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BAM Videos. BAM books. BAM Companies. Image. Business As Mission — The Traveling Team. “The two pioneers of civilization-Christianity and commerce-should ever be inseparable.” Can commerce and Christianity really work together to create authentic transformation in the world? What happens when you integrate business profits with the goal of world evangelization? Ken Crowell, founder of Galtronics, had a vision in 1978 to go to an area where there was little or no Christian witness, to give employment to believers and non-believers in a safe working environment, and to support the building of a local church. Today, Galtronics is the largest employer in northern Israel and a global leader in wireless antenna solutions.

A growing number of evangelicals believe that a paradigm called (BAM) Business as Mission can create opportunities for commerce and Christianity to work side by side to further world evangelization. BAM – A Working Definition According to leading BAM entrepreneurs, Business as Mission ventures has at least four main components: Foundations of Business as Mission. Business as Mission | Interserve. Interserve has been passionately promoting Business As Mission (BAM), to bring a Kingdom worldview, values, and structures to the business world . In the last three years Interserve has tripled its numbers in BAM. Have you ever thought about developing your business in a mission context? Interserve is looking for Christian professionals, those gifted in business as mission and tentmakers who are deeply committed to sharing the love of Christ through wholistic service, ministering to others in and through the workplace.

In many countries, business development provides both employment and the opportunity to make a real impact on lives and communities. Page 1 | 2 This is a small selection of possibilities because some business opportunities are listed under other professional skills. Browse the full list for details. BAM-Lausanne Occasional paper NO.59. The Mission Of Business. BAM assignment. God Means Business2. A Global Overview of the Business as Mission Movement: Needs & Gaps | Lausanne World Pulse Archives.

Business as Mission (BAM) is part of a wider global movement that recognizes and responds to God’s call to the whole Church taking the whole gospel to the whole person in the whole world. BAM is a relatively new term, but is based upon biblical concepts. The BAM concept is holistic in nature and content; it is built upon the truth that God has the power to transform people and communities spiritually, economically, socially, and environmentally. BAM does not accept the unbiblical and pervasive paradigm of a dichotomy between sacred and secular, where “church” or “missionary” work is considered a spiritually superior “full-time ministry” and doing business is considered less “spiritual”—or worse.

In the last fifteen years the BAM concept has spread across the world and the number of BAM initiatives has grown dramatically. However, there are still major needs and gaps in the global BAM movement. 1. 2. Graphically it may be illustrated like this: 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Business as Mission: How Two Grocers Changed the Course of a Nation. Mark Markiewicz YWAM, UK (co-founder of the Central Asia Business Consultation, CABC) • Biographies Highlights the entreprenuerial skills some Christian men who did great things. In the time of revival, at the turn of the last century in , it was as if God poured out an entrepreneurial gift on his church and people started doing things that were unheard of.

These are the people, normal people in the pews, that God got a hold of and helped them to use their entrepreneurial skills to change society, to see churches grow, and to see missions grow. GUINNESS One of them was a man called Arthur Guinness. Guinness is a wonderful drink, it's a black dark beer with a white head and if you've never drank it, I don't want to encourage you to drink, but its rather nice, so give it a try. That was his mandate from the Lord. BOOT'S Another one of my heroes is Jesse Boot. Business As Missions Key Statements and Principles. Youth With A Mission Business as Mission Key Statements and Principles A: Business as Mission in YWAM What is Business as Mission? 'Business as mission' (BAM) is a term being used in contemporary missions to describe the integration of ministry goals and business goals to make an impact for God's Kingdom.

Business as mission is a strategy for the specific purpose of the transformation of people and communities: spiritually, economically and socially -- for the glory of God, through a viable and sustainable business which has Kingdom of God values, purpose, perspective and impact. Business as mission is to accelerate the completion of the Great Commission through the use of a new avenue of missionary service; it is not to lessen the fervour and sacrificial commitment of our missionaries in their ministries. 'BUSINESS AS MISSION' IS TOTALLY DISTINCT AS A STRATEGY FROM 'BUSINESS FOR INCOME GENERATION'. Strategies for YWAMers in Business as Mission Types of Relationship to YWAM: Principles Misc.