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Fresh Tomato Salsa Recipe. When using fresh chile peppers always taste first before adding!

Fresh Tomato Salsa Recipe

Some peppers are hotter than others and you really can't tell unless you taste them. Just take a very small taste. You'll be able to gauge the heat of the pepper and will be better able to judge how much you need. Method. Recipe: Best Home Canned Thick and Chunky Salsa. Best Home Canned Thick and Chunky Salsa I love home canned salsa, especially when made from fresh garden tomatoes and peppers out of my garden.

Recipe: Best Home Canned Thick and Chunky Salsa

But I’ve always been frustrated with these salsas always being runny and thin, even if the recipe calls it chunky. I’ve also been disappointed with the strong vinegar flavor that most home-canned recipes usually have. Comparatively, the store bought stuff is always really thick and chunky, and never has much of a vinegar flavor, but inevitably, it never has a really good fresh tomato flavor. It’s been a lose lose battle for me between store bought and home-canned salsas for years. Canning Jars - 16 oz S-17491 - Uline. Preserving Eggplant In Olive Oil. September 3rd, 2009 · 106 Comments · Posted in garden, Recipes Salted eggplant sheds lots of liquid prior to being sealed in olive oil Thank the genius who discovered that eggplant (other things, too) can be stored almost indefinitely when covered with olive oil.

Preserving Eggplant In Olive Oil

My wife normally does not care for eggplant–she especially dislikes the texture–but we served this preserved eggplant at our wedding and have held a special fondness for it ever since. I like to pull out a jar with cocktails. After a few months, the eggplant slices are pleasantly leathery and oozing flavors of garlic, basil and red pepper. Canning Homemade!: What food and ingredients CAN'T be safely canned? As the canning community grows the need for new and educational post are so important.

Canning Homemade!: What food and ingredients CAN'T be safely canned?

With all the information available to a newbie regarding canning on the web I am writing the list of the "do not can" ingredients and foods. Some of the listed ingredients are safe in other ways such as pumpkin is not safe to can mashed or as a pumpkin butter, but you can put up cubed pumpkin in a pressure canner. Happy Thanksgiving Homemade Pumpkin Butter. Good morning!

Happy Thanksgiving Homemade Pumpkin Butter

This weekend is our Canadian Thanksgiving, which seems strange to me after the weekend madness, but I am just happy that I am not the one preparing the entire meal this time. ;) I have been thinking of something that I could bring for my in-laws that would make a fun Thanksgiving hostess gift. Amazing Pickled and Marinated Vegetables Recipe : Jamie Oliver. About Sterilizing Jars: Properly handled sterilized equipment will keep canned foods in good condition for years.

Amazing Pickled and Marinated Vegetables Recipe : Jamie Oliver

Sterilizing jars is the first step of preserving foods. Lavender Jelly Recipe. Filters What's in Your Fridge?

Lavender Jelly Recipe

Browse By: Next Recipe Stumped for dinner? Get our life-saving Dinner Daily newsletter. How to make: Lavender Jelly - All. Blueberry Lavender Jam Recipe. Blackberry Vanilla Basil Jam. A perfect example of a bright idea that i thought was soooo unique and original... but alas...i found that it's been done and it's been done a lot. so much so that it's even on the Food Network by Giada De Laurentis. well i thought it was original and worthy of i changed things up a bit and made it my own. quite different than recipes i came across. i must admit, the name sounds a lot more exotic than the actual flavor. don't get me wrong...this IS a fabulous Blackberry Jam. most recipes called for 2-3 full cups of basil. i opted to lower the basil amount quite a bit because 2 full cups of basil brought visions to my mind of enjoying a lovely breakfast with a friend laughing and smiling...with a big chunk of green basil stuck to my tooth...besides i just wanted a hint of basil, not "in your face" basil. 2 1/2 lbs fresh blackberries, washed and dried as much as possible (weigh berries before washing)

Blackberry Vanilla Basil Jam

Chilli jam - Sweet & sticky - A Life of Geekery. I love this time of year for many things, but mainly because it’s time to get the jam pan out and watch my Mum whip up batches of her legendary jams and jellies.

Chilli jam - Sweet & sticky - A Life of Geekery

The scent is better than any candle you could ever buy and the house fills with it. It smells like the best moments of my childhood. Of course over the years I’ve learnt that the perfect time to appear is just as the jam needs testing to see if it has set. That’s the earliest she’ll ever let you have a taste you see, before that point it’s just plain torture! Maslin Pan. Traditionally used in the U.K. for making marmalades and other preserves, this maslin pan is made from sturdy, polished stainless steel.

Maslin Pan

It features a three-layer base with a central slab of aluminum completely encased in stainless steel to evenly distribute heat and prevent hot spots that could burn pan contents. The pan is shaped like a giant teacup, designed to provide maximum evaporation while still fitting nicely on a burner. It flares from an 8" diameter base (well over 1/4" thick) to a 12" diameter top opening and has a 9 litre (about 9 quart) capacity.

As well as its traditional use in marmalade, jam, jelly and candy making, it is perfect for preserving with its center bail, tipping handle and formed pouring spout. The handle combination makes it particularly easy to control for filling jars or molds. Putting Up with Erin- A canning blog focused on pickling, preserving and "putting up" food in jars. Rum & Thyme Peach Butter “These are fall peaches, firmer on the outside, but sweeter on the inside… try one, I swear you’ll love them.” And I did, loved them, I swear. Last Wednesday I picked up several pounds of locally grown “fall” peaches from the boys over at Kalawi Farms located in Eagle Spring, NC. Healthy Recipes, Healthy Eating, Healthy Cooking. Hurry Curry Cauliflower Recipe : Alton Brown. About Sterilizing Jars: Properly handled sterilized equipment will keep canned foods in good condition for years.

Sterilizing jars is the first step of preserving foods. Tips: Jars should be made from glass and free of any chips or cracks. 7 Common Quick Pickling Mistakes to Avoid. Homemade pickles are the ideal foil to fatty, salty cookout food—but they’re not necessarily the easiest thing to make (full disclosure: This writer has never made a good pickle, but she has hope yet!). Senior food editor Dawn Perry schools us on the common mistakes to avoid when making these salty, vinegary, crunchy delights. (Note: This is about quick pickling! If pickling things for the long haul, make sure to process your cans safely.) 1. Sweeten Them Up “Pickles are about vinegar and salt, not sweetness,” says Perry. Red onion marmalade.