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Notion – Login. Substance. A general history of the pyrates: from their first rise and settlement in the Island of Providence, to the present time. Blackbeard's Story and Facts. Blackbeard the pirate was actually an aristocratic family man who gave up wealth. Notorious Privateers, Buccaneers, Pirates and Their Exploits. Boundless World History Hub. Medieval History Courses. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions Welcome to The Great Courses.

Medieval History Courses

The following Terms and Conditions, which include our Privacy Policy, apply when you view or use the web site and all websites associated with the domain (our “Site”), whether as a guest or as a registered user. Creative Writing. This Specialization covers elements of three major creative writing genres: short story, narrative essay, and memoir.

Creative Writing

You will master the techniques that good writers use to compose a bracing story, populated with memorable characters in an interesting setting, written in a fresh descriptive style. You will analyze and constructively evaluate peer writing. In the Capstone, you will draft, rewrite, and complete a substantial original story in the genre of your choosing. Our courses are designed for anyone from the aspiring short story writer to established novelist. Whether you have a finished novel sitting on your desk calling for a fresh look or have had the germ of an idea for a decade, this Specialization gives you tools to achieve your goal.

The Early Middle Ages, 284–1000. Professor Paul Freedman, Chester D.

The Early Middle Ages, 284–1000

Tripp Professor of History Description Major developments in the political, social, and religious history of Western Europe from the accession of Diocletian to the feudal transformation. The Book: Making and Meaning in the Medieval Manuscript. As books “go digital,” we can appreciate what is gained in terms of convenience, accessibility and interconnectedness.

The Book: Making and Meaning in the Medieval Manuscript

However, we should also consider what is lost as texts transition to a digital sphere. This module of The Book: Histories Across Time and Space seeks to re-introduce learners to the codex – a handwritten and hand-constructed book - as a three-dimensional object whose characteristics produce meaning in the experience of the reader. The Book: Scrolls in the Age of the Book.

This course is an introduction to the making and use of scrolls in the European Middle Ages.

The Book: Scrolls in the Age of the Book

The codex, with its portability and instant access to any place in the text, became the dominant container for writing after the 4th century BCE, but scrolls continued to be made. Why and how did the scroll format remain popular and relevant in the age of the codex? This course proposes four main reasons, which account for essentially every kind of scroll that still exists today. Western Civilization: Ancient and Medieval Europe.

The History of Medieval Medicine Through Jewish Manuscripts. Course Syllabus.

The History of Medieval Medicine Through Jewish Manuscripts

10 Free Ancient and Medieval History Online Courses (Spring 2015) Interested in learning about ancient or medieval history?

10 Free Ancient and Medieval History Online Courses (Spring 2015)

Here are ten eleven free MOOCs (Massive open online courses) that you can take between April and June 2015, which take a look at topics such as Roman archaeology, medieval manuscripts, the Trojan War, and Norse sagas. Warfare and Weapons in Ancient Egypt From: Canvas Network Starting Date: 6 Apr 2015 Length: 5 weeks Dynastic Egypt united in approximately 3100 B.C. It remained an independent land for much of its 3,000 year history, before becoming absorbed into the Roman Empire in 30 B.C. During this Dynastic Period, Egypt was able to recover from civil war and foreign rule and use its military might to develop a vast empire stretching from the Sudan to Syria. Magic in the Middle Ages - Universitat de Barcelona. About this course: Magical thought has always attracted human imagination.

Magic in the Middle Ages - Universitat de Barcelona

In this course we will introduce you to the Middle Ages through a wide conception of magic. Students will have an approach to medieval culture, beliefs and practices from the perspective of History and History of Science. Popular magic, as well as learned magic (alchemy, geomancy and necromancy) will be addressed. Moreover, we will also deal with how eastern practices and texts influenced western culture. Free Online Ancient and Medieval History Courses from Top Universities. Here are some online ancient and medieval history courses offered free by three top universities: Utah State University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Open University.

Free Online Ancient and Medieval History Courses from Top Universities

Utah State University (USU) USU offers a course exploring the development of civilization in the West, and touches on other continents as well. The course is designed to scratch the surface of ancient world history for beginning/amateur historians. History and Civilization Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Free Online Ancient and Medieval History Courses from Top Universities. Online Medieval History Courses. Learn about the Medieval period, including the people and the cultures that shaped it and how it has helped shape modern society, through online courses.

Online Medieval History Courses

See what kind of courses you can take and related degree programs. Get information about online learning, too. Schools offering American History degrees can also be found in these popular choices. What Types of Medieval History Courses Are Available To Me? Free Online Course Materials. Hamlet - StreetLib. Língua Portuguesa - Expressões Idiomáticas. Writersdigest. The following is the second in a two part, guest blog post from Eleanore D. Trupkiewicz, whose short story, “Poetry by Keats,” took home the grand prize in WD’s 14th Annual Short Short Story Competition. What Are Dialogue Tags In Fiction. December 25, 2010 by Fiction Editor Beth Hill last modified May 15, 2013 Dialogue tags in fiction—she said, he asked—are simply attributions; they let the reader know who is speaking. While action can also be used for attribution—Mark reached to tug Melba’s curl. He Said, She Said: Dialog Tags and Using Them Effectively - Writing Academy.

The Good, The Bad, and The Obvious In basic terms, dialogue tags (or speech tags) are like signposts, attributing written dialogue to characters. Dialogue tags don't need to be fancy, splashy, or self-conscious. Their primary purpose is to show which characters speak and when. Font Bros. Handpicked free fonts for graphic designers with commercial-use licenses. 50 Free Headline Fonts Built For Impact And Audience Engagement. Are you willing to risk a headline that doesn’t automatically grab the attention of your audience? Headlines that don’t grab attention really hurt the chances of your work being noticed by anyone.

It doesn’t matter how good the design work or content is, if the headline doesn’t draw in the crowd, you’ll always struggle to build an audience. A big factor that contributes to whether your headlines ‘work’ is whether you’ve chosen the right headline font. Howl, Parts I & II. 25 Fresh Examples of Beautiful Typeface Combinations in Web Design. Typography is a very important part of design and choosing the right type for your design can be very challenging. From print to web layouts, typography is the center piece of a good design and today we gathered a few examples of beautiful typeface combinations in web design to inspire you. Bebas Neue in action plus good fonts to combine it with. Bebas Neue is a sans-serif font. It goes well with Museo Sans, Montserrat, Arial, Droid Serif, Brandon Grotesque, DIN, Open Sans, Bambola, Museo Slab and Lato.

Bebas Neue Font Combinations & Similar Fonts. Basic Prose Style and Mechanics. Basic Prose Style and Mechanics. Word Count and Story Length. "Word Count & Story Length" by Mark O'Bannon Word Count & Story Length You've struggled with your story for weeks, created great characters, designed an intruguing plot and you've spent hours and hours working on a fantastic story. Writing a Book? It's All in the Numbers. - Books & Such Literary Management. Ancient Galleys. Until about 800 B.C. a variety of ships were used in the Aegean sea. [ANON POST] One Horse, Two Riders: little_details.

Setting: standard-ish fantasy setting, technologically equivalent to maybe the 13th century. Little Details. Kirbside. This post has been a long time coming, but I do still want to talk about some of the trips I took last fall. One of the things I’ve loved most about my writing career has been the opportunity to travel, to meet new people and have wonderful experiences I wouldn’t otherwise get to have. So without further ado… Portland. See Everything. Courtesy Titles and Honorifics. By Mark Nichol. Galleons, galleasses and carracks; a classification of Tudor ships of war. Standard Patterns in Choice-Based Games. How to use curly quotes on Mac OSX and Windows. Do you know your straight from your curlies? Using the right quotation marks is just smarter – an article by Thoughtful. Quotation Marks and Direct Quotations. English Grammar Rules. Over 200 words to use instead of said.

PUNCTUATION. English Language & Usage Stack Exchange. Text to Decimal — Cryptii. Free Online Tools For Developers - To Beautify, Validate, Minify, Analyse, Convert JSON, XML, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Excel. How To Write A Novel Using The Snowflake Method. Jane Austen at The Republic of Pemberley. H8 SCRIPT CleanedUp Final1. Fifty Writing Tools: Quick List – Poynter. Cryptography - Recommended Reading. How to Organize and Develop Ideas for Your Novel. Writing on Pinterest. 25 Fantasy Writing Prompts. Pixar's Rules Of Storytelling... For fellow aspiring screenwriters: How To Write A Scene In 11 Steps. ZenWriter. Featured Stories : WatStory.