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Facebook Wants To Own Everything You Do On The Internet. At Facebook’s F8 conference today, it unveiled a number of big new changes to its service that transforms Messenger into a platform, expands Facebook Video even further and offers deeper integrations than ever for developers.

Facebook Wants To Own Everything You Do On The Internet

The changes are actually really cool and great news for developers — Facebook is finally turning Messenger into the hub for everything, like LINE and WeChat already did in Asia — but they also signal something much larger. Facebook is declaring that it effectively wants to own every single thing you do on the internet. Let’s quickly go through the things that Facebook is making inroads into controlling: Social networkingMessaging your friends (Messenger, WhatsApp)Messaging businesses (Messenger)Advertising (Paid Ads, LiveRail, Pages)Paying your friendsBuying and selling things onlineVirtual reality (Oculus)GamingNewsVideo/TV (Facebook Video)Development platform (Parse)How you actually receive the internetPhotos (Instagram)

How to Enhance Your LinkedIn Profile With Professional Portfolio. Do you want to enhance the appearance of your LinkedIn profile?

How to Enhance Your LinkedIn Profile With Professional Portfolio

Are you looking for ways to get noticed and attract more business opportunities on LinkedIn? In this article, you’ll discover how to use LinkedIn’s Professional Portfolio to make your LinkedIn profile stand out. University of Leeds Careers Centre Blog. Last week Lisa Jones of Barclay Jones delivered a really insightful session for students interested in careers in social media.

University of Leeds Careers Centre Blog

Lisa shared her experiences of recruiting recent graduates to social media roles as well as some great tips and advice for those interested in this career area. Sort yourself out online If you are serious about working in social media, then you need to have a good online presence yourself. Make yourself accessible and approachable in the places recruiters will likely be looking for the ‘professional’ you, particularly LinkedIn and Twitter. Plus bear in mind that many recruiters will check applicants out online. 5 Free and Underrated Twitter Analytics Tools. This is a guest post by Jessica Malnik, a PR/marketing assistant, social media specialist, videographer and avid blogger. Visit her blog for social media, technology, public relations and marketing ramblings. Twitter may only allow 140 characters or less in a tweet.

But, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t track and analyze those results. Social media analysis and reporting can be a daunting and downright expensive task. Tools like Radian 6 are phenomenal for companies with a large marketing budget. For starters, every company should be using a social media monitoring platform to manage their Twitter account. 5. 4. 3. 2. PR and Marketing Myths, Busted.

Chances are you’re in PR to become the next Samantha Jones, right?

PR and Marketing Myths, Busted

I was chatting with a friend the other day about this common misperception that life as a PR professional is something straight out of “Sex and the City.” As most of us in the industry quickly realized, this is not the case. The Voice of the Customer in Branding: A Simple Formula for Success. Branding 101 – make your business what your customers want it or need it to be.

The Voice of the Customer in Branding: A Simple Formula for Success

In my opinion, it doesn’t get much simpler than that, and in my experience, research consistently shows that businesses listening – and aligning their activities – to the needs of their customers, measurably outperform those that don’t have such customer-centric capabilities. 30 jobs in the PR and marketing world. More than 40 million Americans fill out tournament brackets for March Madness, but the excitement comes at a cost.

30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

According to employment firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, the yearly event could cost up to $1.9 billion in lost wages paid to “distracted and unproductive workers.” Fans are also paying out: The American Gaming Association said about $9 billion is wagered during the NCAA tournament. Your basketball involvement needn’t end with NCAA championship game April 6: The NBA is looking for a senior specialist of global digital media distribution in New York.

Though March Madness brings in more ad revenue than the NBA’s postseason, according to Business Insider, the NBA brought in $679 million in sponsorship revenue during its 2013-14 season. ESPN reported that between 552,000 and 890,000 fans attended games during the 2014 season, so the league does well financially—even without the annual hysteria of NCAA brackets. Should PR pros believe in their brands? I have resigned from a job twice in my life.

Should PR pros believe in their brands?

Once, I did so to pursue another opportunity. 10 punctuation essentials for every writer. Writers can avoid most punctuation errors by mastering the following conventions: 1.

10 punctuation essentials for every writer

Introductory words, phrases and clauses are followed by a comma. Incorrect: Moreover students are expected to read at least one English classic every six weeks. Correct: Moreover, students are expected to read at least one English classic every six weeks. 4 examples of bad email manners. Whether it’s the neighbor who mows the lawn at 7 a.m. on a Saturday or the woman who cuts in front of you in the elementary school drop-off line, bad manners are everywhere.

4 examples of bad email manners

The online world is no exception. Last year, I wrote a post about social media etiquette, matching social media errors to Jane Austen characters. As a follow up, here are a few email faux pas. Communicators with plenty of corporate experience have likely experienced these and cringed accordingly. How Data Visualization Improves PR Communications. An example of a data visualization showing the growth of the U.S. population.

How Data Visualization Improves PR Communications

Courtesy of Pew Research Center Data visualization is communications through charts, graphs and other types of information graphics. Visualization can help public relations professionals communicate data more clearly and effectively. Endless rows and columns on spreadsheets are far too difficult to grasp for normal human beings. Text explaining data is often messy, unclear and usually boring. Creating visuals to depict data helps an audience understand the numbers faster and better. Visualize the Benefits. Working In Public Relations 101. What is PR you ask? Someone once asked me if PR stood for “Public Resources,” I was appalled and baffled at the same time. The first thing I learned back in college is that the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) defines PR as “a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.”

Our professors insisted that this definition be molded into our brains. Although, the definition is so miniscule, and is not nearly close enough to what Public Relations truly is. You may not truly understand what PR is until you begin your first internship or job in the field. Some of my duties include, pitching to journalists for big client announcements, researching upcoming speaking and award opportunities for our clients, organizing events, monitoring news coverage, writing pitches and etc. 3 tips for putting your best PR face forward. PR pros use social media every day to revamp client plans, keep up with trends and research new tactics. How often do pros invest time in maintaining and regularly updating their own personal profiles, however? University of Leeds Careers Centre Blog. Jessie Powell recently graduated with a degree in Politics, and is now a PR Account Executive with KOR Communications.

Here she explains how getting involved in a range of things at university helped her explore different career ideas and land her current job. Facebook Video: Ambitious idea, unclear business model - Business Insider. The 7 Attributes Of Highly Effective Curated Blog Posts (Infographic) If you’re limiting your content curation to sharing third-party content on social media, you’re missing out.

Content curation is also a great way to enrich your blog or website: don’t just list great resources on your home page, turn them into curated posts. Adding curated content to your blog or website can – and should – be much more than placing a few titles and links. You can turn each link you curate into a blog post with its own unique URL (aka permalink) that will be indexed in search engines, contribute to your SEO efforts and be shared individually by your readers on social media.

Just like any regular blog post, a curated post is a blog entry in your blog platform or your content management system. Vodka Brand Creates Mobile App To Program Personalized LED Messages On Bottles.