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DIY Market Bag. With Earth Day just around the corner, we’re turning to artist and environmentalist Chris Jordan for inspiration.

DIY Market Bag

In this large-zoom photograph he has captured 1.14 million brown paper supermarket bags, the number used in the US every hour. And did you know that 2.7 billion plastic bags are used every day worldwide? Floored by these staggering numbers we were motivated to do a quick and easy DIY, recycling an old t-shirt into a reusable fringed market bag. We hope that it will also inspire you to use less plastic and paper! Lay the t-shirt on a flat surface. Snip 8 evenly spaced slits along the bottom hem of the t-shirt. Attach a safety pin to the end of one of the strings. You can trim the strings but we like leaving the fringe as is. Aren’t you excited to BYOB (bring your own bag)? Maegan: Refashion a Tank Top into a Carry-all Bag DIY Fashion+Home+Lifestyle. Featured on . . . Maegan: Refashion a Tank Top into a Carry-all Bag DIY Fashion+Home+Lifestyle

An easy two minute DIY {it’s so easy it must have been done before but I can’t recall ever seeing it …correct me if I’m wrong} …I know it seems kinda cheeseball, but try it, it’s cuter than you may think. Works perfectly as a little beach bag to carry your essentials in while on vacay …or for fruits & veggies at the Farmer’s Market. Or, use a silk, satin, or vintage camisole as your little wedding bag adding a few matching satin ribbons & or silk flowers or ruffles or anything else you can think of that matches your wedding theme or colors …and don’t forget to remove the tag for that one. >Project ReStyle: Another T-Shirt Revival « A Pretty Penny. This ReStyle actually came about when I was rifling through the laundry looking for my 30 for 30 pieces yesterday.

>Project ReStyle: Another T-Shirt Revival « A Pretty Penny

This super-soft, super-long American Rag tank is one of my favorite things in my closet, and I’ve had it since C and I first moved in our house about five years ago. Imagine my dismay to find it in the laundry room, with a mysteriously chewed off strap. I have a sinking suspicion of who the culprit may be… Knotting Cards. Upstate. Lomography Giveaway Erica and I both love taking pictures and between the two of us, we have quite the camera collection.


So you can imagine how excited we were when our friends at Lomography offered to giveaway […] The 2 Bandits Giveaway Lauren and I both share a deep adoration for the Southwest and just about anything that draws inspiration from the region. So obviously we love that Tamar Wider, of The 2 Bandits, uses conchos, najas, and […] Upstate. V and Co. how to: gathered heart pillow. Last week was butt freezing cold here. like in the negatives. so i needed something to keep me busy and happy in the house. and well valentines being around the corner...well when you are a crafter and trying to create things for the holiday... it's right around the corner.this little pillow is fast and easy and well, a happy maker in freezing temps.lets get started: materials needed:a strip of pink or red fabric approx size of 6" by 12"two squares of muslin (i used sandcastle fabric i had on hand in my stash) cut to around 10" by 10". okay now lets get started with the sewing: first you are going to put your machine on the running stitch. mine is a a 1/4" seam along both of the long sides of your pink fabric.

V and Co. how to: gathered heart pillow

**while you are sewing your running stitch, hold slightly your thread up above, by the spool of thread. this will create your gather as you go. do the same thing to the other side. here is what your gather should look like. V and Co how to: shag pillow. *no animals or plants were hurt in the making of this project.

V and Co how to: shag pillow

*one really stupid person did get hurt in the making of this project, but she would like to mention that even though the needle swear words passed her lips. it's was a modern day miracle. i love how this pillow turned out. i made it in green for two reasons: 1. it's still kind of cold here, and still kind of brown...will be for a little bit longer so i wanted some GREEN and springy looking happiness in my home. 2. it's the only color of jersey i had on hand, and living in the middle of nowhere doesn't let me just jump in the car and go to a store that i can find jersey fabric at (which btw this fabric was found at jo-anns but i would suggest amazon if you can't find what you are looking for, that's where i get a lot of mine when i can't find stuff) now lets get started: cutting: *cut from jersey fabric 19 strips at 1 1/2" each.

*from each of the 19 strips cut 15: 4" length rectangles. The end. Knotting Cards.