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DIY corn hole game by bower power. Put Up Your Dukes: double braided scarf tutorial. As i give you the tutorial for the double braid version of my braided scarf. the single braid tutorial that has gotten so much awesome feedback and love (sew, mama, sew!

Put Up Your Dukes: double braided scarf tutorial

And prudent baby featured it in their round ups! Holy SQUEEEE!) That i can't even cope. seriously. the pins, the comments, the emails, the traffic: they have been amazing. i love the bloggy and sewing world. i hope lots of folks will thrilled to receive these great handmade scarves, made by their loved ones, for christmas this year. or you could just be like me and make a bunch for yourself. that's cool. grinches gots to stay warm too. to get this look for your scarf you will follow the single braid tutorial up through step 3. that is where we pick up. b-remember which color you start with on the bottom. h-put the opposite color on the bottom when you start to join your remaining two ends. if you dont do this, you wont end up with a symmetrical braid.

Növényi nyomatok kis csavarral - a falon. Gyerekkoromban lelkesen préselgettem és gyűjtögettem a virágokat, leveleket, akkoriban ez divat volt, meg iskolai feladat, talán nem voltam vele egyedül ... :) A növényi préselések, és az alkotó munka kombinációját valósítja meg az alábbi kreatív falikép, amelyet bátran elkészíthettek Ti is.

Növényi nyomatok kis csavarral - a falon

Szükségetek lesz hozzá kartonpapírra, préselt levelekre és virágokra, egy-két élénkszínű akrilfestékre, visszaszedhető ragasztósprayre (3M) vagy helyettesíthető kétoldalú ragasztóval, világos krémszín (vagy arany) sprayfestékre. Recycled Tee Scarf. 61K+ Recycle all of those tee shirts that you don't wear anymore!

Recycled Tee Scarf

Make a comfy, cute scarf, its easy! STEP ONE: Grab a tee shirt and lay out flat. STEP TWO: Starting at the bottom, cut one inch wide rings. (You can use the hem if you want) You should get around 16 rings. STEP THREE: Stretch out each ring and wrap around your hand three to four times. Surface Table. DIY creative market - the heap of sugar album. TShirts. Madigan made… a super simple, no-sew, infinity scarf.


Today is the second day of Simple Scarf Week! I should’ve started out the week with this scarf since it is the easiest scarf of all! No Sew, T-Shirt Vest. Super Easy, No sew, T-Shirt Vest. Naming this, The Sarah Vest. I don't know about you, but I have been seeing these vests everywhere. My sister always has such cool ones. Cute, easy, and comfortable, vests like these are a really adorable way to layer and change up an outfit. Tie-dye business cards from-T_T-continue 100_ Xiang in a heap of sugar net share. How to Make an Adjustable Switchback Strap by TIAT. Love love love Necklush! DIY! / diy heart knotnecklace. Sea Horse Ear Cuff Jewelry. This whimsical solid sterling silver Seahorse Ear Cuff curves gracefully along the contour of your ear.

Sea Horse Ear Cuff Jewelry

It is beautifully detailed 1 3/4" long and available for either the left or the right ear. Chain Loop Scarf. Sustainability for a better world / Moss Graffiti... love the idea. Print Hula Hoop Rug Page. This photo originally appeared in FamilyFun Magazine Total Time 2 to 3 hours Ages school-age What does it take to transform a pile of old T-shirts into spectacular works of woven art?

Print Hula Hoop Rug Page

Just a spare hula hoop or embroidery hoop and the techniques we'll show you here. Nature / Thinking With My Hands: A tree for all seasons. Ear Cuffs and Ear Wraps. Marty Magic Ear Cuffs and Ear Wraps require no piercings.

Ear Cuffs and Ear Wraps

An Ear Cuff clips to the cartilage at the edge of the ear. Ear Wraps have a wire that curves behind the ear to secure the Ear Wrap in place (like a bluetooth headset). Marty's designs are whimsical and sculptural, carefully crafted and cast in solid sterling silver, bronze or special order in 14K gold. They easily fit most ears are guaranteed to delight you and your friends. Soap Pumps Made From Recycled Jars and Bottles. These are two smaller bottles and jars we converted to undergo a second life as a soap pump, the jars were just too cute to throw away, spray panted the lid after drilling the hole.

If you would like to try out these green projects click the buy link above to buy a few soap pump tops. A coconut juice bottle had an interesting shape. A starbucks coffee bottle. A starbucks coffee bottle also works perfectly for the foamers just screw it on. A starbucks coffee bottle looks much better without the label, perfect for sandblasting on or decorating. Here is a way to turn bottles with out threads into soap or lotion pumps, use a 1cc pump and a synthetic cork, 2cc can also be used but would require a larger hole, carefully drill a 1/2" hole in the cork. Stuff the cork into the top of the bottle, and push the the soap pump in. Wave Rider Mermaid Ear Wrap Jewelry.

This detailed, solid sterling silver, Wave Rider Mermaid flows gracefully along the perimiter of the ear.

Wave Rider Mermaid Ear Wrap Jewelry

DIY: Infinity Scarf from Tshirt. How To: Make A Fringe Scarf. Re-purposing: Tshirts into 5-strand-braided-headbands.