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How I Flew Around the World for Less than $220. 8.7.13 Update: Don’t have time to read this whole post?

How I Flew Around the World for Less than $220

Here are my top picks for credit cards that give you huge bonuses for signing up: Citi AAdvantage Platinum Visa and the Barclay Arrival MasterCard. Happy travels! This year I flew around the world and visited 11 countries over a period of 6 months. The cost of my ’round-the-world’ ticket? Less than the price of a domestic flight in the US. Can you do the same thing? Budapest, Hungary—It’s a question I got more than once: “So, are you rich?” These questions are upsetting because they highlight the dominant perception that travel is a luxury restricted to the wealthy.

In fact, for the last 15 months I’ve been living on a stipend that most people would associate with the poverty line in the United States, or about $1200 a month (see 20 things I Learned While Traveling around the World). Best Time to Purchase Airline Tickets and Hotel Rooms. Advertisement While the Internet has democratized the process of booking travel, it certainly hasn't made it less complicated.

Best Time to Purchase Airline Tickets and Hotel Rooms

Waiting to pounce on a good travel deal is a little like a high-stakes game of poker: Within days, or even hours, prices can plummet or skyrocket. The good news is that any savvy traveler, armed with a little know-how, can turn the volatile cycles of travel deals to their advantage. When do you book ahead and when do you wait till the last minute? Read on. When to Buy Plane TicketsAlthough airlines will hold sales at unpredictable moments, even altering their prices by hundreds of dollars within hours, there are generally two strategies when it comes to snagging good airfare deals: Book far in advance or wait until the very last minute. "A lot of finding the sweet spot of when to book airfare depends on when you are traveling," says Jeanenne Tornatore, senior travel editor at

Pill Bottle Survival Kit. How to choose a travel backpack - StumbleUpon. Choosing the right backpack for your trip is probably the single most important travel purchase that you will make before leaving home.

How to choose a travel backpack - StumbleUpon

Your backpack will be your companion, your house, and the most important piece of gear accompanying you around the world. There are many brands and styles out there, so apart from a few important considerations, the rest is up to your style of travel and preference. Style First, you will most definitely want an internal frame travel backpack. There will be no need to attach things to the external frame unless you are primarily camping and carry bulky items like a bedroll. Next, you will have to decide on the size. To get an idea of what you may be carrying, take a look at my backpacking packing list!

Size 3,000-5,000 cubic inches (50-80 liters) – is the most popular size for extended budget travel trips such as gap years, but if you can get away with a smaller backpack – do it! Durability Fit. How to Pack a Bag for Travel. Prepare Your Smartphone and Laptop Travel Toolkit. Top 10 Ways to Travel Smarter, Safer, and Cheaper - StumbleUpon. The Ultimate Travel Hacking Guide - StumbleUpon. Referring to this quote: "On our example, this doesn't work because we are going from the United States to England and the English Pound is worth more than the US dollar.

The Ultimate Travel Hacking Guide - StumbleUpon

Additionally, the Iceland Krona is not worth less than a dollar. However, if we were going the reverse way, this would work. I've used this method when flying to New Zealand since their currency is worth less than the US currency. " I want to bring up an important point about currency exchange that is often missed or glossed over: it doesn't matter one bit if the unit of the foreign currency is worth more or less than one dollar. Those examples are meaningless without knowing how much whatever it is costs in BOTH currencies and the current exchange rate between them. Let me provide an example without even using outside currencies. The item you want to buy is $100. Tipping Etiquete arount the World. How to Travel Full-Time for $17,000 a Year (or Less!) Wise Bread Picks For the last five years, I've been traveling the world full-time, and for less money than I've ever spent (and I'd wager less money than most people would spend) to live in one place.

How to Travel Full-Time for $17,000 a Year (or Less!)

My worldly possessions fit into one bag (just larger than carry-on size) and a backpack containing my laptop and computer gear. This small entourage (weighing less than 45 pounds in total) comes with me as I wander around the world, sometimes quickly, but mostly slowly. In 2011 alone, I traversed 13 countries and over 45,360 miles. Sounds pretty expensive, huh? What if I told you it wasn't? Believe it. How to Keep Your Travel Costs Low Of course, I could travel for way more than $17,000/year. Here are a few of my secrets. Don't Pay for Accommodations In the entire year of 2011, I paid $173 for accommodation.

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