations aren’t the end result but a flow of information over time. The key players in a conversation are not just the most popular but those who start the ideas, spread and curate them. Dynamic conversation map. What Matters in Social Business? Latest Facts & Figures Report. Juntos cuando estamos solos, Sociabilidad aumentada y libertad. 3 Social Marketing Communication Methods: When & How to Use Them. 4 tips for managers to help employees realize their potential. What’s Yours Is Mine – Copyright in the age of Social Media – Part One. Initial impact, behavior and reflection.


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