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FACILE ORIGAMI. Free Books: Sewing Projects, Ideas, Tutorials, & Techniques: Sew Daily. PLEGAR. Free 84 Bags & Purses Sewing Patterns. Crochet Patterns Knitting Patterns Sewing Patterns Cross Stitch Patterns Quilt Patterns Yarn Stores.

Free 84 Bags & Purses Sewing Patterns

3EyedBear. Free Dress Patterns. Sewing Patterns for Travel Bags: When You're on the Go. Are you headed over the river and through the woods this holiday season?

Sewing Patterns for Travel Bags: When You're on the Go

Whether you’re hitting the open road or flying the friendly skies, make sure you’re ready to travel in style with these sewing patterns for travel bags. Learn how to sew a reversible tote and zipper pouch, perfect for travel, in the FREE Craftsy class Bag-Making Basics! Carry-on bags Photo via StudioCherie The Travel Duffel pattern is just the right size for a weekend trip, as a carry-on bag for the plane, or a roomy tote for the car (to keep all of your road-trip essentials close at hand). Photo via Barbara Weiland The Quilted Traveler’s Tote pattern has lots of pockets on the outside to keep your must-haves within easy reach. DIY Clothes. Lilla Le Vine. My methods are varied but to try and make generic.

Lilla Le Vine

I start with an idea and color. Those two always. Clothing design. Quilt of Belonging - Gallery. For Crazy Quilters by Crazy Quilters. DIY Clothes. Cloth Doll Making by Runo Dollmaker. Coats Crafts UK home. The Crafters File Box: The "Planket": A Tutorial From the File Box.

Kate Dicey home page. Your Free One-stop Site for Costume Information & Images. Copyright-free, Downloadable, Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, Expert. Directory Of Free Sewing Patterns. CAFTAN. Featured: Oscar de la Renta Caftan Oscar de la Renta shows us how to relax with this 2009 caftan style.


The sheer striped silk print is so feminine and the flat braid trim makes this style ultra luxe. Can you just imagine lounging around in this? (You’ll definitely want to sew one up as no pattern is required.) This is a classic piece that belongs in any collection of beautiful, fine clothing. You will need: Fashion fabric, 45″ [114cm] wideFlat braid trim, 2″ [5cm] wideCoordinating thread12 half-ball buttons, line 20 [12.5 mm dia.] Measure from the nape of your neck down to the desired length: purchase twice this amount of 45″ [114cm] wide fashion fabric and four and a half times this amount of 2″ [50mm] wide flat braid trim . Cut the fabric into two equal lengths.

Reduce the width of both pieces to 35″ [89cm]. From the excess cut-away material, cut two rectangles, each measuring 10″ wide x 40″ long [25.5cm x 102cm]. Choose one length of fabric to be the front of the caftan. Little Red Infinity Dress Tutorial. *Tutorial made by Melissa @ Sew Like My Mom for her win during the Red Week challenge.

Little Red Infinity Dress Tutorial

. * DIY BAG LOVER. Free Hat Patterns : Posted on | October 9, 2008 | 8 Comments The links on this page are for sewn hats only.

Free Hat Patterns :

There are fabulous patterns available for knitted and crocheted hats, but I don’t do those crafts so I didn’t list them. If you do knit and crochet, take a look here. Fleece hats are all the rage now, so naturally there are a lot of free patterns on the web. For more fleece hats, also look under hats for kids. A headscarf is the easiest type of hat to make. Initially popular only among bikers, mainstream women have discovered doo-rags, too. Machine Serial Numbers. SINGER® sewing machines were first manufactured in 1851.

Machine Serial Numbers

The manufacture dating provided here on our Web site is reproduced from the original Company register number log books. Because we have not been able to locate the log books, serial numbers for the years 1851 to 1870 are not available at this time. Serial numbers on SINGER® sewing machines manufactured prior to 1900 are numbers only. After 1900, the machine serial numbers have a single or two-letter prefix. Lily Abello's Sewing Resource Guide.

Inkjet Papers and Fabrics, Window Stickers and Other Arts and Craft Materials. Craft. Paper Craft. Fabric Crafts. for Crazy Quilters by Crazy Quilters. Free Christmas Designs. Please accept these Free Designs as my way of saying "thank you" to my loyal customers.

Free Christmas Designs

These designs can be copied and shared with others for hand stitching only. Free doesn't mean that you can sell the finished stitched piece on eBay to make money. You can't do this. You also can't use the designs for machine embroidery, greeting cards, or other reproduction because I still own the copyright for these designs, and I reserve all rights to them, including the right to license them for other uses. Simply can't make money from my work if I don't make money from my work. The images displayed on the initial pages for each angel are low resolution preview images of the chart and sometimes a color preview image. Pictures of Free Christmas Designs Designs Stitched on Paper. Ink Circles - 2006 Goodies. I know the page is titled 2006 Knots.

Ink Circles - 2006 Goodies

No, Silly, there aren’t patterns for 2,006 Celtic Knots here! Just 12. These are the complimentary charts that I posted during the year 2006 and they have been moved to this “archive” page. I’ve seen some great biscornus, pendibles and ornaments made with these... send me your project photos. I’d love to add to the gallery. Click the individual months or get the whole year in one tidy package, complete with color pictures. Author Jan Brett's Free Activities Pages. The Colette Patterns Pants Fitting Cheatsheet. Fitting pants is a bit tricky, let’s face it.

The Colette Patterns Pants Fitting Cheatsheet

There are a lot of differences among women in the areas between waist and ankles. You’ve got hips and waists of different sizes, butts of various shapes, legs of all different lengths, thighs that bulge in different ways, calves that may or may not be muscular. And then there are the differences in posture! With all these factors, no wonder pants fitting seems so mystifying. And no wonder it’s so hard for most of us to find a good pair of RTW pants that fit. I wanted to find a way to distill most of the pants adjustments you might need down into an easy to scan format. Quilt of Belonging - Block by Block. Block by Block The Quilt of Belonging consists of 263 11-inch fabric squares, 70 representing all Aboriginal groups, 193 featuring all immigrant nationalities in Canada and the Canadian block. View a Subset of Blocks Use the following tool to view selected blocks organized by region.

Search for a Keyword Use the following tool to search the block descriptions for a particular word or phrase. Help us make the world a better place Invitation, the Quilt of Belonging has used a wide variety of printed and electronic sources to collect information to write the Description and History for each block. Free Quilt Patterns From Carol Doak. Lilla Le Vine. Free Quilt Patterns. Antique Pattern Library Antique Pattern Library. Printable Paper Doll Gallery. S Paperdoll Page II: Printable Children & Teenager Paperdolls.