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Ben Jan

An Automotive Expert that talks about tips for car services in UAE

How To Maintenance The Engine Of Used Car Or New Car – uaecarmaintenance. Vehicles need maintenance on a regular basis to keep them running smoothly.

How To Maintenance The Engine Of Used Car Or New Car – uaecarmaintenance

By doing regular maintenance on your used car or new car, you will have a car that always runs better, you will be able to catch any problems early, and your car will last much longer than if you did not. New cars maintenance is relatively simple. Since you are starting with a new car you can read the manual that comes with the vehicle (it’s usually left in the glove box) make sure you get the manual when you purchase the new vehicle. The manual should tell you how often you need to do certain maintenance procedures and even when you should replace items. Used cars maintenance can be a little more difficult because you really have no idea how the prior owner did the maintenance, if he or she did any regular work on the car at all. AC Repair Done Right – uaecarmaintenance. Ask anyone.

AC Repair Done Right – uaecarmaintenance

Anyone you come across who is a homeowner has probably done the AC repair song and dance. Trying to find a cheap fix in order to avoid replacement, hiring a plain handyman instead of a licensed professional, and all kinds of other budget cutters have been tried in an effort to save a large sum of money on heating and cooling repair. Top Reasons to Take Your Car to the Shop – uaecarmaintenance. Car Repair Experts in UAE — Preparing Your Car for Sale – Tips From a Car... Car Repair Experts in UAE — Preparing Your Car for Sale – Tips From a Car...

Auto Repair And The Check Engine Light – uaecarmaintenance. The lights on your dash are a constant reminder for when it is time for a maintenance visit or even an auto repair appointment.

Auto Repair And The Check Engine Light – uaecarmaintenance

The check engine light is an indicator to let you know that something isn’t right. When you bring your vehicle into the shop you want to tell them when you noticed the light, what you were doing when it came on, and how long it has been on. This will make the process of diagnosing your concern a little easier. Learn Basic Car Maintenance. It’s amazing how many people get taken for a ride (ha ha) just by taking their car in for a basic service.

Learn Basic Car Maintenance

A lot of people over think the modern technology of their car and believe everything the repair shop tells them. Modern cars really require way less maintenance, even though the basic concept is the same.With all this power and amenities, most people forget or never knew that it is the same basic internal combustion engine used over a hundred years ago.

And, electric and hybrid cars require even less maintenance than conventional automobiles! Learning basic maintenance about your vehicle can save you thousands of dollars over time and minimize potential breakdowns.The three thousand mile oil change is a thing of past. If you’re still changing your car’s oil every three thousand miles, you’re wasting your money. Fleet Services in UAE - AG Cars Services. Auto Wheels & Brakes Repair Services in UAE - AG Cars Services. When it comes to car safety, brake system is a topper of the list.

Auto Wheels & Brakes Repair Services in UAE - AG Cars Services

Have your brakes regularly inspected to make sure they are in safe working condition. Your vehicle’s brake components are wear and tear items which would require maintenance and replacements periodically or as per usage. A thorough inspection should include brake lining wear, brake fluid level, discs and pads thickness, condition of hoses and brake lines, brake and dash warning lights. Auto Body and Denting Repairs - AG Cars Services. Dents and paint damages on your vehicle degrades the aesthetics of your car.

Auto Body and Denting Repairs - AG Cars Services

Unattended, it could also cause corrosion of the underlying metal resulting in rust formation which could incur higher repair cost and eventually affect the resell value of the vehicle. Car denting and paint job is a crucial process. It requires skilled and trained technicians to ensure the quality is top-notch. AG CARS is the answer to your Body repair requirements and here’s why: – Highly trained technicians for body and denting repairs – Specialized hand tools – Trusted by Major Auto Insurance providers – State of the art facilities. Car Computer Diagnosis in UAE - AG Cars Services. Since January 1, 1996, vehicles were required to have On-Board Diagnostics or OBD.

Car Computer Diagnosis in UAE - AG Cars Services

It means, vehicle have been manufactured to self-diagnose and have the capability to report. This technology allows the vehicles to alert the drivers via malfunction indicator lights on the dashboard but won’t have the capacity to exactly tell you what the real problem is. This is where digital communication ports come handy with the standard diagnostic trouble codes or DTC. With this built-in diagnostic technology on vehicles, a computerized tool is required when diagnosing & trouble shooting. Engine & Transmission Repairs in UAE - AG Cars Services. Every vehicle has different characteristics on the drive.

Engine & Transmission Repairs in UAE - AG Cars Services

Any deviation from its normal performance is highly noticeable by its driver. If you feel that your car is not performing as it used to, or you notice obvious signs such as unusual burning smell, engine cranking but hesitates to start, poor or delay in acceleration or jerking on drive, get your car diagnosed and repaired immediately to avoid further damage which will cost you more money and inconvenience. Car Polishing and Detailing Services in UAE - AG Cars Services. Polishing is a process of paintwork care and appearance enhancement maintenance.

Car Polishing and Detailing Services in UAE - AG Cars Services

It helps to preserve or restore the pristine of your car’s paint finish. It also removes small damages done to the topcoat of your car’s paint such as road gunk, bird droppings, sap, surface scratches, and swirl marks. When to polish your car? We recommend to Polish your car twice a year. The benefits of polishing far exceed those of just waxing. Headlight Restoration Service in UAE - AG Cars Services. Most of the headlights are made from plastic so they are prone to environmental damage.

Headlight Restoration Service in UAE - AG Cars Services

Furthermore, external factors like sun exposure and pollution can affect it. When you are driving at night, you want to make sure that you can see everything as clear as possible in order to avoid accidents. Instead of replacing the headlights of the car, it can be restored to make it look good. Here are the benefits of Headlight Restoration: – Improves Visibility. What are the causes of Engine Overheating? Engine overheating is a common problem which most of the car owners experiences.

In simple term, the heat can’t escape the engine compartment because the cooling system is not working properly. There are many factors that can contribute to this problem. In all cases, engine overheating can greatly affect the performance of the car and it can also give discomfort to the car owner. What are the causes of Engine Overheating? Brake Pad Replacement Service in UAE - AG Cars Services. Nowadays, most of the vehicles are equipped with disc brakes.

It reduces the level of friction between brake calipers and rotors. As time goes by, brake pads need to be replaced. Every type of vehicle needs a specific brake pad replacement service. Some of the vehicles require specialized pads to reduce dust contamination and noise level. Steering & Suspension Repairs in UAE - AG Cars Services. Steering & Suspensions are part of the system that makes up the vehicle’s chassis which includes the unibody (or frame), brake system, steering & suspension systems & wheel assemblies. These systems work in a synchronized manner to provide safe & comfortable drivability.Steering & suspension systems are responsible for keeping your vehicle connected to the road. Common Symptoms of a failing Steering & Suspension system: 1. Leakages 2. Noises 3. Apart from comfort on drive, steering and suspensions are safety-related components that needs to be addressed as early as it is identified. AG Cars is the largest Multibrand Service network in the UAE with Highly Technical Team of Mechanics, State of the Art Facilities, Advanced Diagnostic Equipment and Up to date Automotive Computer Software to inspect & repair steering and suspension concerns.

Routine Service Maintenance in UAE - AG Cars Services. Routine service maintenance is a vital planned or scheduled servicing of your vehicle as per the manufacturer’s recommendation. It is important that vehicle’s servicing is carried out as per the recommended interval as a preventive means to avoid potentially costly breakdowns. The components on your vehicle are interrelated. Ignoring maintenance can lead to performance and parts-specific or entire system failure.

Where can you find the recommended interval? Your vehicle comes with a manual and the information is mentioned on the maintenance schedule section. When is your vehicle commonly due for service? Vehicles commonly has either a recommended interval of 5,000 kms, 10,000 kms, 15,000 kms & 20,000 kms depending on the brand.

What are the components checked and replaced on each interval? Periodical Maintenance in UAE - AG Cars Services. Car Mechanical Services in UAE - AG Cars Services. Our Mechanical Services provides all types of repairs ranging from a Manufacturer’s recommended Periodic Maintenance, Vehicle Inspection, to minor & major repairs in UAE at an economical rate with a Tier 1 quality that provides our customers the ‘Value for their money’. Car Air Conditioning Check Up in UAE - AG Cars Services. Car air conditioning is a system within your vehicle modified to make it compact and to fit with the engine’s components.

This system allows to cool the interior air of the vehicle in hot weather, providing a cooler environment for the occupants. There are 5 major components in the AC system. 1. Compressor 2. Condenser 3. Tyre & Battery Check Up in UAE - AG Cars Services. The automotive battery is a rechargeable component that plays a vital role in feeding the starter and starting your car. It stores charge that is generated by the alternator. Battery is an electrical component which could wear out due to its age, condition or misuse.