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Blended Learning. Getting Grades out of the Way. Patrick Henry Winston “What was class average?”

Getting Grades out of the Way

I feel like I have been asked a 1,000 times, and I confess, each time it makes me cringe. It tells me the student is fixated on evaluation, not on the material. It tells me the student is competing with other students, rather than aspiring for a level of knowledge. It tells me the student thinks we grade on a curve, which is prohibited by a sensible MIT rule. In the fall of 2006, just after yet another student in 6.034, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, asked the class-average question, we of the staff decided that we had had enough, and that it was time to start over in a search for a better way of certifying skills. We should find a way to deemphasize grades so as to make room for big ideas We should test understanding, not speed and general intelligence We should not care whether a student demonstrates understanding early in the semester, or late, as long as the student demonstrates understanding.

Best Practice. Brain-Based Learning. Theories of Learning. Photos du journal - Teaching Tolerance. Teachingchannel. When 'Do You Have Weapons?' Is Heard More Often In Schools Than 'Do You Have Dreams?' In 2012, at the entrance of a West Philadelphia high school, an armed officer asked the poet Denice Frohman if she had a weapon on her.

When 'Do You Have Weapons?' Is Heard More Often In Schools Than 'Do You Have Dreams?'

Standing before firearms and metal detectors, Frohman held up her weapon: a book. The officer was unamused. This March, at the 2014 College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational at the University of Colorado Boulder, Frohman described the encounter in a spoken word performance with fellow poet Dominique Christina. In a video uploaded last week by Button Poetry, you can see the poets' performance, in which Frohman goes on to relate what happened when she stood before a classroom full of students at that same West Philadelphia high school. "I asked them if they have dreams," Frohman recites in the video. The poets attribute the students' struggle to "No Child Left Behind," an educational reform policy often criticized for forcing public school teachers to "teach to the test.

" "The wind in my chest stood up. Watch the video above to see their performance. Learner-Centered Instruction. Exprime-toi! (Les descriptions physiques… Exprime-toi! (Je décris les vêtements.)… QuestioningTechniques4674. Instructional Design Models and Theories: Gestalt Theory. Teaching Blogs. French teaching. 21st Century Learning. Education Needs a Digital-Age Upgrade. Teaching Creativity – The Case for Mind Mapping. If thinking is about making connections between pieces of information, then creative thinking is making the connections that no one else has seen.

Teaching Creativity – The Case for Mind Mapping

However, when we tell students to find relationships between seemingly disparate ideas, we often get blank stares—why? According to thinkers like Ken Robinson, it’s because our education system kills creativity. From the moment they lift a pen, students are taught to think linearly. They read books from start to finish, left to right and top to bottom. They practice their writing in lines. It is no wonder that students can’t make connections between ideas when they reach college. We have strong evidence that Da Vinci, Descartes, Darwin and virtually every other iconic thinker traversed disciplines and distant plains of inquiry to reach powerful insights.

Teaching Mind Mapping? I believe they can, particularly if they get access to helpful technology. And students value this too. Image from ConceptDraw Mind Map Web Page About Jane Karwoski, PhD. 70 Tools And 4 Reasons To Make Your Own Infographics. Infographics are everywhere.

70 Tools And 4 Reasons To Make Your Own Infographics

Some love them. Some hate them. But however you feel, it’s fun to learn a little bit in a short period of time. Most are made so you can quickly grasp the key concepts behind them. Critical Thinking. Teaching as Inquiry. Web goodies. GreatTEDTalks. Super Resources. Search Result: back to school activities. Classroom Freebies Too: Classroom Management Idea.

Our first grade team met with our kindergarten teachers for a sharing session.

Classroom Freebies Too: Classroom Management Idea

They had just attended a Nellie Edge seminar and came back with a wealth of ideas. This one's such a simple classroom management idea, but I think it's so USEFUL. Have students leave a "reserved" sign to save a place or materials they are using. This works well at center time, math time, or any other time when students are using materials and temporarily leave an area. I created Reserve My Spot! Download the packet HERE. Teaching Strategies. Teaching. Teaching and education. Education - Teaching and Learning Resources. Positive teaching/ classroom management. Teaching Research / Ideas / Strategies.

French Curriculum. 10 Minutes to Make – Impact – Priceless (The ease/reward of a unit slideshow) As Foreign Language teachers we are continually focussing on teaching in ‘context’.

10 Minutes to Make – Impact – Priceless (The ease/reward of a unit slideshow)

It is the link between the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ that really helps to deepen both the learning (and the will to learn) within our students. One of the ways that I have started to experiment with setting context is through visuals – visuals from the target language country. It started, as many of my things do, with a one-off kind of thing – almost a fluke as it were.