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Crowdfunding Trends

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4 Steps in the Crowdfunding Campaign Process. Recently we’ve talked a great deal about how launching a crowdfunding campaign can be a great deal of work and effort.

4 Steps in the Crowdfunding Campaign Process

Planning and organizing an effective crowdfunding campaign is crucial to the timely and successful launch of a startup business. While each campaign step is just as crucial and beneficial to success, it’s also important to think about launching the business itself, in conjunction with the crowdfunding campaign. In fact, following the steps to launch a crowdfunding campaign can also help plan and organize the fulfillment process of a new business or startup. Define. Before launching any startup idea, product, service or project, first an entrepreneur must define the focus of the particular project or idea.

Furthermore, answering these questions can also assist you in launching a crowdfunding campaign. Design. Designing ultimately applies to a crowdfunding campaign as well. Develop. Developing a crowdfunding campaign is one of the most crucial steps in the process. Related. Crowdfunding Trends for 2015. As we discussed previously, at the close of 2014, startups and established businesses still await the approval of the JOBS Act, permitting the legal crowdfunding activities for businesses.

Crowdfunding Trends for 2015

Did you know that 7 million jobs since the Great Depression were created by startup businesses? Additionally, even as startups and entrepreneurs await the outcome of the JOBS Act, 2015 looks to be another successful and big year for startup businesses, creating more jobs as well as further improving economic conditions for both communities and the country as a whole. As we look ahead in 2015, even though crowdfunding isn’t entirely legal just yet, alternative capital flows will gain in popularity. It is no secret that the traditional lending market, such as traditional bank loans, tapping into personal savings and retirement accounts, isn’t always an option for every entrepreneur…not to mention risky. Crowdfunding Goals and Tips. Startup businesses and entrepreneurs that are looking to start their own entities are likely considering how they are going to fund their new organizations.

Crowdfunding Goals and Tips

While most entrepreneurs often dive into personal savings and investments or run to the nearest lending institution, this isn’t always a possibility for some entrepreneurs. Crowdfunding to Attract Investors in 2015. Entrepreneurs today are finding it challenging to acquire startup capital and resources to successfully launch their businesses.

Crowdfunding to Attract Investors in 2015

In a day and age when it is too risky to borrow from savings, retirement investment accounts, or even take out a traditional loan, entrepreneurs are constantly looking for other avenues to acquire and secure funding. Crowdfunding has become an area of interest for many entrepreneurs, particularly as angel investors become more and more scarce. One reason for this is because crowdfunding or even the act of investing in startup entities is just too risky for other businesses and organizations. However, once Title III or the JOBS Act is approved, which is estimated to be in October 2015, the landscape and arena of crowdfunding will change. Is Crowdfunding Right For Your Business? For many entrepreneurs, creating a business plan and product development is easy; however, finding funding sources for your startup is not so easy.

Is Crowdfunding Right For Your Business?

When it comes to launching your business, understanding the financial aspects of running a business can be difficult. There’s a lot of area that a business needs to cover. To Invest or Not to Invest Overseas. Savvy entrepreneurs do not limit their investments to American holdings.

To Invest or Not to Invest Overseas

Expanding investing options to include global options provides entrepreneurs with a broader range of revenue generating sources. However, investing overseas comes with two major issues that can disrupt the most carefully conceived international portfolio: currency risks as well as inflation risks. First, currency risks are common throughout the world. Additionally, the devaluation of the United States dollar due to the explosion in national debt creates inflationary risks. Conversely, a rising dollar against other world currencies causes a decline in the returns for American investors. Overseas Investing vs. So with these two risks in mind, what does this mean for American investors and entrepreneurs? What Do Investor Experts Think? Entrepreneurs who want to invest overseas certainly have the opportunity to earn higher returns. How Crowdfunding Helps to Replace Traditional Lending Solutions.

Small business owners looking to grow their businesses typically pursue traditional business loan options.

How Crowdfunding Helps to Replace Traditional Lending Solutions

Unless they have plentiful savings or angel investors, entrepreneurs must apply for funding from traditional investing sources. Small business loans offered by banks represent the most popular source for small business owners to acquire more liquidity. Other business funding sources include the Small Business Administration, bank credit lines, and credit unions. But what happens when none of the above are viable options for entrepreneurs and startups? Understanding Crowdfunding Trends: What This Means for Startups and Investors. We’ve posted a number of blogs on crowdfunding surrounding the different kinds, as well as the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Understanding Crowdfunding Trends: What This Means for Startups and Investors

But what is the latest on crowdfunding? What are the latest crowdfunding trends, and how exactly do they help entrepreneurs and investors? One thing is certain and is very clear: Regardless of business or potential investment, crowdfunding is not successful without a detailed strategy. Where Did Crowdfunding Come From?

Crowdfunding first hit the scene approximately three years ago when Congress first released the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act, also known as JOBS to give entrepreneurs a chance at working with investors to help fund their businesses and to help investors with their investment strategies and see higher returns, all while boosting jobs and the economy. However, over the last several years, crowdfunding has broken into a number of different avenues. So Where is the Line? - debt & equity crowdfund investing.