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Careers Service. University of Huddersfield Careers and Employability Service. University guide 2016: University of Huddersfield ... The University of Huddersfield's roots go back 160 years, but its sights are firmly set on the future of its students, and it has close links with industry, business and the cultural community.

University guide 2016: University of Huddersfield ...

Courses are modular, with a strong vocational emphasis. Emphasis on work placements in almost all courses has resulted in exceptionally high figures for graduate employment – recent figures showed that Huddersfield was the sixth highest-placed provider for post-university employment. Huddersfield is a pleasant town and the university's 24,000 students ensure that it has a lively social scene. The canal that runs through the campus makes for an attractive urban environment. Lawyer 2B. Legal Cheek – news, commentary and law careers advice. Why lawyers can't coach witnesses. David Cameron is reportedly receiving legal tutoring from a "small group of leading lawyers" as he prepares to give evidence to the Leveson inquiry.

Why lawyers can't coach witnesses

Described by the Independent as "legal briefings", such sessions raise the interesting question of what lawyers can and can't do to prepare witnesses in the giving of evidence. In the US, professional rules typically permit coaching because it 'invites' the witness to provide truthful evidence favourable to the lawyer's client. The rules in England and Wales are tougher. Law Society Gazette.