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5 Tips on Hiring Quality Healthcare Staff. 8 Customer Service Books You Need to Read Now. 8 Customer Service Books You Need to Read Now. 7 Customer Service Images Businesses Can Learn From. The Importance of Cultivating Customer Relationships. The Future of Call Centers. Customer Retention Strategies: A Definitive Guide. VMV Inskin » » HYPOALLERGENIC: What is it Really? One letter can spell a world of difference. HypO means less. HypER means more. And hype means noise — in this case lots of it. We applaud the growing interest in hypoallergenicity. Where Can I Get Information I Can Trust? Getting your information from legitimate, reputable sources is always your best bet. Another reputable source, your local FDA, may not settle the issue either. While you can’t turn yourself into an expert overnight, you can keep a few key concepts in mind that can help you identify which products are more hypoallergenic and which might be using the term loosely.

Here are 10 simple ways to spot what might be “hype” and what’s hypoallergenic: Hypoallergenic means less likely to cause allergies. Memorizing the list of allergens is impractical. Simple formulations with as few ingredients as possible minimize the risk of cross reactions. Fragrance is consistently ranked high on allergen lists. TIP: In lieu of shopping with a chemist in tow, take a whiff. 2: Warshaw, E et al. 3 Ways Proves Its Spot as a Customer Service Champion. 5 Things Recruiters Immediately Notice in Your Resume (and What You Shouldn’t Include)

Manpower Agency VS Resource Augmentation Company: What's the Difference? How to Become a Better Writer in 7 Easy Steps - The National Book Store Blog. What Makes Employees Want to Stay (or Leave) Rewards Program as a Winning Marketing Strategy - Blog. 6 Greatest Misconceptions of the World about Australians. It’s common for people to have misconceptions based on what they have heard, read or seen on TV. Sometimes, they automatically see it as the truth just because of how often they hear about it.

However, not everything we hear, read or see on TV is true. Take for example what a lot of people think about Australians. Below are just some of the most popular (and ridiculous) misconceptions about them. 1. Maybe it’s because Steve Irwin who achieved worldwide fame from the television series The Crocodile Hunter was one of the most popular Aussies on TV that people began to think all Australians talk like him. 2. Here’s another common misconception brought about by the media, specifically from the hugely popular 80s film starring Paul Hogan called Crocodile Dundee. 3. While it is true that there exists a large population of kangaroos in Australia, you can’t find them everywhere. 4.

Koalas, like some species of kangaroos, are native to Australia. 5. True, Aussies love a good barbecue. 6. What A-List Australian Celebrities' Homes Look Like. Ever wonder where A-list Australian celebrities go home to and what their personal space looks like? Walk with us and take a peek into the homes of these famous Aussie talents. 1. Hugh Jackman’s NYC Mansion Hugh Jackman’s NYC mansion is as sleek and classy as he is. This triplex apartment in Manhattan is so massive at 11,000 square feet of space since it is a combination of 8th, 9th to 10th floor and has a stunning view of the Hudson River. 2. One of the many houses that Mel Gibson put up for selling, this 500-acre property located in Costa Rica is surrounded by a forest of trees giving it its indigenous feel. 3.

Nicole Kidman and husband Keith Urban chose this place because of its very spacious and contemporary design that is fit for their family of four. 5. While this one lot is not owned by Kylie Minogue, she leased this lovely beach-side residence in Sydney during her stay here as a coach in The Voice Australia. 5. 6. 7. 8. So quaint you wouldn’t think an A-list star live there. 9. What A-List Australian Celebrities' Homes Look Like. 20 Coolest Airbnb Rentals in Sydney. When traveling, we normally scout for hotel, if not transient apartments, to stay in. We want it to be as comfortable as our own home or to provide us with a different experience that makes the travel way more memorable.

This is what Airbnb offers to their clients. Being one of the most reliable traveling sites you can find online, Airbnb connects you to home owners from around the globe who rent out their bed, a room or even their entire home to guests looking for an alternative to hotel accommodations. We have gathered 20 Airbnb rentals in Sydney that are just the coolest! Take your pick. 1. Rent out this entire apartment and get an exclusive view of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Rate: $200/night Lodges: 4 guests 2. If you want to relax and enjoy walks by the beach, then this private spot is perfect for you. Rate: $142 Lodges: 2 guests 3. Anyone who has a penchant for retro vibe will love this flat. Rate: $117/night 4. Rate: $220/night Lodges: 7 guests 5.

Rate: $141/night 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. You Know You're from Melbourne When... People from around the world think that all Australians are the same. Nothing could be further from the truth, as we practically carry certain aspects that identify which state we are from—like someone from Melbourne, for example. Melbourne is known by the rest of the country as “CBD”, “cultural capital of Australia” and “unofficial sporting capital of Australia”. That said, if you’re from Melbourne, you’ll immediately spot a fellow Melbournian quite distinctly You know you’re from Melbourne when… 1.

You evoke the hipster vibe because, Gothic Laneways. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. Once ranked first in The Economist Intelligence Unit’s 2012 Most Livable Cities, we wouldn’t be surprised that many would want to settle in Melbourne, Australia. (Banner Photo Source) 10 Sydney Hotspots You'd Want to Be Seen In This 2015. Just when you think you have seen the best of Sydney, then think again. Several famous industry names and real estate developers are up with new openings and properties set to make Sydney sizzle even more.

We have rounded up this list of top hotspots in Sydney that you should definitely want to be seen in this 2015. 1. Barangaroo Barangaroo has a lot in store for the Sydney dwellers this year. One of the biggest developments to happen is the proposed waterside precint that includes residential and commercial areas—first of which is the Bangaroo South.

There is also Bangaroo Point with a grand harbour park and new cultural center, in the works and will open soon. 2. Dubbed as the latest hotspot in Sydney, Chippendale has become a haven for the arts as many old edifices are restructured as galleries, bars and restaurants and artisan workshops among others. 3. The name itself draws you in already. 4. This once renowned property is back with even more glorious offering. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 20 Coolest Airbnb Rentals in Melbourne. Melbourne is one of Australia’s most popular cities. With its creative and exciting city centre, vibrant entertainment and nightlife, world class cuisines and its array of amazing destinations, there’s something for everybody to explore. There are many options for accommodations when visiting Melbourne, from luxurious hotels, guesthouses, motels and even backpacker hostels.

However, if you want a totally different experience, try searching Airbnb for alternative accommodations. To help you out, we scoured Airbnb to find 20 of the coolest accommodations in Melbourne. 1. If you’re looking for a beautiful, eco-friendly house in a quiet neighbourhood, check out this one in Northcote. Rate: $135/night Lodges: 6 guests 2. Another great option when visiting the CBD is this two-storey loft apartment that is rated 5/5 stars. Rate: $66/night Lodges: 2 guests 3. Rate: $83/night 4. Travelling alone? Rate: $ 47/night Lodges: 1 guest 5. Rate: $71/night 6. Rate: $93/night Lodges: 3 guests 7.

Rate: $154/night 8. 10 Reasons Why the Philippines is Your Best Option for Outsourcing. The Philippine Business Process Outsourcing industry has grown by leaps and bounds throughout the last several years. It has developed so much that the country is now known as one of the top outsourcing destinations in the world. Below, we give you 10 reasons why: Service Orientation Filipinos are born with an innate sense of always wanting to help people. Their culture is all about being friendly, accommodating and welcoming. These traits are necessary in order to excel in the outsourcing industry where great customer service is key. English Proficiency and Natural Accent English is one of the two major languages in the Philippines. Highly Skilled Workforce Outsourcing to the Philippines will give you access to a wide pool of highly educated and highly skilled workforce.

Cross-Sector Experience Awareness of Western Culture Filipinos have long been exposed to Western culture, which dates back to the American regime in the country. Industry Growth Investment Incentives Quality Infrastructure. 8 Fun and Easy Valentine's Day Crafts You Can Make with Your Kids. Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to teach our kids about love and the importance of showing our loved ones how much we appreciate them. One of the best ways to teach our kids these lessons is through arts and crafts. So, to celebrate Valentine’s Day, we have listed down some fun activities you can do with your kids. 1. Pompom Love Bugs Aren’t these love bugs cute? They’re easy to make too and only need pompoms, chenille stems, googly eyes, construction paper and foam for the heart base. 2.

If you’re looking for a beautiful but no-fuss way to decorate your house for Valentine’s Day, check out these hole punched hearts. 3. These very simple but pretty framed hearts can be used not only for decoration but can be given away as gifts too. 4. Some of our loved ones live far away. 5. Sweet treats are popular on Valentine’s Day and this butterfly Valentine with a lollipop in the middle will be a sure winner among your kids’ friends. 6. Who says toddlers can’t make art? 7. 8. 10 Things New Parents Wish Someone Told Them about Raising a Baby | Parental Guidance. By Aggie Aviso Babies don’t come with user manuals. There are certain things that I wish someone told me when I was a new parent—insecure, too caught up with doing it “right” and wanting to be “perfect”.

I am not talking about the most common things new parents hear like, “Sleep when the baby sleeps” or how burping the baby properly dictates whether or not I will have a peaceful night or a colicky infant. I am referring to certain aspects of parenthood that I wish I really understood and believed in when I was a new mom, if only to help ease the anxiety and pressure (all that pressure!) Of being “perfect. If I could go back to before my son was born, I’d tell myself these things. 1. If you think about it, our mothers and grandmothers were raised without bouncy chairs, swings, play mats, teething rings, pacifiers and they certainly didn’t have baby toys that claim to stimulate the brain and produce baby geniuses and child prodigies. 2.

It’s hard. 3. 4. 5. 6. Try not to stress about it. 7. 4 Tips to Survive the Terrible Twos. By Vanessa Salas For first time moms, the onset of the dreaded “terrible twos” can come as a surprise. Even though it’s a well-known phenomena, often joked about by older parents (aka “terrible two survivors”), as soon as it happens to your once docile little bundle of joy, it can be a rude and startling awakening, one that must be dealt with with lots of love, understanding, empathy, and heaps (and heaps) of patience.

But before we move on to tips for your survival, let’s talk about what causes it. There are two reasons: first, your two year old has reached the “autonomy vs. dependence” stage of childhood development, meaning your little one is starting to assert their independence. As “terrible two survivor” myself, let me give you some time and tested tips on how to cope with your two year old’s mood swings. 1. Many two year old don’t like change. 2. 3. This makes a toddler feel in control while giving them the ability to express their individuality. 4. 5 Best Potty Training Tips | Parental Guidance. By Millie Manahan Potty training is perhaps one of the most stressful stages of parenting.

From dealing with tantrums to choosing which way best suits your child, could be really demanding. Having two or more children doesn’t make one an expert. I know, because I have four and every child had their own version. The first two kids gave me tremendous headaches, but the third and fourth did it seamlessly. Anyhow, had I known these 5 best potty training tips before, I wouldn’t have these strands of white hair today. 1. It is imperative for both parent and child to be physically and emotionally ready. Physical Signs If your child has developed routine or bowels have occurred on a regular schedule.If s/he doesn’t poop at night.Nappy is dry after taking a nap.Child is making facial expressions – like squatting if he feels like peeing or doing the #2.

Emotional Signs Child asks you to change his dirty nappy. I suggest keeping a track of your child’s progress to help you conclude his/her readiness. 7 Best Child-Friendly Restaurants in Sydney. Dining out with children can be both fun and challenging at the same time. Eating out is a great way to bond with the entire family but unfortunately not all establishments welcome the noise and chaos that comes with dining kids. Your best bet, therefore, is to dine in family-friendly establishments that welcome kids and offer a variety of menus and features that cater specifically for them.

Here are a few child-friendly restaurants in Sydney that you can check out. 1. Bitton in Alexandria is a French-inspired cafe and bistro that has already established itself as an icon in Sydney. 2. If you’re looking for a place with outdoor eating areas where you can dine as well as let your kids run free, check out The Grounds of Alexandria. 3. Sideways Deli Cafe has been awarded a 3-star winner by SMH Good Food under $30, a distinction that only a few cafes in the inner west can boast of. 4. 5.

Vanilla Bean & Lime is a well-known local favourite that serves wholesome food six days a week. 6. 7. India VS Philippines: Which is the Better Outsourcing Destination? In the 2014 list of Tholon’s Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations, India and the Philippines ranked first and second place, respectively. The competition between these two countries is getting tougher as India strives to maintain leadership amidst the aggressive strategies of the Philippines’ continuously growing BPO industry. For companies looking to outsource their business functions, it is important to note the similarities and differences between the BPO industries of these two countries.

To find out which one is the better outsourcing destination, let us compare the two according to the following factors: Manpower One of the reasons why companies prefer the Philippines over India is due to its treasure trove of highly-educated manpower. In fact, according to the United Nations Development Programme, the Filipino workforce has an impressive literacy rate of 93.4%, whereas the Indians only achieved a rate of 61%.

Language Culture Service Quality Industry Growth Author: Outsourcing Insider. BPO Outsourcing Resources and Guides to Growing Your Business. Facebook Tweet Email Pinterest ShareThis Outsourcing has been continuously growing as a popular and effective business strategy used to achieve growth and efficiency. More and more companies around the world are realizing its benefits and are capitalizing on them to improve business performance. This comprehensive list of outsourcing articles will tell you everything you need to know to help you decide whether this strategy is for you. What is Outsourcing? Simply put, outsourcing is a business strategy that involves the farming out of tasks to a third party provider, whether the latter is located within the same country or not.

Companies who wish to outsource some of their business processes must first understand exactly what it means to them and what their reasons are for doing so. 1. 4 Ways Outsourced Employees are Better than In-House 2. 4 Reasons Your Company is Overspending by Managing Your Call Center In-House 3. 4. 5. 3 Ways Your Customer Service is Improved by Outsourcing 6. 7. 8. 9. Outsourcing Industry Expected to Soar High with the Increasing Demand for Document Processing. Starting a Business? 5 Things You Can Outsource. 7 Ways to Make Your Employees Fall In Love With Their Jobs.

A Checklist for Gaining Happy and Loyal Customers. 7 Must-Read Landscaping Blogs. 5 Must-Read Organic Gardening Blogs. 3 California Dogs Poisoned by Toxic Algae Bloom Brought by Drought. Toxic Algae Can Create Their Own Favorable Conditions — Study. Algae Control 101: What Causes It and How to Get Rid of it Fast. Killer Algae in Hong Kong Creates Stunning Blue Glow. Bill on Toxic Algae Problem Approved by US House Subcommittee. Combating the Global Toxic Algae Problem. A Checklist to Keep Your Pond in Tip-Top Shape No Matter the Season.

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The latest trend in men's swimwear fashion. 5 Must-Try Naughty Moves from Fifty Shades of Grey. 5 Best Places in Metro Manila for Valentine’s Day “Celebrations” A Cheat Sheet To Matching Your Suit, Shirt, and Tie. 5 Things Every Real Man Needs Now.