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/tellraw editor for Minecraft. Official Minecraft Wiki – The ultimate resource for all things Minecraft. Edumooc - K-12 Online Learning. Please use this page to share ideas, resources, concerns, etc. about online learning in the K-12 (primarily secondary school) world.

edumooc - K-12 Online Learning

Some possible discussion threads. Mentor game resources. New 'Sansar' Video Glimpses More Virtual Worlds Made on the Social VR Platform – Road to VR. Sansar is the next-gen virtual world platform from Linden Lab, the creator of Second Life (2003).

New 'Sansar' Video Glimpses More Virtual Worlds Made on the Social VR Platform – Road to VR

Due to launch in Spring 2017, Sansar is a new take for the company on virtual worlds, this time built from the ground up with support for virtual reality. There’s no denying that Linden Lab did some things right with Second Life, a $500 million GDP in 2016 is a testament to that. But they also did some things wrong, even Linden Lab CEO Ebbe Altberg will admit. “Between the Creator and the Consumer, Second Life never really settled on which was our primary customer,” Altberg told Road to VR in an interview at the company’s San Francisco headquarters in January. That realization is the basis of Sansar, which represents an entirely new take on virtual worlds for the company. NormalMap-Online. This website lets you create normal maps from height maps for free.


All normal map textures you create are your own. Textures are not saved on the server and all scripts are running on your Browser. Just drag & drop a heightmap in the specified field and adjust settings. Afterwards check the preview window and download your own normalmap. Additionally you can adjust and download displacement and ambient occlusion maps The preview window shows a 3D-model with several different maps. If you have further questions, just give feedback to the mail-adress on the webpage. Normal Maps are textures that inherit depth information of a surface. They can enhance the optical illusion of depth significantly and are especially useful on flat surfaces, that have several bumps or cracks.

Puppeteer. Created by Kira Komarov. 17 November 2011 Added some more to the animator itself so that notecards (card paths) are now hot-swappable.


Changed TODO section to FAQ and added some information for attachments and linked primitives. Added to FAQ how to make a looped animation. 15 August 2011 Capa Langer mentioned that the puppeteer does not output lines for a few number of steps. This was because in testing only large number of steps were tested. The [K] Puppeteer Recorder script was updated to address this and to output lines even for a few number of steps. Although I have never used a puppeteer to animate objects since I believe that the best way to achieve an animation is to manually (and painfully) create your own hard coded animations, I have seen that puppeteers are popular in-world and used by many people.

Second Life in TEFL/ELT. Kitely Virtual World. Build your own virtual worlds, tailored to your exact wishes.

Kitely Virtual World

Create a cool and unique avatar to represent you. How to hypergrid. In order to travel the hypergrid, you must first start your travels on a hypergrid-enabled grid.

How to hypergrid

You can create a free account on any of the following public grids: OSgrid (U.S.), Metropolis (Europe), FrancoGrid (France), GermanGrid (Germany). Or any other hypergrid-enabled grid — more are coming online daily. You can also start out on your own hypergrid-enabled standalone grid or any other hypergrid-enabled grid. We recommend starting out on OSgrid because it is the largest grid. In addition, the most popular viewers for traveling the grids all have OSgrid as the default starting world.

We recommend the Firestorm viewer, which is the most popular in both Second Life and OpenSim. Directory of hypergrid destinations. VWBPE: Creating Immersive Environments. As many of you will know the 2014 Virtual World Best Practices in Education conference was held from the 9th to the 12th of April and a very successful and well attended conference it was.

VWBPE: Creating Immersive Environments

A little harder for those outside the main time zone of PDT to get the full experience but nonetheless I managed to attend a number of excellent presentations. I also presented my own workshop on Creating Immersive Environments and, now that my MA Assessment tasks are completed for this semester, I thought I would share some of that presentation, as a set of ideas, images, videos and SLurls, for those who may not have been able to attend.

Part of the challenge I set myself was to make use of some of the features and affordances of virtual worlds and move beyond a slideshow/lecture based presentation. Creating Immersive Environments Workshop Participants Gather The Workshop Begins The workshop began with a showing of the video from the SLENZ Midwifery build; part of the SLENZ Project from 2008-2009. Notes: Engage. Groupes. A Multilingual Chatbot Hosting Service. IMPORTANT!

A Multilingual Chatbot Hosting Service

We've updated our Policies, including our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and DMCA Policy. Please read through these changes very carefully at your earliest convenience. Continued use of our services and/or failure to delete your account by October 10, 2015 constitutes acceptance of all new Policies. [June 15, 2014] - Divabot Pre-Loebner Contest CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT Do you think it could win the Loebner Prize? If so, why not enter it in this year's Divabot contest? The Chatbots 3.3 Conference will be held in Philadelphia on Saturday, March 23. Virtual Outworlding: 2016 HG: What are: Hypergrid? OpenSim? Virtual worlds?

Tuesdays + Sundays 1 - 3 am PST - 10:00 am CET - 9 am GMT8 - 10 am PST - 17:00 pm CET - 4 pm GMTA weekly repeating event.

Virtual Outworlding: 2016 HG: What are: Hypergrid? OpenSim? Virtual worlds?

At HG Welcome Center.Everyone welcome, no matter which language. We got translatorsHypergrid address: HG address in World Map next to Find. Click Find. TP The Hypergrid WIP Show The Hypergrid WIP is a one hour "show & tell" of works in progress or recently completed.