Facebook Twitter Sexting teens Sexting teens Sexting teens Maggie Shiels 16 Dec 09, 08:20 GMT If you think your offspring is not involved in sexting, think again.
Apple wins iPod hearing dispute Apple wins iPod hearing dispute A US appeals court has ruled in favour of Apple in a lawsuit claiming that the iPod could be responsible for hearing loss. The judge upheld a 2008 ruling, saying "the plaintiffs simply do not plead facts showing that hearing loss from iPod use is actual or imminent". He also noted that Apple issues a warning with each of the music players.
The rise of the iPhone generation | Comment is free | The Guardi The rise of the iPhone generation | Comment is free | The Guardi If you have an iPhone, you may be reading this with an app. A newspaper? Made of paper? Go and suck an arrow and protest against feudalism by dying of plague, Luddite. No.
Netbooks are under pressure as tech firms concentrate on mobile computing Rising prices and better alternatives may mean curtains for netbooks. The small, portable computers were popular in 2009, but some industry watchers are convinced that their popularity is already waning. "The days of the netbook are over," said Stuart Miles, founder and editor of technology blog Pocket Lint. Technology changes 'outstrip' netbooks Technology changes 'outstrip' netbooks
Mobiles offer new view of reality The organisation behind Firefox - Mozilla - has designed the Aurora project to predict how we may use the web in future. Virtual Reality has been a mainstay of sci-fi for decades but 2010 could see a pared-down version become mainstream. Augmented reality (AR) has had a quiet launch on mobile handsets but it is set to explode next year, experts say. AR is a technology that allows data from the web to be overlaid on a view of the physical world. Mobiles offer new view of reality
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